Are E-cigarettes Harmful for Teens?

It seems that the use of electronic cigarettes is more than just a passing fad. The devices introduced in 2006 are now more popular than conventional cigarettes. In 2014 2.5 million middle and high schoolers used e-cigarettes. This is triple what it…

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Lifeguard Breaks Mothers Heart

Story On the Aegean Sea there sat two boats, one with a mother trying to get into Australia illegally and in the other a volunteer lifeguard named Simon Lewis. As Lewis got near the boat the mother was going to attempt to throw her baby over to him.…

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13 Year Old Murdering

   You just might want to start listening in on people’s conversations especially while in restaurants. Two Virginia Tech college students; David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers, were just busted for plotting the killing of a 13 year old girl, while…

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Froze to Death

Story Five children were found froze to death in a freezer. The children all between the ages of 3 and 7 lived in a small South African town. The children were found by their grandmother in the freezer where they had suffocated to death. The…

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Two Die in Sledding Accident

Since when did sledding have severe repercussions? A pair of twin brothers were killed in a sledding accident when they and group of friends went down an old Olympic bobsledding course at Canada Olympic Rank in Calgary, Alberta on a regular…

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February 8-12

Monday - NO SCHOOL 

Tuesday - finished presentations and looked at polls also went over countries and capitals 

Wednesday- I was gone but some more people presented 

Thursday - Reviewed for test on…

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February 8-12

Monday - No school

Tuesday - Looked at New Hampshire polls and current events. We studied the map of Europe. We are finishing up the presentations for presidential candidates.

Wednesday - Looked over European map and saw more…

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week 2/8 - 2/12

Monday - No school 


how did the new deal help unemployed people:

  • unemployed people
  • young people
  • banks
  • stock market
  • factory…
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February 8th- 12th (1930's)

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Gone for Drake Honor Jazz

  • Unemployed People

    • Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) - provided direct relief…

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Week of February 8-12


Tues- Today we talk about administrations such as- PWA, CWA, and WCA. We do 1930's …

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Today we focused on the northeastern European countries. The class quiz over this will be part of the non-map test tomorrow. Continue working on the entire European map. The overall map test will be next Friday. Go here for map games. 
The non-map t…
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Monday - NO SCHOOL Tuesday - finished presentations and looked at polls also went over countries and capitals Wednesday- I was gone but some more people presented Thursday - Reviewed for test on Friday-Monday Friday - 
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6Maggie replied to 1Aydin's discussion Are E-cigarettes Harmful for Teens?
"I don't know what the FDA can do.  Teenagers under 18 can easily get cigarettes, because they could have someone older get get them the cigarettes.  I think that the companies advertise they way they do, to make it look like these are better than th…"
1 hour ago
3 Taylor replied to 1Aydin's discussion Are E-cigarettes Harmful for Teens?
"I think that we should just get rid of all the drugs and cigarettes because all it does is cause problems. I think that they advertise to make us think that it isn't as bad for us as it really is. Also, it is something new that many people would pro…"
1 hour ago
3 Taylor replied to 3John's discussion Man Blows Himself up after trying to Bomb Airplane
"It would be really hard for the security in war countries, but I think it is needed. People are coming up with really creative ways to hide the bombs and make them small and everything. I think that we should stay out of it... we are already in so m…"
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6anthony replied to 1Jared's discussion Lifeguard Breaks Mothers Heart
"I would not have saved the just because I would not want to put myself at risk of losing my job for illegally bringing someone over into the country. I get that the mother probably wants the child to have a better life in the U.S. but I would not ri…"
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6Maggie replied to 1Aydin's discussion Should We Make New Year's Resolutions?
"I don't make resolutions.  I know that I will only stick with it for a short while, then give up on it.  I think what they mean by mental accounting is keeping track of yourself on track.  "
1 hour ago
3 Taylor replied to 6Megan's discussion Cops caught girl who leaped off balcony
"I would definitely be scared, but if that was the only way out, you would have to trust the cops. I would be thinking about everything I have done and try to keep good memories. "
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3 Taylor replied to 3Perri's discussion 13 Year Old Murdering
"I think that both David and Natalie should both go to jail. David actually killed her and Natalie knew about it and helped plan and get rid of Nicole's body. Many people have multiple social media accounts. I think that a person should be able to be…"
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6anthony replied to 3Jenny's discussion Helping Your Confidence with ONE Daily Text
"i think that Shine Text would be really cool for people who may not have low self esteem or don't feel confident about themselves. I don't think that I would sign up for it just because I do not really text a lot on my phone. I do not think negative…"
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3 Taylor replied to 6Megan's discussion Dog rescued after buried alive in sinkhole
"I am soo happy the dog is okay! I would have probably comforted and talked to my dog and calling 911 like they did. A fence would be a better idea, but it is more expensive. Maybe the owners are planning on buying one eventually."
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