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The Man who Accidentally Killed the Most People

In 1916, Thomas Midgley, Jr -- a young engineer--was tasked with creating a new effective and cheap form of fuel to stop the engine knocking that cars had at the time. After 5 years he would eventually discover what he thought was a perfect solution

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Should High Schoolers Have Recess Time

I believe we should have recess time for two reasons. First of all, I believe it will help with academics. Secondly, I believe it will help students' mental and brain growth.

High school is a crucial time for academic and personal growth. Providing re

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Should President Biden be impeached?

Many people believe that president Joe Biden should be impeached. There are a lot of good and bad things he has done, since he has became our president and we will go over those things.

To begin Joe Biden, our 46th president, who was sworn is January

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Christmas before Thanksgiving?

 Christmas is the happiest and most joy filled holiday. Is Christmas celebrated too early or too late? During this time of the year there's a big debate about setting up your Christmas tree before thanksgiving. Scientists have even looked into this d

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Similar Coincidences Of Lincoln & Kennedy

        There are conspiracies between John F. Kenendy and Abraham Lincoln about the presidencies and their life events.  During there lives they had similar events happen to them, but during different time periods. If you look at it they had very si

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