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Semester Test Times

Monday, May 21:

12:30-12:55- Cade, Kamdyn, Gideon, Enrique--8th

12:55-1:20-Ainsley, Nick, Allie, Jada, Kaitlynn--8th

1:20-1:45-Donavan, Leigha, Suzy, Ulyssa--8th

1:45-2:10-Luke, Allison, Jeffrey. Phoenix, Caleb--8th


4th Hour During Class:  Westin,

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Cartels and gangs today

There are many different cartels and gangs around the world that cause lots of problems and lots of deaths especially in smaller more crime ridden countries. But not all are just in small countries. Drug cartels and gangs have even spread into bigger

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Iowa and Nebraska Tornadoes

On Saturday March 26 a couple of tornadoes hit Nebraska and Iowa. They devastated the surrounding towns. Meanwhile, some towns did get hit, and most houses were demolished.

In Iowa at least 3 tornadoes touched ground. One of the tornadoes had hit M

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History Of The NFL Draft

The history of the NFL Draft is pretty fascinating. It all started back in 1936 when the first-ever draft was held. The idea behind it was to create a fair system for teams to select new players and maintain competitive balance in the league. Before

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Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was a failed military landing operation on the southwestern coast of Cuba in 1961. The Americans barely supported the Bay of Pigs invasion and despite it's failure. They went to swampy area on the southern coast of Cuba on a

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Video Games And Violence

As everyone knows most video games can cause violence but some people deny it which can cause those people to be even more violent. Some video games are not violent though, like Minecraft or Mario Kart. Video Games like Minecraft are not violent and

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Foreign Language education

Foreign languages go all the way back to the 18th century. The first languages taught in the U.S. were Latin and Greek they were the OGs. They were taught to the groom scholars and clergymen. The clergymen were the male righteous leaders. By the    1

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The West Virginia Coal War

Coal mining came to West Virginia in the Mid-1800's. By the early 1900s, Coal was fueling close to 60% of all railroads, streetcars, and heating many people’s homes. But as more and more coal was consumed, they needed more mined to keep up. So, they

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Pepsi's miltary


Pepsi getting a military from Russia sounds like something from a wild story, but it's not true. In the 1990s, after the Cold War ended, Pepsi had a deal with the Soviet Union to trade soda for Russian warships. The deal was unique, known as the "Pe

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Gun's Right

On Friday of last week, Governor Kim Reynolds passed/signed a law allowing teachers to carry guns on school grounds. The law, House File 2586 also gives school districts and school employees qualified immunity for the use of reasonable force. It requ

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The new 2304 bill

The new 2304 bill.

The new bill was signed by Governor Reynolds the new bill talks about illegal reentry into the state by certain aliens. The bill talks about a prohibition on arrest in certain locations, orders to return to a foreign nation, orders

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Show Choir

     Do you like singing?? Do you like dancing?? Than you should try show choir! Currently at Harlan Community High School we have an amazing award winning show choir. We traveled across Iowa almost every weekend during the winter to compete at compe

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The History of Math

How did math come about? Math has been an essential part of human advancement for thousands of years. It all began with ancient people, like the Egyptians and Babylonians, who used math for necessities such as measuring land and keeping track of time

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