History of the American Burger

Did you know that one of the world's most popular foods has only been around for about 100 years and was created in America? The in-depth history of hamburgers does date back further to 1848 when political unrest led Germans to migrate to the United States. The Germans brought their food and began to serve a popular Salisbury steak-like dish called "Hamburg-style" chopped steak. Hamburg in Germany was known as an exporter of high-quality beef. It was around this time that meet grinders also became common.

The origin of the more modern hamburger can be traced to lunch wagons, fair stands, and roadside restaurants in Wisconsin, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, and Texas. These places all take claim to have invented the ground beef patty on a bun combo late in the 19th century. The first large, official showcase of the hamburger was at the Louis World’s Fair. 

It was 2 years later that hamburgers experienced the first drawback. A book called The Jungle exposed the gross conditions of meat packing plants. Industrial ground beef could easily have fillers, preservatives, and meat scraps added. This caused the hamburger reputation to become harmed and it became a questionable food option. The bad reputation was able to be broken in 1921 when the first fast-food restaurant opened. White Castle, based in Kansas, was known for its health, cleanliness, and sanitation and quickly became popular for its burgers. McDonald's and In-N-Out Burger opened next, in 1948.  It was McDonald's that helped the burger become a global sensation.


Do you prefer burgers or hotdogs?

Did you Know Burgers were invented in the US?

What is your favortie fast food place to get burgers from?

White Castle didn't just invent sliders. The Kansas chain created a  playbook for American fast food | KMUW


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  • Love this topic and your summary is well done. The issue is you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I would way rather prefer a burger over a hotdog any time. I did not know they were invented in the U.S. I would have guessed they were invented somewhere else. I like to go to troys bar and grill and get their burgers, but for fastfood maybe like Mcdonalds or something. 

  • I prefer hamburgers over hot dogs because you can actully enjoy your hamburger longer then a hotdog it's done in two bites when you have a hamburger it takes you longer to finish so you can actully enjoy you meal. Hotdogs are gross in geneal I don't like eating them unless I have too.

  • I definitly prefer hamburgers over hotdogs because I think hotdogs taste fake sometimes. I thought hamburgers were invented in Germany so that's interesting that it's the US. My favorite place to get burgers is probably zombie burger.

  • Yes, I prefer burgers over hotdogs because there is more variety and options to make with a burger. I didn't know that burgers were invented in the USA I thought we copied them from someone else. My favorite place to get burgers from is troys bar and grill. 

  • I used to like hot dogs more then burgers but as I got older I started to like burgers more. I didn't know that burgers where originaly made in the United states however I do know that they are very popular throughought the united states.

  • I think I would prefer hamburgers over hotdogs, but I do like hotdogs though, I would eat a hotdog over a hamburger sometimes as well. I thought hamburgers would've been invented in Hamburg, Germany, but I wouldn't have thought it would've been in America.

  • I like hot dogs a lot but i would rather have a good buger any day. I didn't know that america made the first hamburger. I thought it was made in Hamburg Germany. I go to Mcdonalds or Burgerking Often but a Freddies steakburger is by far superior.

  • I would rather have hambugers everyday for a year that eat hotdogs, also I kinda figured that it was created in the US, because where else would they be created. I really love In and out burgers, when I went to colorado for my birthday.

  • I will always choose a burger over a hotdog anyday of the week.  I did not know that bugers were invented in the us. I think that my favorite place to go and get a burger at a fastfood would probably be a Mcdonalds burger and fries, the fries at mcdonalds are really good. 

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