Tutor Charged with Child Abuse

25-year old Timothy Randall Korr, was a tutor for the Baltimore Curriculum Project, and working at City Springs Elementary School.  He has been fired and arrested for the child abuse of 7-year- old, Trayvon Grayson.  After Trayvon was removed from…

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Which Twin is Older?

Typically the first born twin is the oldest but not in this case. Emily Peterson gave birth to twins during the day light savings change. Samuel was born at 1:39 a.m. and Ronan came 31 minutes later at 2:10. Because of the time change his official…

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1.9 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled

National Steak and Poultry, a meat packing plant, issued a recall of nearly 2 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products. The recalled products are sold as fully cooked chicken for consumers to heat and serve. This product is being recalled…

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Mni Wichoni - "Water is Life"

In Cannon Ball, North Dakota, the US Army Corps of Engineers denied to grant easement on the Dakota Access oil pipeline. This decision favored a victory to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all of there supporters. The pipeline protesters argued…

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First Full Size Replica of the Titanic

A Chinese firm starts building the first full sized replica of the Titanic. China has been known to have an interest with the ocean liner and have had people in search of the Titanic's blueprints. Su Shaojun, one of the financiers of the project…

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Crashed Dreams

On Monday, November 28, the LAMIA flight 2933 crashed in Rionegro, near Medellin, Columbia. 71 people, including Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team were killed on that flight and only six people were able to survive the airplane crash. Under the…

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Week of December 5th - December 9th

Monday -
Imperialism and America

  • Key Terms
    • Imperialism – stronger country taking over weaker countries
    • Diplomacy – a peaceful way to solve problems though discussion
    • Militarism – the process of building…
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Week of Dec 5-9

Monday: went over test and took notes

Chapter 10 Key Topics  

  • Describe US Foreign Policy in the late 1800's and early 1900's and be able to give examples
    • Old Diplomacy vs New…
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2Nick replied to 2Nick's discussion $2.5 Million Dollar Bond Set for Omaha Teacher
"Yeah, I also believe his sentence is fair for his actions. I just don't know what would lead him to do this, but like you said he might be twisted. "
8 minutes ago
2Nick replied to 2Nick's discussion $2.5 Million Dollar Bond Set for Omaha Teacher
"I would have to agree with you, there has to more be more to the story than the media is putting out. When you commit a crime like this, it is just a terrible thing, and you can not feel for the man at all!"
9 minutes ago
Mr. Bruns posted a discussion in CWI
Students had the hour to work on the Social Issues Project. These will be due later this week.
The class quiz over the southeast European countries was today. The overall Europe map test on Wednesday, December 7.  Go here for map games. 
News Discus…
41 minutes ago
3Michael posted a discussion
Since WW2 the United States has had control over most of the island of Okinawa, and now they are giving it back. The US and Japan have agreed that if the US gives Okinawa back to Japan, than they can still use it for training. Okinawa is an island t…
43 minutes ago
Mr. Bruns posted a discussion in US History
Today I continued going over my Ch, 10 Powerpoint. Ch. 10.1.2 Powerpoint Download  Ch. 10.3.4 Powerpoint Download
The WWI projects are due later this week. 
By Friday,  I need to know how you plan to take the semester test. Semester Test Topics   Se…
43 minutes ago
1Lexi replied to 4kenzy's discussion Toddler shot himself, mother gets probation
"They probably would have done the same thing. I think they would have been charged for reckless endangerment and gone to jail."
48 minutes ago
1Lexi replied to 2Nick's discussion $2.5 Million Dollar Bond Set for Omaha Teacher
"I believe that his sentence is fair. I have no clue, you would have to be sick and twisted or something."
50 minutes ago
1Lexi replied to 2Maggie's discussion Tutor Charged with Child Abuse
"I agree that he is too small to have done this damage to himself because it's not possible to fall into a wall and hurt yourself that bad. I think he must have a really bad temper or something."
51 minutes ago
1Delaney replied to 2Maggie's discussion Tutor Charged with Child Abuse
"Yes I do think that his mother was right. There is no way a 7 year old could throw himself against a wall with enough force to do the damage that had been done. I think he broke. His behavior had been getting on his nerves and he broke causing his a…"
51 minutes ago
1Lexi replied to 6Nicole's discussion Which Twin is Older?
"I would be so lost, it's definitely confusing. I would just because that is how they were born. Just so it is accurate."
53 minutes ago
1Emily replied to 2Will's discussion 1.9 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled
"I think the only thing you possibly could do is sue them, I think it is possible that more things would be under cooked, and they need to check very carefully the meat before it is sent out  "
53 minutes ago
1Lexi replied to 6Fidel's discussion Mni Wichoni - "Water is Life"
"I support it, it is their ground, they were there first.  I think that we cannot force them to build a pipeline on their ground."
55 minutes ago


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