Christmas before Thanksgiving?

 Christmas is the happiest and most joy filled holiday. Is Christmas celebrated too early or too late? During this time of the year there's a big debate about setting up your Christmas tree before thanksgiving. Scientists have even looked into this debate, trying to prove one side or the other. 

Studies have shown that setting up your Christmas tree before thanksgiving actually makes you happier and more friendly. Psychologists have proven that Christmas decorations bring you back to a simpler and happier place meantally. On the more scientific side then mentally, Christmas decorations help boost dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that helps regulate your moods,sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory. On the other hand some people have said they feel like they're skipping over thanksgiving and not celebrating it enough.

I personally think that you should set up your Christmas tree before thanksgiving for different reasons. First, It literally makes you a happier person to set Christmas decor up.  Scientists have even proven this with multiple different studies, mentally and physically. Lots of people are changing their traditions to setting trees up early. Tree farmers have even shown that people are now buying their trees early.  Tree farmers have said that for a long time they have been selling most trees two weeks before Christmas, but now they are selling the most trees at the end of november.  

Do you think it's too early to set up your Christmas decorations before thanksgiving?

When do you set up your Christmas tree?

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  • I think it should stay as it is because that would only lead to confusion and frustration.

  • I dont think its too early because my mom always when halloween is over she will start buying christmas decorations.

  • I set up my Christmas tree somtimes after thankgiving and somtimes before Thanksgiving. I set up my Christmas tree somtimes after thankgiving and somtimes before Thanksgiving because it just depends on when my family wants to set it up.

  • i htink that chrismas should stay on the same date because the reason we celbrate thanksgiving isbecause of the pilgrams that were here before chrismas was ever created.

  • Christmas at its core is a holiday to celebrate the birth of christ, so starting celebrations earlier than thanksgiving just doesnt make sense, the whole idea of a christmas tree is kind of dumb as well, what does a tree with lights on it have to do with jesus?

  • I think that it would be weird if you came into a persons house to have thanksgiving and they already had their christmas tree up. I dont think that it is the tree that makes you happier and sleep better it just depends on the type of day your having, I dont think it would make you sleep better because you would be amped up because your tree is up and that means christmas.

  • I usually set up my Chirstmas tree about a week before Christmas. I personally wouldn't put up my tree before Thanksgiving but I understand that some people want more time to admire the tree and to get in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes it feels like a chore to put up a Christmas tree but I do agree that it puts me in a better mood.

  • I think that it is a bit weird to set up for Christmas before thanksgiving because many parents get the presents on Black Friday, what would be the point of a Christmas tree or decorations without the presents. Our family always sets up for Christmas a week or two after thanksgiving.

  • I like the way the holidays are set up right now. Also it would be pointless to celebrate on a different day because that is Jesus' birthday and if we move it, it would pretty much be celebrated just because of presents. Also it's not realy or late because it's the same time every year.

  • I personally think that it is to early to put up a christmas tree before thanksgiving. But my family has a personal preference in our house not to put one up due to natural cause and safety percations of hunting on our home property. You ask when we put up our christmas tree right, well in my house we make it a joke not put one up, but take a laugh and go and say my dad is the Grinch, and we all know that guy "stole christmas", not because he hates Christmas but for the safety of our home........ My dad is not really the Grinch but its a good joke. Hahaha!

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