4Teagan replied to 4Tiffany's discussion Should the drinking age be lowered (Not finished)
"I don't believe that it would be a smart idea to lower the drinking age. As it currently is we still have car accidents and illegal things done to young adults drinking alcohol. I believe that the current age limit in place is just fine right where…"
Feb 6
4Teagan replied to 6Anastacia's discussion The History of Air Travel
"I have always been fascinated by aviation and how the mechanics of planes. I think that air travel has gotten significantly better over the years and continues to get more advanced. I cant wait to see what air travel will look like 20 years from now."
Feb 6
4Teagan replied to 5Arianna's discussion History of Shaved Ice (Tropical Sno)
"I enjoy getting a nice glod snow cone during the warm crapy summers. I have always liked snow cones for as long as I can remember and I think that tropical sno is the perfect treat when you want something sweet and refreshing."
Feb 5
4Teagan replied to 4Jasond's discussion IS NFL SCRIPTED???
"Football is something a family and friends will watch at night and truly enjoy. If it were scripted that would ruin it for me. I don't think it's scripted, some of the plays that happen just can't be purposely recreated."
Feb 5
4Teagan replied to 8Cade's discussion Are electric cars better than gas powered cars?
"I believe that electric cars are a great option for not only you but the communities we live in. I am really glad some people support and drive electric vehicles but, I still prefer most gas power vehicles over electric vehicles."
Feb 5
4Teagan replied to 8 Ainsley's discussion Did Helen Keller really fly a plane?
"I don't really understand how it could even be possible for a person who can't see or anything at all. I guess nothing impossible but I personally don't think she could have been able to take off and land that plane all on her own."
Jan 31
4Teagan replied to 5Henry's discussion Area 51
"I don't believe we have aliens captured or Area 51 is an alien facility. I think it's just a military base. I highly doubt that we have alien space crafts in Area 51 either. They will probably never publicly release any information on what they are…"
Jan 29
4Teagan replied to 5Annabelle's discussion The Titanic's Conspiracy Theories
"I don't think that the Titanic was swapped with its sister but I believe the ship was unsafe to begin with. I have seen pictures of the titanic and in a lot of them there is a wrapped spot on the out side of the ship. Apparently in testing one of…"
Jan 24
4Teagan posted a discussion
I am sure you wished you had some supercar when you were younger. That could be either a Lamberguni, Mcclarien, or Poarch, but I am sure you wish you had a Ferrari. Ferrari is one of the most luxurious supercars and has some of the fastest cars in…
Jan 23
4Teagan replied to 6Carly's discussion JFK Assassination: Tragedy or Conspiracy?
"This is a fascinating conspiracy and just event. I believe that the public story is and should be considered the true story. Even though I think it's a true story I don't think that should stop people from making their conspiracy on it."
Jan 18
4Teagan replied to 6Emeri's discussion Disney's Frozen
"I truly believe that this is a strange and unique story, and as much as some people with it to be true I just don't see it being a faculty statement. How likely is it that Walt Disney froze him self that way he can be preserved till the future?"
Jan 18
4Teagan replied to 4Grant's discussion Tunnel Rats
"This is a fascinating story. Being a tunnel rat would be kinda of a  dark scary job to do during World War 2. I don't think that I would ever do that, I would rather drive a tank or fly planes. Then I could shout big guns."
Jan 17
4Teagan replied to 5 Paige's discussion The life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard
"I think this is a very sad and tragic story. I believe that it is an interesting event and I think that gypsy should not have killed Dee Dee.  I do wonder if Dee Dee deserved it for harming Gypsy and putting her through lots of pain that was never…"
Jan 11
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Jan 3
4Teagan replied to 6Brody's discussion Are iPhone and Android different part wise
"I have never used an android and grew up only using an iPhone. I would say that the iPhone is better though. All the products are very compatible with each other and make it very easy to use all the devices."
Dec 12, 2023
4Teagan replied to 4Tobina's discussion Should Parents track their kids?
"I honestly think parents should be able to track their kids and where they are. As a parent, you are responsible for your kid and their decision. You can keep your kids out of trouble easily if you know where they are and what they are doing."
Dec 12, 2023
4Teagan replied to 6Hope's discussion Should you drink pre-workout?
"I don't go to the gym regularly but I thnk that pre work out could benefit people for there work out. As far as I am aware people that go to the gym usually have some kind of pre wok out drink."
Dec 11, 2023
4Teagan replied to 2Addi Wicks's discussion How does inflation effect our lives?
"I believe that inflation has become a huge issue in our world today. I always remember when I was younger my parents always saying how soda never always cost 2 dollars and they said it cost a couple of change to get a can."
Dec 11, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7Kennedy's discussion What belongs at the top of the tree?
"Me and my family often use a star for a topper on or tree. Its always a lot of fun to decorate and put the topper on with my family. I would really hate not getting to spend the time I do with my family around Christmas."
Dec 7, 2023
4Teagan replied to 2Brent's discussion What is your favorite dessert at Christmas?
"I enjoy getting to eat the pumpkin pie during Christmas time. I also really enjoy hanging out with my family during Christmas Eve. I would go so far as to say I enjoy al the food more than any fo the presents I get during Christmas time."
Dec 5, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7LaurenS's discussion Public VS Private Schooling
"I think that public school brings so many more advantages than an expensive public school. In are public school we have the right to believe what we want to belive and they cant change are opinion on anything."
Dec 4, 2023
4Teagan replied to 6Micheal's discussion Should school start at a later time
"I would honestly really enjoy a later starting time for all schools to start at. I hate getting up early so I think starting school at 9:00 to 9:30 would be a perfect time to start school instead of the current one at 8:00."
Dec 4, 2023
4Teagan replied to 3Kaden's discussion Youth safety Online
"I believe the internet has safer and more used websites than we believe it does. The only reason youth might not use the internet is that they could accidentally go onto the wrong website through some ad."
Nov 30, 2023
4Teagan replied to 3Kelsie's discussion Are e- cigarettes less harmful than smoking?
"I Believe that anything a person can inhale that involves any nicotine or tobacco at all is very bad and very harmful a someone. In healing something that is not natural for you is bad and can cause lung cancer or lung failure."
Nov 28, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7Manlluli's discussion Should the Adults in Your Life Be Worried by How Much You Use Your Phone?
"I think parents should lean back when it comes to our phones and what we do with them. If our parents can trust us not to spread privet information around on the internet then I believe we should get privacy. We respect their online privacy so they…"
Nov 28, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7Ben's discussion Daylight Saving Time: is it Necessary
"I believe daylight saving is a very important practice and we should not get rid of it. Daylight saving time helps everyone out and makes days feel longer. I am not I huge fan of dark cold nights so enjoy pushing nights back and having more daylight."
Nov 27, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7Kennedy's discussion What do we tell kids about Santa Clause?
"I believe Santa is necessarily the person that we believed he was. Santa is just what we say the giving and receiving around Christmas time. He may not be an old guy with a long white beard but he represents the joy around Christmas time."
Nov 27, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Mikayla's discussion Omegle: Talk to Strangers
"I have never actually used Omegle but it sounds like something fun for a group of people to do when they ar board. I am honestly glad they finally took it down hope there is never e website people are ganna take advantage of again."
Nov 20, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5 Paige's discussion Why is Christmas the most celebrated holiday?
"I really enjoy spending time with my family because not all of them live nearby. It's the best holiday because EVERYONE sets up a tree and get present for people. The Christmas spirit gives people a great feeling."
Nov 20, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Lydia's discussion Why is Fortnite Popular Again?
"I have played on the new "OG" map and enjoyed the nostalgic experience from it. I still don't believe the game is that good though. I have played these games for many different seasons and I always get eliminated by a 10-year-old which is Riducles."
Nov 16, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Henry's discussion Should The Government Pay For College Tuition?
"I personally believe that they should not. If our government pays for any tuition our country and beloved states might go bankrupt. If you really need the government to pay for your college you should just join the military, Then they will pay for…"
Nov 14, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7juan!'s discussion Should caffeine be banned from schools?
"I honestly believe that energy drinks and too much caffeine are very bad for a person. People who drink lots of caffeine and energy drinks tend to have very bad heart failure which is sad for our generation and where we are heading."
Nov 13, 2023
4Teagan replied to 2Carson's discussion When Should You Put Your Christmas Tree Up?
"My family always puts a tree up right after Thanksgiving so it's not too early and the tree dies. I don't think trees should go up sooner, and Christmas music should also wait because Christmas is not even the holiday after Halloween."
Nov 13, 2023
4Teagan replied to 4Tiffany's discussion Which help students understanding better movies or books?
"I personialy belive that even thuogh i am much more of a movie person books are a better option for students and eductional perpusos. You can read up and learn more from a book then a movie, I still belive movies are better though."
Nov 8, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Dallas McDowell's discussion Should Flag Football be in the Olympics?
"I personilay dont belive that flag football should be apart of the olympics. Flag football is and was made to be a safer more kid appropriate vertion of regular football, And that means flag football is still considered football, just modified."
Nov 7, 2023
4Teagan replied to 4Jasond's discussion Should teens have a job during high school?
"I belive that teens should absulutly gave a job, At the teen stage of a persons life they begin to drive. We all know gas is not free so fore a teen to get around they need money to pay for gas. There are lots of job opertinities in harlan for a…"
Nov 6, 2023
4Teagan replied to 3Ashley's discussion Is 25 Minutes Enough to Eat?
"I personinaly belive that we shoudl have much more time to eat. We sit inside a school And they make it feel like we are limited to be social. If they dont give us more time to eat and be social then mabey the should just let us eat and be social in…"
Nov 6, 2023
4Teagan replied to 6Emeri's discussion Are Books Better than the Movies?
"I personaly belive that movies will always be better than movies. With books it takes much longer to get all the way throught it, but with movies i could range to about and hour and a half witch is mush shorter than a week long book. "
Nov 1, 2023
4Teagan replied to 3Josh's discussion Impact of social media on teenagers
"I Personly belive that the internet should not ban certian age groups. Right now are world is constianly turning toward the internet and advancing the products of today. Banning certian age groups from using the ineternet would not help them when…"
Oct 31, 2023
4Teagan replied to 3Dixi's discussion Should Smoking Cigarettes Be Banned?
"I personialy belive that somking should not be banned for one very big reason. If we ban smoking you know whats ganna happen, people will illegaly make a produce cigerates and sell them for large pfrofit. Banning smoking would just bring more crime…"
Oct 31, 2023
4Teagan replied to 6 hugo dominguez's discussion Should plastic water bottles be banned?
"I agree plastic water bottles are very bad for are enviernment and should stop being used in todays comunities. I also personaly belive that by getting ride of plastice bottles and using "boxed water" could lead to huge amounsts of deforestation."
Oct 30, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Cayden's discussion Should tiktok be banned?
"I Personalt belive that youtube shorts are better then TikTok anways and could live without the short videos. I think movies and 20 min youtube videos will always be better. With the bounus of being much older than TikTok and still around today."
Oct 30, 2023
4Teagan replied to 4Vylet's discussion Should timed tests be a thing?
"I do not personialy belive we should have timed test at all. I really hate being on a time limmite, It makes feel rushed and being rushed on a test might not bring out th best of a student. Timed test should just be pulled out of all school systems."
Oct 25, 2023
4Teagan replied to 6catherine's discussion Should There be Assigned Seats in Lunch?
"I personaly belive highschoolers would be better off with their own choice for sitting. I enjoy getting to sit with my friends and talk to them over talking to some i might either hate with a pation, or just honestly have nothing in commin with the…"
Oct 25, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Jack's discussion Do Nike Shoes Cause Injury For Runners?
"I dont have aloy of running experiance with nikes considering I dont really do sports, but the stments and facts you brought up bring a pretty convincing arument. Some people will say that it does hurt your feet and others will say it does not. It…"
Oct 24, 2023
4Teagan replied to 2Delaney's discussion What is the New Sphere in Las Vegas?
"I dont completly undersatand what the Shpere is but it sound very iterseting and exiting to got to. The only way i would go to the Sphere would be if a band i really enjoy ends up going to the place, Also if i hade maoney to go to a concert here."
Oct 24, 2023
4Teagan posted a discussion
Is food poverty currently in issue in are world currently. With the information I have read up on many people agree that food poverty is a big issue in todays world. Articles state that many people are starving and the number of people in food…
Oct 24, 2023
4Teagan replied to 5Cayden's discussion Should COVID-19 still be a huge concern throughout society?
"I dont think it is of a concern now, At this point its like a common cold. Yes people are stillpassing away from it but it does not have as big of an effect as it once did. And i have persnoly not gotten vaccinated and plan on keeping it that way,…"
Oct 10, 2023
4Teagan replied to 3/7 Lilly's discussion Are school dress codes sexist ?
"I dont see sex as a difference between the tow genders. If no crop top sare in the rule then men and wonmen will not where crop tops. I personaly belive the ony reason people belive the dress code is sexist is becuase women tend to where ban items…"
Oct 10, 2023
4Teagan replied to 7Chloe's discussion Recent Dolphin Deaths and Forest Fires
"I belive another river dolphin species could totaly go extinct. We are constaly trying to stop polution and be more natrue friendly but we still have facteries with lots of smoke. We also hace fires ine forst all the time right now do to the dry…"
Oct 10, 2023
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