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6Lindsey replied to 3Chloe's discussion iOS 11 Makes its Public Debut
"Yes I use apple products and probably will for my whole life. I prefer apply products because I guess I've grown up with them my whole life so I know how they work and it just comes naturally to me and android products seem complicated to me and I d…"
6Lindsey replied to 6Jordan's discussion Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE; daughter sues NFL, Pats
"If I loved it a lot and if it wasn't a high percentage of people that get CTE in football then I would probably do it just because I love the sport. Yeah that's what I would think that he killed those people because of the violent mood swings from t…"
6Lindsey replied to 3LucasB's discussion North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister
"I think Trump will be ready with a plan in case anything goes wrong because we know we can't trust North Korea. I don't think he will do anything to Trump but I don't know that for sure because North Korea is a little sketchy so you never know we ju…"
6Lindsey replied to 6GraceK's discussion Hurricane Maria Hit Puerto Rico, Killing Power and Creating Floods.
"I would probably take shelter like they did I would go in the stairwells and in the closets to stay safe hopefully. No I would probably stay there and help out my community to help rebuild and plus it would be my home and I wouldn't want to leave it…"
6Lindsey replied to 5Sam's discussion Moon and Jupiter Special Event on 2017 Autumn Equinox
"I think that is really cool how summer turns into fall and the weather changes and how the equinoxes work. This is funny because this article is talking about how summer turns into fall and fall is my favorite season of then year. Fall is my favorit…"
6Lindsey replied to 5Olivia's discussion Hershey Park opens Chocolate Spa
"I would definitely go to the Hershey's Chocolate Spa but only if we were in that area. Well if they said it will help your skin and they made this spa because of it then I definitely think that it would. Yeah I would well my mom would for me but it…"
6Lindsey replied to 3HunterF's discussion NFL players taking the kneel during the National Anthem
"Yeah I think the players can take a kneel if they want if its what the believe in it there not going to stop doing it. I don't agree with them because they have the right to take a kneel that's their own personal beliefs and they should be able to d…"
6Lindsey replied to 3Asia's discussion Girl Found Dead in Hotel Freezer
"I think the people she calls friends killed her and tried to cover it up but not very well. I think no one will want to go near that hotel again and I don't think anyone would ever stay there again unless they don't know what happened there."
6Lindsey replied to 3Jaz=^_^='s discussion Video Game Characters and Their Celebrity Twins
"That is very interesting thing that happens I guess I haven't really noticed that because I don't really play video games enough to catch those kinds of things. That is really cool though that it turned out that way! "
6Lindsey replied to 7thJosh's discussion NFL Team Caught Cheating?
"That is not right that the San Diego Chargers are cheating especially when it has been banned fore a while now you should know better. I don't get why they would even try to do this because they are obviously going to get caught somehow someway and…"
6Lindsey replied to 6Hannah's discussion News About The Paris Climate Deal
"I don't think losing their jobs is more important than cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions but it also doesn't have less importance either. Yeah I'm happy that I don't have to make that decision for the entire country because if I did I feel li…"
6Lindsey replied to 8ronald's discussion History In Your Own Backyard
"I honestly would have no idea what to do I would probably look up a number I could call for them to look at the bones and have them probably take them. I guess I've never though of what would be in my backyard mostly because I already know I can't d…"
6Lindsey replied to 4Tristin's discussion Destiny 2 Apology for 'Nazi-inspired' Kekistan Flag
"Well If I caught it I would have token it down so nobody took it the wrong way and the game could still possibly go on. I wouldn't make too big of a deal about it because it was probably a mistake and they didn't mean it like that. So I would notify…"
6Lindsey replied to 6Hannah's discussion News About The Paris Climate Deal
"I don't think people losing their jobs are more important than the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions but its not less important either. I honestly don't really care if their in the position or not but I do thin we need to take procotions when it…"
Sep 19
6Lindsey replied to 6Clara's discussion Living without Money?
"I do not think that the utopia society will become real because people like to live there own way of life and have different opinions on everything. Yeah in there own little community they are making a difference but in the long run there is not man…"
Sep 18
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