4 Austin posted a discussion
     The history of the US Air Force dates back to its origins as the United States Army Air Service, which was established in 1918 during World War I The Air Service became a separate branch of the military in 1947, when it was officially…
Apr 23
4 Austin replied to 6Anastacia's discussion A Historical Lobotomy, Gone Wrong
"I personaly domt think that she should of done the procidure becuase of how high risk it is and the outcome. I do not think its rught or fair for her father to make her do the lobotmey becuase it affected her greatly after. I also do not personally…"
Apr 16
4 Austin replied to 2/8allison's discussion Is the Bermuda triangle real?
"I dont think the berumda triangle is real becuase there could be a lot of possible ways they couldve gone missing. A lot of ways could be rough seas and crews that might not of been prepared. also a lot of cases today do not happen which leads me to…"
Jan 25
4 Austin replied to 6Lily Schechinger's discussion Too old to be president?
"I  think there should 100% be an age limit for president. I think mental and phisically test should be requred to make sure you are able to actually function. I also think a limit of like 65 would be good as thats about the retirement age and I dont…"
Jan 25
4 Austin replied to 4Tobina's discussion Child Labor Laws
"I think child labor laws are good to provide protection for children that want to get a job. I personally do not have a job yet i do hope to have a job in the future that i can earn money for myself. I also belive child labor laws also make sure…"
Jan 25
4 Austin replied to 4Teagan's discussion The History of Ferrari Car Manufactory
"Personally I would 100% buy a ferrari, they are a really cool car that have a ton of history behind him. If i started a compony i would probably name it after me as it would hopfully hold up a legacy. I have dreams of owning many cars but i havnt…"
Jan 25
4 Austin replied to 4 Austin's discussion How did WWII shape the future of military aircraft?
"I agree that aviation would be very different. Also i do think that prob aircraft is definitly should be used today but i dont think it should still be used as military aircraft such as fighters as we wouldnt be able to keep up with other countries…"
Jan 23
4 Austin posted a discussion
     World War II had a big impact on the future of aviation, keading to the use of jet powered aircraft and keading up to what we have today      Firstly, the demands of the war effort led to accelerated advancements in aircraft technology. Nations…
Jan 20
4 Austin replied to 8Luke's discussion Is Animal Testing Ethical?
"I think it can be ethical it all epends. It should only be allowed if it doesnt affect the population of the animal. The alternate ways we coud test is on humans but I think people do not agree with this. I would voulenteer if I wouldnt be harmed in…"
Jan 18
4 Austin replied to 8Suzy's discussion Should College Athletes get Paid?
"I do not think they should have to be paided as a lot of athleates are on scohlorships for the school so they are rreciving their education for free to play sports. If your getting paid i do not thinl you should get a scholorship as youd be able to…"
Jan 18
4 Austin replied to 4Grant's discussion Tunnel Rats
"Personally I wouldnt volenteer as one as its a very deadly job and a very high risk of getting injured or killed. I think in the tunnels id be most afraid of being stuck in a trap or encountering VietCong in the tunnels. In the Vietnam war if Id do…"
Jan 18
4 Austin replied to 6Kinsleigh Chadwick's discussion Should Prohibition be reinforced?
"Personally I think that prohibition was not helping anything. It caused worse problems then it solved. It caused gangsters and outlaws to make and sell alcohol. However drinking is not worth the risk, theres a lot of alternitives. "
Jan 11
4 Austin replied to 8Gideon's discussion Should steroids be allowed in sports?
"I do not think it should be used in any way. Steriods can have major health issues that come with using them that could hinder you from playing the sport. Sports limit it for a reason and thats to rotect the players. You can get big naturally…"
Jan 11
4 Austin replied to 4Kori's discussion Was the moon landing fake?
"I personally belaeave its not fake. THe moon landing has many many many conspericys but all of them have basically been proven not factual.There has been one conspericy that does make a little sense. The conspericy being that how come we had the…"
Jan 11
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Jan 3
4 Austin replied to 3Natalie's discussion Paper Straws/Plastic straws which is bettter?
"I think paper is better as it biodegrades faster than plastic bottles and takes about 450 yrs to decompose while paper takes 2-6 weeks. I think its better but the plastic company is very relied on so do not think plastics are going anywhere "
Dec 13, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7Drew's discussion Should women be required to register for Selective Services?
"I think women should have to as they are also able to serve in combat roles. With that, I think they should also be able to get drafted if met certain requirements. Maybe not have the same rules or requirements as men have but yes I think they…"
Dec 13, 2022
4 Austin replied to 2Madison Thompson's discussion Should teachers get a pay raise?
"I think that they should be paid way more. They are the teachers that teach the future generations and I think that's a huge thing and they should be paid way more. Especially since they go through 4-6 years of collage."
Dec 13, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5Mitchcell's discussion Should Hats Be Allowed In School?
"I think that it depends. I feel like people make a big deal about not wearing a hat for 8hrs. Personally its not that hard to go withut one. However i think that it would be ok if they where allowed and that it would be ok if it wasnt allowed."
Dec 13, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7Drew's discussion Should Harlan have early outs every week?
"I have gone to both IKM and LC and they both had early outs every wendsday and it made such a diffrence. It allowed a nice break for students. They gave us more time to study and have a mental break/ "
Dec 13, 2022
4 Austin replied to 8Cheyenne's discussion Should the military allow women to serve in combat roles?
"I belive that women have a part in combat roles and they may not be as strong or as physically able as men but they do have purpose and have a positive affect. I'm is certain that over time there is a much more positive effect women have had over…"
Dec 8, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7Malcolm's discussion Should We Have To Do Forum Post?
"I think that they should be required as it lets students controversially interact with each other as well as politically. It allows us to learn new thigs and teach others about the topics that we choose to educate people about. I think it is a very…"
Dec 8, 2022
4 Austin replied to Kayden Erwin3's discussion Legalization of marijuana
".I think that marijuana should be legalized but controlled. I believe that Canada has it legalized and the government makes money off the sale of it. If the US uses this it would be a positive use as it is being used regardless of legalization and…"
Dec 8, 2022
4 Austin replied to 2Anthony's discussion Will Cryptocurrency Replace Money?
"I do not think Crypto will take over money as crypto is very unstable. the prices and everything change so often that I do not think it's a stable way to manage the economy. It is stupid in my opinon"
Dec 8, 2022
4 Austin replied to 2kenna's discussion Donald trump runs again
"I feel like he could be a good president.  He has very controversial views but I feel like it depends on the other candidates. If I were old enough and depending on the other goniatites views and everything I may vote for him but there are also 2…"
Dec 8, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5Reese's discussion Kanye West Controversy
"I think that he is trying hard to get people to like him. I think he should get banned for praising Hitler. I also belive that the fame and the attention are getting to his head and he is saying stuff that is very controversial and extreme"
Dec 8, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5Rilee's discussion What Happens when you vape?
"I do not like vaping and do not understand it. I think that this generation does it to be cool and stand out. I think that it's a terrible addiction.  I would ignore them and I wouldn't talk to them because personally thats something I do not want…"
Dec 1, 2022
4 Austin replied to 2Marcela Guerrero's discussion Shooting at Club Q, Colorado Springs
"I thin that it was mental health related. I think that it was because a lot of shootings are due to mental health issues. I font this was a bias toward the LGBT community but yeah it was mental health"
Nov 30, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7Lukas's discussion New semester test schedule?
"I don't know much about how it was in the past but I think that it's a good idea to try it and see. Yes I do think we should have more breaks as they are making us sit in a classroom for an hour and 15 but I do think that it's not the end of the…"
Nov 29, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5 Logan's discussion Equal rights equal fights
"I think that guys should not hit women for any reason but then again it comes up to stuff like where the woman just starts fighting I thnk that it is ok for you to hit back but other than that I don't think it should be allowed and i don't think…"
Nov 29, 2022
4 Austin replied to 2Alex's discussion Will article 5 lead to nuclear war.
"I don't know to be honest. Nuclear war would lead to no winner. If Russia, where to launch then nato and its allies, would launch back, and then Russia's allies would launch back at those and it would go back and forth so I'm not exactly sure if…"
Nov 29, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7Daniel's discussion AI's are moneypits
"I think it depends it can benefit for many reasons. I know that Elon musk is starting his own and he has said they should be sold for 200,00$ in the next 2 years for stuff like household objects and small chores. It's funny becuase he has to include…"
Nov 28, 2022
4 Austin replied to 8Bailey's discussion Should school days be shorter?
"I think that schools should have shorter days, I think it would really benefit students if days were shorter. Not only would it give students more time to complete homework out side of the school. It would also give students more sleep witch could…"
Nov 16, 2022
4 Austin replied to 8Cheyenne's discussion Should Schools Have Metal Detectors?
"I personally believe that schools should have metal detectors, it is a very good way to limit the number of school shootings and fights in schools. I think it could as help with the amount of vaping in bathrooms, It could make the bathrooms feel…"
Nov 16, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5Maria's discussion Should female and male athletes be paid the same?
"I think it all depends on the sport. In some sports, male athletes put more work in than females. I think that it would be safe to pay the same. If you look at it male sports have more attraction the female sports, so it makes more sense to pay for…"
Nov 16, 2022
4 Austin replied to 3Caden's discussion Should the legal age to drive be lowered to 14?
"I do not think the legal age should be lowered. At 14 your brain is still isn't fully developed until you are 25. at 14 your prefrontal lobe is still isnt devolped so it's harder to make fast decisions and to be able to drive with distractions. "
Nov 16, 2022
4 Austin replied to 2MaryRuth's discussion Should All Vaccines Be Required?
"I think that it depends on the situation. I don't think it should be governmentally mandated but I do think it would be appropriate to have private employers and companies require it to work for them. And I do think that politics influence as the…"
Nov 16, 2022
4 Austin replied to 4 Austin's discussion What Is Antifa
"I completely agree. The organization doesn't want to be violent but the people in the organization are very violent. Some actions they have done are considered terrorism but they cant point out who did it because of the amount of people there "
Nov 10, 2022
4 Austin replied to 4 Austin's discussion What Is Antifa
Nov 10, 2022
4 Austin posted a discussion
        Antifa is a decentralized, leaderless movement composed of loose collections of groups, networks, and individuals. Antifa also uses persistent disinformation campaigns about Antifa distorting public perception of the movement. Antifa is…
Nov 7, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5/8Logan's discussion Should Students be allowed to listen to music during class?
"I think we should be allowed to listen to music. Some people's music helps them focus. other times it can also help you get more work done. I think that music helps many people for many different ways"
Oct 31, 2022
4 Austin replied to 3Natalie's discussion Should you be required to take a drivers ed class?
"I think if you are driving unsupervised you should have to take driver's ed. This can prevent many things like accidents and deaths. Like they have now where its not required to take driver's ed for your Instruction Permit but I do think it should…"
Oct 12, 2022
4 Austin replied to 6Landen Kaufman's discussion Should Police Have Body Cameras?
"I do think police should wear body camreas, however there are many departments that do not have funding to give all their officers one. Also with the defunding of the police movement many departs have to cut many things including body cameras due to…"
Oct 6, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5Mitchcell's discussion Are Electric Cars Better Than Gas Cars?
"Personally i would rather have gas. They are more efficent, yes they may contribute to pollution but they also are way more expensive and such to produce them than gas powered"
Sep 28, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5/8Logan's discussion Should students have to put their phones in the pouches?
"I think that they should be required as they can distract students. At the same time, I think we should keep them as some students feel safer with them so maybe we have to turn them in during tests and such to not allow cheating."
Sep 28, 2022
4 Austin replied to 5Eli's discussion Hats are Prohibited but Dog Collars are not?
"In my opinion school is for kids(by kids i mean human kids), people that identify as a dog are not kids, cats are not kids, elves are not kids.
Sep 20, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7ColtonS's discussion Should homework be banned
"I do not think homework should be banned, I think this because it allows students to practice their work out of school and gain proficiency. this would allow confidence in doing the work in your every day life"
Sep 9, 2022
4 Austin replied to 7Molly's discussion Should it be illegal to burn the American Flag?
"I think it should be illegal to burn it for defacing the flag. It is the flag of our nation and it should be respected as such. I hate when I see people being disrespectful for it as many veterans have died to keep that flag"
Sep 7, 2022
4 Austin replied to 4 Austin's discussion Gun Control In The United States
"I do believe if firearms are banned then I doubt everyone will give them up willingly plus our economy wouldn't be so good as hunters are a way we get our food. if criminals are determined to get a forearm they will."
Sep 7, 2022
4 Austin replied to 4 Austin's discussion Gun Control In The United States
"I agree, that there are many uses for guns other than protection. There are recreational things ots used for such as sport shooting, hunting, competitions, etc. I do believe it is our right to own them and to get everyone to give up their guns…"
Sep 7, 2022
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