O.J Simpson

Orenthal James Simpson was born July 9th 1947, He was a professional football player he played for the Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. In College he started acting and he was a very popular actor. After his football career he became a football comentator and acted. In 1985 he married his wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

After nine years of marriage Nicole called the police and in the phone call she is heard saying that he broke into her house and wouldn't leave. Nicole hangs up on the police next thing we know is that Nicole is dead and her friend Ron Goldman. OJ then lead police on a "chase" it wasn't a very fast chase but he had a gun in the car and was planning on taking his own life he then stopped and was taken into custody. There was a trial and he was seen as not guilty in the criminal case.

After the trial he moved into a walled estate and lived off his football pension to make money he also wrote a book called "If I did it" which was how he said he would commit the murders if it was him that did it. Later in his life people speculated that he was in hopice care for cancer he denied all of those rumors and on April 10th 2024 he passed away.


Do you think O.J committed the murders?

Have you seen any of O.J's movies?

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  • Great topic choice Lincoln. Very timely! I do think your summary could be longer and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I feel like I can understand how people can go both ways with it. Some believe he did commit those crimes and that he is, in fact, guilty. While others stand on the side that he is innocent and because the glove didn't fit, he didn't do it. I haven't seen any of his movies.

  • I do not think that O.J. commited those murders because he was proven innocent in federal court, and I also think he was innocent because the glove did not fit his hand. I haven't ever seen any of those movies, but I have heard that they were good.

  • I think that O.J commited the murder. There are many things like the book and the gloves that just make him look guilty. I haven't seen many of O.J's movies or heard much about him before his death. I don't know how they thought he wasn't guilty.

  • I think the O.J did commit the murder. I have never seem any of his movies, but i have heard about him before. Since he is really famous.  I think it is such a sad thing that happend to those poor people that died. 

  • Yes, I believe that he committed the murders and did not receive the punishment he deserved. If it hadn't been him, why would he do this persecution and at the same time threaten to commit suicide? I probably bought the Judge, which is something that usually happens in these cases. I have never seen an O.J. movie.

  • I think that O.J. could have commited the murders. I think there were too many coincidences and it seemed too perfect of a trial. When he tried on the glove, it was leather and it could have shrunk from various liquid substances. The fact that he wrote about about how he would murder someone raises a big red flag for me as well.

  • I do think that OJ committed the murders there is just to much evidence that proves he did it. No, I have not seen any of the O,J's movies. I didn't even know that he had any movies, I think that its kinda cool that he has some movies 

  • I think Orenthal James Simpson did the crime. I think he was smart about the whole glove thing. If you don't know they had him try the gloves the killer wore but he didn't take his arthritis medication so his hands swelled up and didn't fit the gloves.

  • I think that O.J. Simpson did commit the murders. There is too much evidence to deny it. Also, there is no way someone who didn't do something like that would go on a police chase. I have not seen any of O.J.s movies.

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