Should High Schoolers Have Recess Time

I believe we should have recess time for two reasons. First of all, I believe it will help with academics. Secondly, I believe it will help students' mental and brain growth.

High school is a crucial time for academic and personal growth. Providing recess in high schools to high schoolers can positively impact their development in various areas, such as academic achievement, and critical thinking skills.

Having recess during the school day can greatly benefit students’ mental well-being. It provides a much-needed break from academic tasks, allowing students to recharge and refresh their minds. Engaging in physical activity and socializing with peers during recess can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance cognitive function. By incorporating regular recess into school schedules, we can support students’ mental health and create a positive learning environment.

In conclusion, incorporating recess into the school day not only supports students’ mental health but also promotes academic brain growth. By providing a break from academic tasks. Recess additionally helps with engaging in physical activities and socializing. Let's continue to prioritize recess as an essential component of student development for both academic and mental health benefits

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  • I think we should have recess but only if you have all your work done.

  • I think we already have a recess in a way it's called study hall

  • I don't think we should have recess because a lot of students have work to do and recess is not a good use of time.

  • I think we should have recess because you can take a break and do whatever instead of being in a lunch table. 

  • I belive that we should not have recess because it gives us less Time to do our homework and less time to do our work. I also think that we as high schoolers should not have recess because our classes are harder.

  • I

    we should be responsible enough to sit and learn the classes that we chose to be in.  But i think that its fine to have recess at a certian time of the day like right after lunch.

  • i think high school coud be a good place to be if ithas recess time because they can take like that brain shut off  for a couple minutes and they could be active in class as they have to be that is why many students think school isjust to kill your brain and get stress.


  • Highschoolers should have recess time to comunicate and socialize. Recess would also allow as to calm down from stress during school.

  • I think recess in highschool could be great for some kids excpecially ones that have a harder time sitting still. It would give kids a time to sit back and take their mind off of things.  However I think there would be less time for students to have work time and take classes. I do however think it would be a cool idea to to offer something similar to recess as a class for students to relax during to day.

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