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Orenthal James Simpson was born July 9th 1947, He was a professional football player he played for the Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. In College he started acting and he was a very popular actor. After his football career he became a football…
Apr 15
8Lincoln replied to 5Mikayla's discussion National FFA Week
"I am not in FFA and I will not ever join because I don't have an interest in agrculture. I do not have a favourite thing about National FFA week because I have absolutely zero interst in it"
Feb 21
8Lincoln replied to 8Kamdyn's discussion How is Pollution Affecting our Ocean?
"My family does not use any plastic straws, plates, bowls, I do not think that I would donate any money to help. The reason I think that there's so much pollution in our oceans is because people are lazy and don't want to responsibly discard their…"
Feb 21
8Lincoln replied to 8 Ainsley's discussion Did Helen Keller really fly a plane?
"I think she could've been real but I do not think that she really wrote a book or fly a plane. If i was blind and deaf I don't think I would evenbe able to understand english let alone write a book."
Jan 30
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Last weekend, "gigantic" waves caused extensive damage to a critical US military facility on a tiny Pacific island in the Marshall Islands, the US Army reported in a video released on Monday. The video shows a huge surge of water crashing into the…
Jan 24
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Jan 3
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On Tuesday the fifteenth of March the Senate passed a bill that would make daylight savings time permanent. The sunshine protection act still needs to be passed through congress and then signed by the current president of the United States of…
Mar 17, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 4tolga's discussion Ukraine and Russia War
"I think that Russia might take control over a part of Ukraine. I think that it will go on for a few more months but not much more than that. I don't think that Biden will send in troops to protect America and to avoid a bigger war."
Mar 1, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 8Makena's discussion Are Barbie's A Good Toy For Children?
"I do not think that kids playing with barbies has an impact on children because they're children they're not actively thinking about the way that the dolls body is shaped they just play with it. I've never played with barbies."
Feb 10, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 4Braydin's discussion Leader of ISIS killed by US.
"Obviously I think that it was necessary because they've killed a lot of people. I think that it will make things a little bit better for the US because it might slow them down and stop them from hurting people for a while."
Feb 10, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 7Isabelle's discussion Can Animal Testing be Justified?
"I'm definitley against animal testing because I think that we already have the necessary knowledge to not  have to use that sort of testing anymore I think that the practice of testing on animals is outdated and isn't needed anymore."
Jan 26, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 7Kami's discussion Should Homework Be Banned?
"I don't think that homework should be banned yes sometimes it is unnecessary but most times it can help keep things that you've learned and serve as a practice. I do think that elementary school aged students should get homework because it could…"
Jan 25, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 4Micah's discussion The problem with school lunch.
"I think most days school lunches are enjoyable and I think since its free it's very nice to have and it could definitely be worse.I do think free lunches are worth it for the people that are not able to eat as much as most at home. But I do think…"
Jan 25, 2022
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At around 11am on Saturday 15th, in Colleyville, Texas a Synagogue was taken hostage by an armed individual four people were taken hostage including the synagogue’s own Rabbi. The service was being streamed online and during this service a man’s…
Jan 16, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 6 Isabel's discussion Should college be free?
"I do not think that college should be free but it should definitely be cheaper because then that will allow alot more people to get a higher eduation and that would allow more people to get better jobs and that would be very benefical for America as…"
Jan 16, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 2kaylee's discussion Rosa Parks
" I think that her choosing to stand up for herself and her rights as a human being it was obviously the right decision because her decision not to move seats lead up to more people recognizing that skin color doesn't make people more or less human.…"
Jan 15, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 6Ava's discussion Betty White
"I have heard of Betty White but I have never watched a show that Betty White was in but since she is so well known she must have been a very good actress and her shows must have been good as well. I did not know that she was sick and it's sad to…"
Jan 11, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 3Lily's discussion Four-day school weeks
"I think that the four day school weeks would not be as beneficial as they are made out to be since students have to be in for a certain amount of days we would have to have a longer school year to make up for the one lost day every week. I do not…"
Jan 11, 2022
8Lincoln replied to 7Hailey's discussion Bob Saget
"Overall I think the nickname America's dad is a bit much but I do understand why he would get that nickname because he definitely had a big impact on people. I watched a little bit of full house when I was young and I think that the show definitely…"
Jan 11, 2022
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Jan 5, 2022
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Jan 5, 2022
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