History of April Fools Day


April fools day is a tradition celebrated or practiced every year on April first. It is a day full of tricks or jokes typically followed by the words “April Fools!” April Fools day has been around for centuries and is celebrated by many different cultures. Its true origin can be considered a mystery. There are only theories about how Aprils Fools truly came to be.


Some historians date April Fools Day back to 1582. This was when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Georgian calendar.  In the Julian calendar the new year began around April 1st. The Georgian calendar started the new year in January. Many people didn’t acknowledge the change to January and continued to celebrate it in April. It became a widespread joke, people would make paper fish and place them on their backs meaning , “poisson d’avril,” or april fish. It was meant to mean an easily caught fish or a gullible person.

Do you like April Fools Day?

Have you ever done a prank on someone for April Fools Day? If so, what was it?

Did you know the history of April Fools Day?

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  • Great, timely topic choice! I do think your summary could be longer and include your personal thoughts. You also could have replied more frequently.

  • I like April Fools Day. I think it is a funny sometimes forgot day. I don't remember actually doing a prank on April Fools Day, but I do know that I have made jokes beforey. I'm not exactly sure what they are though. I had no idea about the history of April Fools Day.

  • I do like April fools, although most of the time I forget about it. One time I took the frosting out of the oreos and replaced it with toothpaste, and then I gave to my sister. Also, one time I hid a metrinome in my sisters room, so she had to figure out where the clicking sound was coming from. I didn't know the history of April Fools Day.

  • April Fools Day isn't something I really care about. Pranks have seem to be getting less popular over the years. I haven't ever done a April Fools Day prank before. I have never heard the history of April Fools Day but it is pretty interesting.

  • I do like april fools day, because it is fun to mess around with your friends and familys and to see all the pranks people do to each other. I've done a couple of pranks to others, but don't really remember them much. I did not know the history if april fools day. 

  • I like it because I like messing with people but this year I didn't do anything and nothing happened to me. Yes, I have but I do not remember what it was.  No, I did not know the history of April fools day.

  • I personally don't mind April Fools Day, but it doesn't really mean anything to me.  I don't necesarily get "pranked" by anyone on April 1st, so it really doesn't make a difference. 

  • I like April fools day, Its a fun day where you can just mess with people and  they dont get mad because its April fools. I have done a prank a couple times. I didnt know the history of April fools but I think that the history behind gives me a new perspective on it.

  • I don't mind April Fools Day since not a lot of people do pranks anymore these days. I have not pranked anybody for years now the last prank I think I did was mess with my brother but I can't remember what I did with him. I didn't know about the past history of April Fools Day so this was something new that I learned about.

  • While I do like April Fools day, I wouldn't say I love it or that it is one of my favorite holidays. I have done pranks on April Fools Day, however I haven't in a few years. I did not know the history of April Fools Day or how far back it went.

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