Musician collapses on stage

Jane little, a bassist who held the Guinness World Record for the longest professional tenure with a single orchestra, died Sunday night after collapsing on stage during a performance earlier that afternoon. She was just 87 years old. Little joined…

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Semester Test Blog

1. What positive and negative impact did the 1920's have on the United States?(20 points)-Ch. 12-13


  • 18th amendment- the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcoholic…

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May 23-27

Monday: Notes

Tuesday: Notes

Wednesday: Notes

Thursday: Semester tests

Friday: Semester tests


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Monday May 23-27

Monday- Went over the 80's

Tuesday- Vietnam Presentation-

  Beginning of Vietnam War

  Geneva Conference-


US slowing worked up to fighting in Vietnam- 1950-1975

     We provided military…

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May 23-27

Monday - Gone for Regional Golf.

Tuesday - 1980s presentation.

  • Mostly ruled by republicans (Reagan and Bush).
  • Mount St. Helens Erupted - May 18th 1980
  • Iran Hostage Crisis
    • January 20,…
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Meghan Christensen semester test blog Impacts of the 1920s                  Good   -Invention of the airplane (wright brothers)                          -Henry Ford creates the model T ford which allowed people easier access to                      …
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Mon- Today the 80's present. Tues- Today the class takes Vietnam notes but I am home sick. Wed- The 2,000's present today. (Last day of class)Thurs- First day of Semester testing. (No class)Fri- Last day of Semester testing. (No class) 
May 26
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1. What positive and negative impact did the 1920's have on the United States?(20 points)-Ch. 12-13Prohibition18th amendment- the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages was illegalsupporters believed alcohol brought about corrup…
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