Tootsie Rolls, A Saving Grace

In 1950 during the Korean War ran into an interesting dilemma when the use of a codeword gets misinterpreted. While stationed in ChangJin Reservoir, the Marine troops found themselves severally outnumbered and undersupplied. When they were almost out of mortar shells they called for an airdrop using their codename for 60MM mortar ammo, Tootsie Rolls. When the delivery arrived the troops were surprised to see boxes of actual Tootsie Rolls. What was a terrible mistake, saved hundreds of lives.

The freezing temperatures cracked vehicle fuel lines and left the troops stranded with limited ammo and tons of Tootsie Rolls. A veteran said he survived for two weeks on Tootsie Rolls. Eventually they realized they could melt the chocolate with their hands to make a putty-like consistency. They used this to patch up bullet holes, seal the broken pipes, and fix up other equipment. Finally, the chocolate refroze and they were able to get to safety, all thanks to this blessing in disguise.

I think if I was expecting bullets and got candy, I would laugh then probably cry. I wonder what went through the head of the guy who had received the request for "Tootsie Rolls" and didn't think it was a code work and instead sent actual ones. If I had gotten a request from Marine Troops out fighting in a war for Tootsie Rolls, my mind wouldn't think to send them Tootsie Rolls, if I was confused I would have asked. I think I would get very sick if I had to survive on Tootsie Rolls for two weeks and would probably not eat any more for a really long time.






What would have been your reaction if you received candy instead of bullets?

How do you think the mix-up happened with the code word?

Could you survive on Tootsie Rolls for two weeks?

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  • Interesting story and one that I had never heard of. Good summary and great job replying until the last two pages. 

  • I would have probably been extremely confused and then I would eventually laugh about it. I believe that the mix-up happened because someone didn't know the code word and took it the wrong way. I honestly don't think I could survive on Tootsie Rolls for a whole two weeks.

  • I would be kind of confused, and be upset because I did not want a bunch if candy. I would probably just accept my fate and start eating. I think the mix-up happened because the person who received the order didn't know about the code word, and took it literall. I don't think I could survive on Tootsie Rolls because I don't really like them. 

  • If I recieved candy instead of bullets I would probably cry and then give up and then eat some of them. However, I definently could NOT survive for even 1 week on tootsie rolls. I think whoever sent them the tootsie rolls wasn't thinking, and sent them without even a thought in their head.

  • I would have been really mad but I would of been happy that I had something to eat and I would be okay with it. I think that someone purposefully messed it up because that shouldn't have happened. I don't think you could survive off chocolate for two weeks.

  • I would have gotten candy instead of bullets I would have beens surprised and be like what is going on right now. But the candy might make you happen since you could also eat it. I think I maybe could survive on tootsie rolls for two weeks, but idk it might be a little tough. 

  • I would have been really confused.  Yes, I But I feel like it it is a codeword everyone should know it.  Yes, I think I could because I love tootsie roles.

  • I think that if I received candy instead of bullets, I would be shocked. I'm sure that many people were mad, but others, like the children, could be happy. I personally would not even know how to act. But, I also don't really know how I would act because I've never been in any sort of situation like that. 

  • I think I would be very angry and desperate, how could they have confused something that important at times like this, but there would be nothing else to do, so I think I would also take it with a little grace. I guess the other person was also nervous that's why they made that big mistake. Those sweets have a lot of sugar so I guess they would keep me energized but I don't think they are completely healthy.

  • My reaction would of been shocking because you are in the middle of the war and you end up getting candy instead of ammunition to fight the war. I don't understand how the mix-up would of even happened in the first place maybe when they got their code word the other person on the other line thought of the candy. I don't think I could have because it is so little to eat and way to much chocolate.

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