4westin replied to 2/6/8Caleb Sampson's discussion Global Climate Change
"climate change can cause plants to bloom earlier by the weather being warmer earlier on in the year. 
people can stop using things that have exaughsts. 
because the government controls what scientists are allowed to do."
Apr 30
4westin replied to 8ulyssa's discussion Iowa and Nebraska Tornadoes
"yes i did for a lil bit. couple people i know got hit by the tornado but there okay."
Apr 30
4westin replied to 5Ayden's discussion The new 2304 bill
"i do agree with this bill. almost half of the illigle alians that come into the united states are apart of either a gang or some cartel. i dont think id change anything about the bill. i thin the bill could defintly help iowa. the reason i say this…"
Apr 23
4westin replied to 5Ellerie's discussion The History of Math
"i will never enjoy math! my favorit subject is probably history. The only time my job will have anything to do with math is if im doing taxes counting bottles or tips. Other than that ill hardly every use math."
Apr 23
4westin replied to 8 Donovan Smith's discussion Should schools make it so you can’t have your phones at all?
"i think they shouldnt. if schools where to ban cell phones how would students be ably to contact there parents or be ably to check there classes when they switch fro the term. i think we should be allowed to atleast have them on use in class and not…"
Apr 23
4westin replied to 6Dominic's discussion Gun's Right
"i think teachers should be allowed to carry in school. do i think itll make kids feel less safe absoutly not, in this geration its like every other day a school shooting happens and there could be so many different ways to perevent it. I think the…"
Apr 23
4westin posted a discussion
The US military formed on june 14th, 1775, during the american revolution. It was first called the continental army. George Washington was the first president of the United states but also was the first president to use our military.  The US…
Apr 16
4westin replied to 8 Elsie Bieker's discussion Washington Wildfires
"no i have never heard about the washington fires. i think if they kept places that are normaly very dry watred or like kept in a good condision. i wouldnt wana live in washington anyway i think it just to big for me."
Apr 10
4westin replied to 8Kamdyn's discussion Should TikTok be banned?
"i think tiktok should honestly there are so many othere apps that do that anyways. i dont have tiktok i did for a while but i got over it and relized how dumb it was. i mean ig it just depends what you see on it and what you consider unsafe."
Apr 10
4westin replied to 5Annabelle's discussion The History of Disney World
"i have been to diney world and land i think. i loved going there it was probably the most fun i had and it was the very first amusment park i went to. i think my favorite part about disney world would either be how big it is the food and the rides.…"
Apr 10
4westin replied to 6Emeri's discussion Tootsie Rolls, A Saving Grace
"i think i would have laughed in that situation. i think the mix-up happend because there was anew guy and didnt understand what it ment at the time or maybe the wrong box got dropped. i feel like i could survive off tootsie rolls for two weeks…"
Apr 4
4westin replied to 4Mason's discussion History of Rap/Hip-Hop
"kendrick be having some fire songs so i mean id be on his side probably. idk maybe since i was 6 or 7. "
Apr 4
4westin replied to 5Lydia's discussion History of April Fools Day
"i dont think april fools day is really a thing that much most people dont really do it. i did not know the history on aprial fools thought it was just an amarican thing. "
Apr 4
4westin replied to 8Enrique's discussion History of Fast Foods
"iv never been to a white castle but id like to go to one. i think my favorite fast food place is mc donadls.
i prefer fast food then because i feel like it would have been more healther "
Apr 3
4westin replied to 8Jeffrey's discussion Do aliens really exist?
"i thinkthey do i mean its pretty scary to think were the only living species in the glaxay. if i saw an alain i feel like id be dumb founded. i mean the government has found a lot of things and not said anything about it so i wouldnt be suprised if…"
Apr 3
4westin replied to 8Jada's discussion Should we continue to use the Selective Service System?
"i think it should still be here td. yes i belive women should have to sign the draft. no i would not like to be drafted."
Mar 26
4westin replied to 5Jake's discussion The history of March Madness
"no i do not watch march madness. i dont know any of the teams that play in march madness. no i have not im not a big basketball guy."
Mar 25
4westin replied to 5Sienna's discussion history of Florida
"ive been to florida befor many times actully. i havnt gone do disney world there but i did go to unaiversal. eh kinda im sad theres no imformation about florida man but that okay. i dont like or play basketball."
Mar 25
4westin replied to 6Paola's discussion The case of George Floyd
"i think it was dumb that everyone started to riot because of that. the way the police acted with george floyd wasnt ok they where herassing him but also he did drink and was not be croprotive either. the officers got charged with something and one…"
Mar 21
4westin replied to 8Allie's discussion How Daylight Savings Started
"i dont get the point of it. I think if one pat has to the whole country should too. they could just set a timer on thing in the house to shut off and turn on at a certent time."
Mar 21
4westin replied to 5Mikayla's discussion Mandela Effect
"i think its kinda real but it could just be because companies changed the way things look after a perioud of time. yes ig i do "
Mar 19
4westin replied to 8Cade's discussion Is AI helping the world?
".AI is a very new thing to people but almost everything we use has ai into it like our phones ear buds computers, ect we use it so much more than we think . AI is making the world better its helping people find a quicker way to find what they want."
Mar 12
4westin replied to 2/8allison's discussion Should anyone be able to adopt?
"i dont think any one should be able to adopt a kid. some people are just not fit to adopt a kid and could just abuse the fact the government gives the family money. yes i belive there should be age rane because you should be more resposable when you…"
Mar 12
4westin replied to 2/6/8Caleb Sampson's discussion Should Teachers be armed?
"i dont think id have a problem with teachers carring a gun in school or keeping one in there desk. this could prevent a school shooter from attaking or harming the kids the teacher has in their class room.  if teachers have more training befor hand…"
Mar 7
4westin replied to 5Jack's discussion History Of Chick-fil-A
"i do not like chick-fil a and ive only eaten there once. i would just get chiken nuggets. i think five guys and jack in the box should be around more in the mid west because there food is so much better than chick filla "
Mar 5
4westin replied to 2.4.baleigh's discussion Cosmetic testing on animals
"there are all sorts of ways to stop this from happening but there is still very lil we can do. i dont use make up products and i never check the fine print."
Mar 5
4westin replied to 4Kori's discussion Is the Earth flat?
"i dont think the earth is flat at all. i think some people belive this because of the way we used to draw maps and when you look at the sky you can kinda see it curver in the sky. "
Mar 5
4westin replied to 8Suzy's discussion Should Young Children Have Phones?
"i got my phone at 11. i think kids should have a phone when there old enough to walk to school because then they can contact there parents if something happens or call for help. and what happens at schools make it hard for a kid to not want to have…"
Mar 5
4westin replied to 5Cody's discussion History of Daylight savings
"i dont get how we have daylight savings time why take and hour away just to add it back. i dont really care if we did or didnt but it help so our clocks stop changing "
Mar 4
4westin replied to 5jada's discussion History of Mellification "Honey, Im dead"
"i think this is a very intresting thing some people would love to have there loved ones body pereseverd. but i dont think i would want to do that in my own opion. i dont think this would help people feel better the human body has a lot of viruses in…"
Feb 27
4westin replied to Seth Duran Swigert's discussion Should Schools Do A Four Day Week Instead Of Five?
"i think schools should give us four day weeks. this would imploment the teachers to actullay give use information we need rather then filling in time with stuff we dont need. a three day weekend would also give student the benifit of having more…"
Feb 27
4westin replied to 5Mikayla's discussion National FFA Week
"no i am not in FFA. i dont really know if i would i might but my scheduale is to cramped as is. i dont know much about the week but i think its very intresting that its one washingtons birthday."
Feb 21
4westin replied to 8Kamdyn's discussion How is Pollution Affecting our Ocean?
"my familys busniess uses plastic straws and contaners. almost definatly because of the pricesses of mettale straws. no i dont make enough to donate money. i think there is so much because of the garbage fills and sewage pumps pushing our wast into…"
Feb 21
4westin replied to 8Jeffrey's discussion What would happen if Kim Jong-Un died
"yes i do i think hell die soon, his age is guna get to him.  honestly i dont think there would be a nuclear war i feel like russia will do something befor he dies. oi think she would be because women are very mean when it comes down to it and crule."
Feb 14
4westin replied to 6Sofia's discussion The Wizard Of Oz
"ive heard a lil about this and i find it kind of interesting. i think the death on set attualy happened because these people were pushed to thee absoult breaking point just trying to make this movie. no i wouldnt be willing to get treated like that…"
Jan 30
4westin replied to 2/6Annelyse's discussion The man who assassinated James A. Garfield
"i think the story really explanes a lot of thing with garfields assasination. this story has a lot of interesting this to it. the fact the a main thought he was the soul reason for someone becoming presadint the asassinating him becasue he never got…"
Jan 30
4westin replied to 5Henry's discussion Area 51
"i belive where not alone in the universe and if we are then that the most depressing thing ever. i think ig the goverments wants to hide stuff they should do a better job at it and no i dont think the goverment should alow public visits inside a…"
Jan 30
4westin replied to 8 Ainsley's discussion Did Helen Keller really fly a plane?
"no i think this is a fictional character someone made up to help those who are impared. no i dont think she did any of the things it says she has done like writing abook while blind how are you guna see your hand writing or make sure it in the lines…"
Jan 30
4westin replied to 6MaryRuth W's discussion Amelia Earhart - Where Did She Go?
"i think the first one is a most likly one. yes i believe this because there would be decendents of her or more information on her. ive heard tons of differnet theories about amelia earhart. im pretter sure she crashed and sunk to the bottom of the…"
Jan 25
4westin replied to 8 Leigha's discussion Landfill in the United States.
"i think it wouldnt hcnage much if trash was kept in one place there would be and over ranged amount of it and then we would have to find more and more ways to git ride of it. some good alternatives are like recaling almost half the trash that goes…"
Jan 24
4westin replied to 2/8allison's discussion Is the Bermuda triangle real?
"i think its real, the rasoning behind all of the dissaperances could be differnet things. i think it could be because it a natural dead spot and emits no energy and stops radiowaves from passing through."
Jan 24
4westin replied to 5Annabelle's discussion The Titanic's Conspiracy Theories
"its not really a conpiracy the owner did switch out the ships because of a scam he had planned for. iv heard of a couple of them and all from differnent places."
Jan 24
4westin replied to 4Tobina's discussion Child Labor Laws
"it depends i think if someone is old enough to work they should be ably to decide how much they want to work, i do thave a job and work avarage hours."
Jan 24
4westin posted a discussion
Vietnam had far reaching consuqences for amarica. these consuqences would make congress replace the military draft wiht an all volunteer force, and the voting age would be lowered to 18. congress would also pass the war powers act. this act would…
Jan 18
4westin replied to 6Kinsleigh Chadwick's discussion Should Prohibition be reinforced?
"honestly i dont think it would chage anything. people will always find a way to get what they want.  the government tried to once and look what happened it didnt really work and people just started to do it illigaly and crim and murder went up when…"
Jan 11
4westin replied to 8Gideon's discussion Should steroids be allowed in sports?
"i dont think they should be allowed. sports depened on what you play is alomst equal to everything. it all just depened on how hard you rain and improve apone your skills.n steroids boost your body and give people unfair advantages in sports like…"
Jan 11
4westin replied to 5Jack's discussion The History of Snowboarding
"ive tried to snowboared it is very intresting thing. i think if i owned one id like it a lot more ive tried it a couple of time and ive enjoyed it. yes of course it would be one of those thign id love to try if i lived in that time period."
Jan 11
4westin replied to 6catherine's discussion The History of the Columbine High School Shooting
"if i was in this situation id try to leave or make sure im safe in some way and as far as posibble from them. it just depends on what happned to me if i was injored then yes i would try to sue because the school failed to protect me and i was hurt…"
Jan 11
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Jan 4
4westin replied to 4Tobina's discussion Should Parents track their kids?
"i think they should be ably to track there kids. it keeps parents from having to worry about where there kids are.. I dont aat the moment but i will probably when i get another phone. i use live 360"
Dec 12, 2023
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