Some people may have heard that the state of Florida voted to ban transgender care for minors. Personally, I think that is great but not enough. I believe that it should not only be banned for just minors, but every single person no matter what age in every state and country. You are born a boy or a girl and you stay what you are. There is no such thing as changing your gender. People need to realize that God made us who we are, and you don’t just decide to change your gender. 


              People who think they can just wake up one day and change their gender need mental help. They should be able to get that help somewhere. We could be preventing mental illness by banning people from changing their genders, but no, a lot of people think let them go right ahead and continue to ruin this country. It is not just high school kids that think they can change their gender. Some kids in elementary are already considering that. When I was in third grade I was trying to figure out how to count to 100, not how to change my gender.  People need to wake up and listen to God and not do all this stupid nonsense that has consequences. Parents need to educate kids at a young age so they are not brainwashed. This country will be going to hell in 20 years unless people come to their senses and change.



If you believe people need transgender care why do you think so?

Do you agree? why or why not


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  • There have been to many transgender stories this year and it usually leads to negative discussion. Be sure to list your sources.  Posted a bit late.

  • I don't believe in changing your gender or having certain pronouns. Not to be mean, but if you can't accept who you were, than why do you expect me to accept who you are. I really think that this will all pass over in a decade or two and nobody will be doing this stuff anymore.

  • I believe that there shouldn't be any of that transgender help stuff, but I do think its their choice, I don't have a say in what they do to their bodies but I won't respect what they do. I think that gender is what is in your pants at birth, if you get one cut off or get one put on, your BIOLOGICAL gender is still the same. You may not think that it is but your gender is the same.

  • I think that it should be open for anyone becuase it is thier body not yours. although i do agree that kids shouldnt be aloud to change their body like that. i dont get why people make such a big deal out of it. if you dont like it than keep them out of your life their is no need to be rude about it but on the other hand people that support it also need to calm down about it.

  • I don't think that people should be able to change their gender. It is wrong, you were given a gender at birth, male or female. There are no other genders, and even if you decide to change that, you are still what you were before that. I think they do need help because they obviously have some issues if they want to change themselves.

  • I do not think that the transgender people only need mental care because they are being transgender. They wouldn's be so insecure if they didn't have to be so weird and different. I think that the care should be banned, so that people realize they are making a mistake by switching there genders. God made two genders, and anyone who thinks there are more, has an issue.

  • I agree with this all but I most of the time do not like to share about it becuase then some people will try to fight it. I think that baning transgender care might also change suicide rates because it could make it to where kids who want to change gender but can't might commit but people who did change and regret it later on won't commit becuase they didn't get to change gender.

  • I think that people should be able to do whatever they want with their own nbodies, even if I do not personally agree with it. Trans people can have gender-affirming healthcare if that's what they want, but I personally would not get this procedure. This law does not affect me so I don't have much of an opinion on it.

  • Transgender people should not get care they are the same just as any other person other than mental they are dumb for wanting to change their gender so what you think apache helicopter should get care casue thats what half of these transgender people are calling theirself the stupids names in the history its their decsion they shouldnt get help not my problem and shouldn't be anyone elses either.

  • I don't think transgender care should be allowed for anyone. People may call me homophobic or whatever, but I don't think it should be allowed to change your gender. A lot of men now are "changing" and talking about periods and childbirth because they are "women" now. But they will never understand what it's actually like to go through menstruation or pregnancy. Later on in life these people will regret their decisions and I hope they do, they will realize that it was just a mentally unstable phase that they won't be able to take back.

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