Should President Biden be impeached?

Many people believe that president Joe Biden should be impeached. There are a lot of good and bad things he has done, since he has became our president and we will go over those things.

To begin Joe Biden, our 46th president, who was sworn is January 20, 2021, has done some good and some not so good things for our country.

Starting with the why Joe Biden should be impeached is because he weaponized the FBI to intiminate parents who showed up at the school board meeting .Second in 2021, 12 major cities in the U.S. broke the annual homicide records, and yet Biden ended the Trump Justice Department’s Operation Legend, which was responsible for deploying federal officers to aid local law enforcement during that time. Next even though we were in a major labor shortage Biden pushed for vaccine mandates, forcing companies with more than 100 employees, to fire their unvaccinated workers, making the labor shortage worse. Then with his war on war on fossil fuels, he helped drive domestic production down, causing gas prices to rise more than ever. Next, Biden pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to accept Russia's dominance over the Ukrainian country. Also president Biden is accused of spending $1.9 trillion dollars in social spending was disguised as "covid releif". And lastly what some people beleive is his worst things yet is his withdrawal from Afghanistan, when he left 62,000 of our Afghan allies behind enemy borders, and forced NATO allies to abandon their citizens and allies as well.  

Now that we covered Biden's not so good actions let us look at the bright side, and what things he has done good for our country. 

To start Joe Biden provided $546 million dollars on emergency housing assistance for people that are, or at risk, of being homeless. Next, has to be the stimulus checks during covid-19. Also he sent $1.3 billion to North Carolinian to help with child care. In addition, president Biden dministered 200 million vaccine doses in just 100 days. As well as providing $7.25 billion to small businesses. Biden also extended unemployment insurance and child credit payments. Additionally he Banned workplace discrimination against LGBT employees. He also provided dept relief for colored farmers.

Now that we went over pesident Joe Biden's positive and negitive actions, we now know that even though Biden has not done the best things for our country non of the things he has done is illegal and not worth being impeached. Plus if President Biden was to be impeached he would have commented the following, treason, bribery, or other high crimes. So in short terms, even though lots of people dislike Joe Biden and he is not the best president, it is not bad enough to remove him from office,



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  • I think that he should be impeached because I think we need someone younger 

  • Honestly I don't really care I'm not brave enough for politics but I think we should get some more younger people as the president like 30s type age under 50 preferably

  • Biden should be impeached. He made horrible decision's and plans in our country plus he left our allies in the enemy's border. Ukraine deserve better and Biden shouldn't have pressured the Ukrainian president, I don't like Biden because on what he has done I know he did good things but I still don't like him.

  • I belevie that Bidon should be impeached. Even thogh he has done a lot of things to benifit are nation he still has his downside toward us... The people.

  • I think that Presedent Bidon should be impeached because he as done a lot of bad stuff. I think that Presedent Bidon should be impeached because he as done a lot of bad stuff, like endeing the Trump Justice Department’s Operation Legend, and also forcing companyes to fire there unvacanated inployes.

  • I believe that he should be impeached because has done some good stuff. Otherwise he has done so much bad stuff like leaving many miltary equitment and soliders. Those soilders had familys and a lot more furture a head of them. 

  • I believe that Biden has many pros and cons for being president. I believe that all of these even out to not being impeached. The reason I say this is because if you're being impeached, you have to be doing really bad. 

  • Biden should be impeached, while he has done some good for the country, I think the fact that he abandonded american citizens in afgahnistan and left millions of dollars worth of military equipment as well, most of which was snatched by the taliban. What biden did is unexcuseable and too many people forgot about it.

  • He should be impeached because it says that he spent 1 trillion dollars for social stuff which is putting the United States in even more debt by him fooling around and spending loads of money. He also left our people and made our alies leave our people behind enemy lines and didnt do anything to it, he just let it be.

  • I'm indecisive when it comes to this topic. However, it makes me VERY upset that he withdrew troops from Afghanistan, which led the taliban to take over again. I will say that I have not seen Biden do many good things so far in his presidency. 

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