Seth Duran Swigert replied to 6Emercyn's discussion The Almost State of Franklin
"I would name it James. no, because I don't like people when they know my name before I know them. I don't think things would work out well if they didn't."
Mar 11
Seth Duran Swigert posted a discussion
Why schools should do a four-day week instead of a five-day week?My first reason is that it would give people more time to sleep and do homework. If people don’t come to school on whatever day, then the schools don’t have to heat or cool the school…
Feb 27
Seth Duran Swigert replied to 4 Joel's discussion History of Hunting
"I haven't ever hunted myself but I have always liked the idea of it It seems like fun running around to find a good spot to rest and set up a tent and wait then shoot at your food then make your food right then and there.  it is crazy that it has…"
Feb 13
Seth Duran Swigert replied to 5 Jonas's discussion History of the Ararat Lunatic Asylum
"I wouldn't like to visit an asylum myself I didn't know an asylum could be haunted"
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert replied to 6Anastacia's discussion The History of Air Travel
"I like air travel because it can be fun to look out the window and see the clouds below you but it can be scary for people that are afraid of hights"
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert replied to 5Arianna's discussion History of Shaved Ice (Tropical Sno)
"I think shaved ice or a snow cone is very good and all the favers that they come in a lot of people can enjoy snow cones."
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert replied to 4Tiffany's discussion Should the drinking age be lowered?
"I think the drinking age should be lowered because in almost all the other countries it is 18 years old"
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert replied to Isaac 8th's discussion Is China starting to deal with its pollution problem?
"I think that China should find a good way to filter the air and be able to mass-produce the air filters in a clean way"
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert replied to 8Cade's discussion Are electric cars better than gas powered cars?
"I think as long as they stay on solar power they are better for the Earth but if you are going for speed you should go for gas."
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert commented on 7Teya's blog post Christmas before Thanksgiving?
"I think it should stay as it is because that would only lead to confusion and frustration."
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert commented on 3Anna's blog post Should President Biden be impeached?
"I think that he should be impeached because I think we need someone younger "
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert commented on 4Teagan's blog post Should High Schoolers Have Recess Time
"I think we should have recess but only if you have all your work done."
Feb 7
Seth Duran Swigert replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion Superhero Vote-Will Vote in Class Today
"8Th spider-man"
Feb 6
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Jan 3
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