Do aliens really exist?

     Have you ever thought about that we can't be the only ones in the universe, right? We are still trying to find out if there is life besides us which is basically a big possibility there is. It's no secret that we have been trying to find out for years, like all the way back from the ancient Greeks to find if there is any life in the universe besides us. It would be pretty hard for there not to be any sign of life besides us since our universe is so big and is never ending. But what do the scientists and experts say about if aliens are real or not?

First of all, they haven't really found much evidence of trying to find any sort of alien life. Just because the universe is just really big and we don't have the most advanced technological equipment to find life on other planets that could be light years away from alien life. Scientists have found a lot of planets out there that is a planet that is habitable enough but most of them are light years away and since magnetic fields are invisible it is hard to determine if the planet has a strong magnetic field that has a good atmosphere which could determine if that there is a possibility of there being life on those planets.

There have been times where people believe that there are UFO sightings and people thinking that they found the aliens. Like in 1947 an Idaho pilot claims to have seen a UFO. There have been other times of those saucers found in wars where someone saw a UFO in the cold war. Other times people think of them when they see lights of a UFO or a shape of a UFO. But the government has shutted down those claims by saying that they are secret military tests and saying they have never seen any proof of alien objects or alien life and that they have no evidence of alien technology found by them. They also claim that there are no aliens there or found at area 51. Maybe the government has already found aliens and is just not telling us.

Personally, I do think aliens do exist just because are universe is really big and there is just no way that we are the only ones that exist in the entire universe. Like there is just no way that is possible. I also think maybe the government has seen the aliens before and they are just not trying to scare us or something and I think the government just blows it off and makes an excuse, but that's what I think. I also think they will feel like what the best time is to reveal to the public when they will say when they have found alien life, just not yet.




Do you believe aliens exist?


How would you react if aliens came to Earth?


Do you think the government has found alien life and is just not telling us?


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  • Good topic choice and Summary Jeffrey! I agree with you. I do think you could have replied more frequently.

  • I think aliens exist because the universe is huge, and there is no way we are the only life. I don't know how I would react, but I would probably be kind of scared and interested at the same time. I don't think the government has found alien life because there would probably be an information leak by now. 

  • I don't believe aliens exist for many reasons, and even if scientists's found "proof" I don't think I would believe it. However, if an alien did come to Earth, I wouldn't be that surprised by it's looks. We have lots of funny looking animals in our world that be classified as looking like an "alien". I don't think the government would hide something like an alien discovery from us.

  • I do not believe in the posibility that aliens exist. If Aliens by chance came to Earth I would be really shocked and honestly scared because another species arriving on Earth isn't something to be taken lightly. No I don't think the government has found alien life and is just not telling people.

  • I'm not sure if aliens exist or not, and I don't think there has been much evidence to support the idea that they do exist, other than someones random theories. I don't know what I would do if I saw an alien walking around Earth, and I don't think the government has found something yet.

  • I don't think aliens exsist, but if people came up with some good and factual evidence then maybe I would change my mind. If aliens came to earth might be a little scary and some people might not know what to do. I don't think they have found alien life, because it proabaly would have spread throught already. 

  • yes, I believe because it is hard to believe that out of the whole universe that there is no other living sources.  I would try to communicate with the alien somehow. I feel like they have they are just hiding it from the public .

    • I agree, since our universe is really big there is just no way we are the only ones that exist.

  • I think that there is definitely a big chance that aliens exist. We haven't explored so much of space, it's almost impossible to say that they do not exist. I don't think that anyone really knows if they exist or not, but I think that there is a big chance that they could and we wouldn't know.

  • I do not necessarily know or think that aliens exist but I definitely don't think we are the only creatures in the universe. I am not sure how I would react if aliens came to Earth but I don't think I would react good. I think it is possible that the government has found some type of other life.

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