history of the united states military

The US military formed on june 14th, 1775, during the american revolution. It was first called the continental army. George Washington was the first president of the United states but also was the first president to use our military.  The US developed a more formal kind of military in 1846 during the Mexican American war. The war started when a detachment of U.S. troops clashed with Mexican forces near the Rio Grande.  

The next time the U.S.army is used in major action was World War 1. This war brought many improvements in combat and a new kind of strength to the U.S. Their navy was stronger than ever and the U.S. had its first tank corps giving them another advantage on the battlefield. After WW1 the U.S. would slowly grow to be the world superpower. World War 2 would bring the U.S. army back out. After Japan launched their attack on pearl harbor the U.S. would officially join the war effort. WW2 would bring many improvements to the United states army and navy.  This would rang from weapons, vehicles, training to technology and science. 

    Couple years later the United States went to war with afghanistan. The U.S would show how strong they are by using air strikes and vast improvements to there strategies and  weapons. 






did you know about the histroy of our army?

do you think the information is usfaul?

do you know anything else  about the histoy of our army?



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  • The topic choice should have been more fo! cused as its hard to do the entire history of the US military in a few paragraphs. Your story as posted late and youd didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. Also be sure to capitalize letters that should be.

  • I honestly have not heard much history about the United States Army. I feel the information that I just read about our military's history was very interesting and could be useful. I have no clue any other history of the United States Army, but would not mind learning more. 

  • I didn't know a lot about the history of our army before reading this. It was pretty interesting to read and learn about. I think this information is very useful to know about. The only other thing I really know about the history of our army is that alot of people are considering going there after graduation.

  • I knew a little about the history of our army before reading this. I think this information is useful beacuse it is an important part of our country's history. I know more about the history of our wars than our army, but I do know a little.

  • I don't know much about our army but I know that our army is very protective and help other countries. Yes it is very usfaul and very helpful and it is about our United States. I don't know anything else about the army.

  • I did know a little about the history of our army but not a lot. Yes, I do think that the information is useful becasue it is part of the history of the united states. No, I do not know anything else about the history of our army.

  • I did not know much about the history of the United States army besides what is taught of it in school. I think the past information could be useful for future wars that could occur in the United States I dont know anything else.

  • I dodnt know much about the history of our army besides the past wars we have had. I think its informational fro people who are learning about the wars and about the past. I do know that you do get paid when joining the army. 

  • I didn't know that much about the history of our army besides them being in some of the major wars. do think that the army's past information is useful to have because it may become handy if there are any future potential wars. I think it's very important for people to know about this.

  • I don't know much i know the basic thing about applying and the opportunities you receive will in and after the army.  I know that if you join they will pay for your schooling and while there they will give you money monthly.

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