The History of Math

How did math come about? Math has been an essential part of human advancement for thousands of years. It all began with ancient people, like the Egyptians and Babylonians, who used math for necessities such as measuring land and keeping track of time, around 3000 BC. These early mathematical systems set the basis for the future and it only advances from there. As time went on, the Greeks took math even further. Brilliant mathematicians explored geometry and number theory, setting the basic concepts that we still use today. Specifically looking in on the Babylonians, they developed a system based off the number 60. They are the first ones that are known for using numbers to represent an amount.

Moving forward in time, math became more similarly compared and used with science. Mathmeticians such as Newton and others helped us further understand our world today by continuing and advancing in the research of math. They discovered the path to furthering scientific discoveries as well as leading the mathematics of our modern world into a clear path. From there, math continued to evolve and expand, with new concepts and theories being developed. Today, math plays a very important part in certain work fields such as physics, engineering, economics, and computer science. It's a constantly evolving subject that continues to shape our world in ways that would not have been possible without the prior exploration.

Math is probably one of my favorite subjects just because I enjoy the puzzling, multi-step problems that make me feel very accomplished after figuring them out. For me personally, I enjoy having to figure out the formulas and steps needed to solve each problem. However, I know math is not for everyone.


Do you enjoy math?

If so, what do you like about it?

If not, what is your favorite subject?

Are you interested in a job that deals with math often?





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  • Well done overall Ellerie! I do wish you would have focused more on more of a US History related topic.

  • I do enjoy math a lot because it just is something I am really good at and enjoy doing. Math just comes to my head easily and just makes sense to me right away. My future job is going to be going into the architecture business because it deals with math and it is something that i have a natural talent for so why not use it to my advantage.


  • i enjoyed math before all the shapes came into play. I enjoyed solving algebra and basic math I think it was just solving problems and having the satisfaction of accomplishing something that I enjoy so much. Not really, there isn't much math involved in the job I am interested in.

    • That is a ver valid point. I really think I might've enjoyed it a little more before too.

  • I someitmes like math but, I don't really enjoy math that much but some of the things we learn in there are really usueful that much. I like if because some of the things we learn might be useful one day in the real world. I'm not to interested in a job that does math, but a lot of jobs have math in them. 

    • Yes that's completely understandable. It is very useful for many things in life.

  • I enjoy math at times. It can be difficult and frustrating but I enjoy it when I understand what I'm doing because it feels like I'm solving a puzzle. I would say it's one of my subjects that I like more, but it probably isn't my favorite.

  • I don't necessarily enjoy math but I think that I am pretty decent at it. In some ways math just comes to me, and sort of makes sense, depending on what it is. I am not sure what my favorite subject is, I don't love the 4 main courses, but I do enjoy some english based things, and art. I am not interested in a job that deals with a lot of math.

    • I totally agree, it just feels like if comes to people, or doesnt.

  •  I like math when I understand it, but when I don't it's not fun anymore. I like how everything works out and falls into place. I am interested in a job with math because I think that if that's what I do for a living, I would be good at it. I want a job that requires more critical thinking because that is fun for me.

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