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On Friday of last week, Governor Kim Reynolds passed/signed a law allowing teachers to carry guns on school grounds. The law, House File 2586 also gives school districts and school employees qualified immunity for the use of reasonable force. It requires the state's largest school districts to employ school resource officer in their high school unless their school board votes to opt out. Republican supporters think allowing school districts to choose is a way to give school districts more control over safety. Democrats and gun violence prevention groups say it will make students and school employees feel less safe because there could be gun accidents in schools. Democrats opposed the bill that allows school districts to use professional development funds to pay for training for staff members who want to have a gun.


Do you think teachers should be allowed to have guns on school grounds?

Do you think students and other staff member will feel safer or not?

Should professional development funds be used to train staff members on how to properly handle a gun in school?

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  • This is a great topic choice buit would like to see you discuss the history of guns in schools as well.  You didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think that teachers having guns on school grounds would make school safer as long as they are taught how to use them.  I think some of the funds should be used because it is a good way to keep kids in school safer witch should be important to the school.

  • I think that they should allow teachers to have guns on school grounds but must be in a safe spot where students wouldn't find it. They would feel safer if they mostly didn't know about it except for just teachers. I feel that some of the funds may be spents on how to properly handle a gun.

  • yeah, I think a teacher with extensive training should be able to carry a firearm. Yes, some students would feel safer depending on the teacher. I feel the teacher should help pay for the train because not all teachers need to know how to use a firearm if they are not going to carry one.

  • I think teachers should be able to have guns for safety, but they should be required to keep them concealed at all times unless they need it.  I think they should also liscensed and know how to properly handle them. I would feel safer because I would know there is some kind of protection. 

  • I think that the techers should be allowed to carry a gun on school grounds if they pass a test to be able to carry one. I think that the students and staff will feel safer incase of a shooter or something bad. I think that some of the funds could be used to train the staff memebers how to handle one. 

  • I think that teachers should never be allowed to have guns on school grounds. It is very dangerous to keep a gun where there are hundreds of kids and I would feel a lot less safe with a gun nearby every day. I think funds should be put towards school shooting prevention rather than enabling more people to use a gun.

  • I don't think that teachers should be allowed to have guns on school grounds and if they do they should have a lot of training so they know how to use it and when. I think that this could make some students and staff members feel safer but it could also make some feel less safe. I think that funds should be used to train staff members.

  • I don't think teachers should be able to have guns because I think students could easily find it and could hurt other students.  I feel like teachers would feel safer if they had guns, but i really don't think they should have them at school.

  • I do not think that teachers should be able to have guns. The teacher could end up being the shooter, not nessasarily the students. I think it might make some people feel better but not all. I think that teachers should learn how to handle a gun in whatever way is the most convenient.

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