6 Jonas replied to 8Andy's discussion Harlan Police Department "unification"
"I don't thing that they should be unified, because if they with use the building there won't be a point to any of it. I feel like things are good enough as they are now. Plus, it would cost a lot of money to, if this doesn't work, to buy all of the…"
8 hours ago
6 Jonas replied to 6Vylet's discussion Mississippi Tornados
"I would probably donate food and water or clothes because those are the essentials and nobody wants to be hungry and thisty. I would not travel to help them because there are probably hundreds of people who are already there and won't need any help."
8 hours ago
6 Jonas replied to 5Erin's discussion Languages
"I am learning spanish just to be able to get into a good four year college, and as soon as I'm done with spanish two sophmore year I'm never speaking spanish again. I would never consider taking a class to learn anything, but I would maybe learn one…"
Mar 23
6 Jonas replied to 7ColtonS's discussion Is it appropriate to teach religion in schools
"I personally believe that there should be an elective religion class because it could give someone who doesn't particularly like school a reason to enjoy it. The class, or classes, would be able to give credits for someone who doesn't have enough to…"
Mar 22
6 Jonas replied to 3Shane's discussion Fatal spring break shootings
"I think that they should still have spring break, but I do think that everyone could benefit from some security. The curfew will definitely help with not letting the shootings happen, but most people probably won't listen and sneak out there anyway."
Mar 21
6 Jonas replied to 5abby's discussion Is Alex Murdaugh Guilty?
"I never heard about this happening but I do know that, unless he has a very different voice, you won't be able to know if Alex was home in the video, and ic could've been Buster. I don't know if he has any more secrets to him, as well as I don't…"
Mar 20
6 Jonas replied to 5Danny's discussion should transgender care for minors be restricted?
"I think that it would be good to ban transgender care because people shouldn't be able to just switch who they are because they feel like it, and God made people the way they should have been made he doesn't make mistakes. It should be restricted…"
Mar 16
6 Jonas replied to 7Ivy's discussion Should School Be Online?
"I would not want to go to school offline because we would have to sit at home just on the computer all day, and I would hate that. My biggest complaint would be not being able to talk to or see my friends and not go anywhere during the day."
Mar 16
6 Jonas replied to 7Bryce's discussion Day Light savings all year around??
"I honestly don't know what to think about daylight savings, but people say the days get longer but the clock changing doesn't do anything to that the world spinning around the sun is what makes the days longer. The only thing that the clock changing…"
Mar 15
6 Jonas replied to 3Kendall's discussion Should Vaping and E-cigarettes be banned?
"Vaping is worse than smoking in many ways; for example, with vaping you are inhaling toxic metals produced cheaply in China. Another reason is when the vape runs out of battery when you are vaping the battery will start to melt and you can inhale…"
Mar 15
6 Jonas replied to 5John's discussion Is Becoming Vegan Pointless?
"I do think that become a vegan is not a smart choice because, like you said, the diet isn't healthy. It isn't healthy because they are losing a ton of nutrition from not eating animal meats or just other things like dairy. I would never become vegan…"
Mar 15
6 Jonas replied to 2Caitlin's discussion School Lunch Around the World Compared to America
"I don't like the school lunches the school provides because all of it is frozen and not very good. I personally would prefer Italian school lunch because that looks good and you can almost guarantee that they are having pizza at least once a week."
Mar 8
6 Jonas replied to 3Hannah's discussion Racism. Is it on its way out?
"I feel like racism isn't as big of a deal as you make it seem, but I know that most of the racism is put on white males or just whites in general. It's on its way out because most people are overreacting in my opinion about racism."
Mar 8
6 Jonas replied to 3Mylee's discussion Smoking Banned In Mexico.
"I think that the ban of smoking is a bad thing because it could completely kill some businesses in mexico, and crime rates are going to go up because of the people that are addicted to smoking. I wouldn't like to see smoking banned because it is…"
Mar 8
6 Jonas replied to 5 Lance's discussion Should farmers be put out of work to help solve Climate Change?
"I believe in climate change but I don't think that it is something our generation has to worry about because it isn't affecting the world that much currently. I don't think that putting farmers out of work is the right way becasue some things that…"
Mar 8
6 Jonas replied to 3 Avery's discussion Should School be Year-Round?
"I would prefer the traditional because then we can get one big break and a bunch of small breaks instead of having a bunch of medium breaks. The biggest problem is that I think that people would get tired of going to school all year. Year round…"
Mar 8
6 Jonas replied to 6Axle's discussion Zombie drug
"I think this drug should definitely be illeagal because if it increases the high of any other drug people could use it to increase the high for weed. Plus with how often people in weed leagal states smoke the overdoses would skyrocket because of…"
Feb 28
6 Jonas replied to 2Corbyn's discussion Should kids be able to pick classes?
"I think we already pick our classes to a certain extent because of the paper we filled out just last week. I also think that students wouldn't get 100% of the credits they need for school anyway. I think that colleges will lose money because of the…"
Feb 26
6 Jonas replied to 3Tyler's discussion Should Schools Have Charging Stations in the Classroom?
"Yes the chargers should be placed into classrooms for if someone forgets to charge their computer, but the teachers already let you move to charge your computer during class. I would use the charging stations if they were in the classroom for the…"
Feb 26
6 Jonas replied to 7Hayden's discussion New MLB Rules
"In my opinion I don't like the new rules becuase they are too much of a difference than last year, for example the bases should grow an inch every year until like 2025. I don't think it will increase the leagues revenue by a lot this year but it…"
Feb 26
6 Jonas replied to 3Malcolm's discussion Post Malone Drug Use Accusations
"I think that Post Malone is abusing drugs because who doesn't when you are supposed to be all cool and famous when all you do is smoke weed and party all day. When someone that is as influential as Post Malone or some other big names and they abuse…"
Feb 14
6 Jonas replied to 7 Ethan's discussion Should There Be More Gun Control?
"I don't think that there should be any more gun control because of the difficulty you have to go through to get one in the first place. I would own a gun because it would be good protection if anyone tried to sneak into my house, and if I don't own…"
Feb 14
6 Jonas replied to 6Matthew's discussion Dallas Zoo Incidents
"I personally would never steal any animal, and the chances of me getting anywhere near a monkey are slim. I think that this is a one time thing because I wouldn't think anyone is dumb enough to do this again. I don't thik he should be released from…"
Feb 14
6 Jonas replied to 2 katherine schwery's discussion Is technology eliminating jobs?
"I think that robots aren't taking jobs away because humans are more useful than robots in hundreds of ways. The self checkout isles in supermarkets aren't from robots taking over, but they are just the products of lazy humans or just no one wanting…"
Feb 14
6 Jonas replied to 5Mason Schaben's discussion Are Professional Sports Rigged?
"I don't think they are rigged, and I also think that fans could be taking the scripting too far. If both leagues are scripted then they are relying on human perfection to get the script right. I think there will be millions of conspiracy theories…"
Feb 14
6 Jonas replied to 5Maria's discussion Does class size affect productivity?
"I think smaller classes can be more effective because there are less distractions around the room, and the teacher could go around and help more kids because the teacher has less to worry about. I don't think that parents should get to choose…"
Jan 28
6 Jonas replied to 7Katie's discussion Does Social Media Contribute to Teenage Suicide?
"I do think that social media contributes to teen suicide to a certain extent. For example, if I go onto social media for a couple of hours my mental health won't decrease unless someone is being a jerk on the platform I would've been on. I don't…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 6Levi's discussion Southwest Airline Flight Issues
"I feel like it would be a bad idea to travel southwest because you don't know if they will cancel your flight. I have never had a flight cancelled but I have had some family members not go somewhere because of a cancelled flight. I think that the…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 5Erin's discussion Dissection
"I personally think the best animal for dissection could be either a rat or a frog because if you disect an animal it better not be an animal some people own as pets. I have not disected anything before but I don't think that it would bother me too…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 7Ivy's discussion Should School Uniforms Be Required?
"I don't think school uniforms should be required because of the bore of wearing the same thing over and over for an entire year. If they were required my biggest complaint would be having to wash the clothes daily to be able to wear the uniform. I…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 6 Jonas's discussion 12 team expansion in the CFP
"I agree, but again the chance of getting a major injury is small but never zero and you never know. Adding the few extra games could have more injury or less players declaring for the draft because of injury or something that could affect them in…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 8Jeb's discussion Are movie theaters dying?
"In my opinion, movie theaters aren't dying because I went to a movie recently and the Harlan theater was packed. I would probably rather go out to a movie because the movies shown there aren't older and I haven't ever seen any of them."
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 6 Jonas's discussion 12 team expansion in the CFP
"I agree with everything you said except the players always have a chance for a torn ACL of something major. If there was an injury that bad it could drop them farther back in the draft or even have them go undrafted. Or there could be a carrer…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 3Spencer Fink's discussion Drug Use In Sports
"I feel like the drug usage in sports has dramatically decreased since the 1990 in all sports because that was around the time they emplimented drug tests. In baseball, the "steroid era" was from 1994 to 2004, and it was called this because virtually…"
Jan 19
6 Jonas replied to 6 Jonas's discussion 12 team expansion in the CFP
"I agree on the first statement, but the two more games brings a lot of trouble for players that are declaring for the draft. I will enjoy the addition because the out of 12 teams that all have great players, you will never know who can come out on…"
Jan 18
6 Jonas posted a discussion
Many college football fans are pushing for an expansion in the playoffs, and the NCAA has confirmed that the 12 team bracket expansion will be in effect starting in 2023. How will this benefit the football teams? Well this could be adding a better…
Jan 17
6 Jonas replied to 5Brody's discussion Damar Hamlin
"Me personally I think the Ryan Shazier injury was worse because it put him in a wheelchair and ended his career, but Damar Hamlin (if he gets back to normal) could still play. If this happened to one of my family members I would probably not know…"
Jan 11
6 Jonas replied to 6Emercyn's discussion How long should the passing periods be?
"Firstly, I would probably have the passing period be 4 minutes, so if a student had to walk all the way across the highschool, they wouldn't have to worry about being late. I would rather have a shorter day with shorter passing periods becase if you…"
Jan 11
6 Jonas replied to 2elana's discussion Netflix or Disney Plus?
"I think Netflix is better because Netflix has more choices, and yes Disney does give a nostalgic feel but the movie is only good for so long. Me personally comfort movies invole sports like golf, football, etc. Or some comedy like an Adam Sandler…"
Jan 11
6 Jonas replied to 7Bryce's discussion Do you think Andrew Tate is Innocent?
"I think Andrew Tate isn't guilty but I don't have any proof of that so I can't be sure, but he is a nice man when he wants to be and the people who want to silence him just take his words out of context. I agree with what he stands for because…"
Jan 11
6 Jonas replied to 3Jaylee's discussion Should you be able to play sports if you have failing grades?
"I have never had to sit out because of my grades, and I have never struggled with my grades either. But I think and have always thought that if you are a student athlete you schooling should always come first. If you are failing a class you should…"
Jan 11
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