4riley replied to 8ulyssa's discussion Iowa and Nebraska Tornadoes
"I live in earling the tornado didn't really touch us so I just hid in the basement, I don't know anybody who got hit by tornado personally."
Apr 30
4riley replied to 6Eric McCulley's discussion Picture of the flags that separates the Dutch and French side
Apr 18
4riley posted a discussion
Our planet is a spectacular place but it needs our help to prosper that is why each year on April 22nd we celebrate the Earth and clean up garbage. Earth Day started April 22nd 1970.  It was established by Senator Gaylord Nelson in San…
Apr 16
4riley replied to 6Elizabeth's discussion Death penalty
"I agree with the death penalty because thare are monsters like a child molesters or a terrorists so thay deserve death. a person with mental health probloms should be taken to a psychiatric ward."
Apr 8
4riley replied to 8Enrique's discussion History of Fast Foods
"No I have never visited White Casite, I like taco bell. neither. "
Apr 3
4riley replied to 5Lydia's discussion History of April Fools Day
"I like april fools day. I have never done a prank. Yeah I read the article."
Apr 3
4riley replied to 6Sofia's discussion The Oscars
"I have never watched the Oscars. If I was to win an Oscars best actor Because im the best. I have not watched either of them but I would go with oppenheimer."
Mar 18
4riley replied to 5Arianna's discussion History of The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
"I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. My favorite kind of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the white ones. H.B deserves a lot of credit he made Reese's Peanut Butter Cups."
Mar 18
4riley replied to 6Judy's discussion History of Scooter's
"I like coffee I go to scooters rarely my favorite thing to order is carmel iced coffee."
Mar 14
4riley replied to 4-Kolbie B's discussion History of Cheerleading.
"No I am not in cheer and no I have never considered cheer. I dont watch foot ball but I think it would add more fun."
Mar 13
4riley replied to 2/8allison's discussion Should anyone be able to adopt?
"No I do not think that anyone should be able to adopt because you dont want some pedo to adopt a kid so he can scar the kid. I think that there should be a age limt I think the limt should be 25. no I think that you should be a little bit older…"
Mar 13
4riley replied to 4Kori's discussion Is the Earth flat?
"I do not think the earth is flat. I think those people are dumb. I have never herd any conspiracies."
Mar 5
4riley replied to 5Jack's discussion History Of Chick-fil-A
"I have never had Chick filla."
Mar 5
4riley replied to 5 Paige's discussion The history of Track and Field.
"no I do not like track. I do not like to watch raceing events its just not my thing. no I have never consider to go out for track."
Mar 5
4riley replied to 5Henry's discussion Area 51
"Yes I do think aliens are in Area 51  because like what else would they be hiding I do think they are Working on UFOs because like how else would aliens get here in the first place They should not release the information to the public because people…"
Jan 29
4riley commented on 3Anna's blog post Should President Biden be impeached?
"Honestly I don't really care I'm not brave enough for politics but I think we should get some more younger people as the president like 30s type age under 50 preferably"
Jan 24
4riley commented on 4Teagan's blog post Should High Schoolers Have Recess Time
"I think we already have a recess in a way it's called study hall"
Jan 24
4riley replied to 5Annabelle's discussion The Titanic's Conspiracy Theories
"No, I do not think this theory is true because you can't swich boats that fast. No, I have not heard this theory before and I don't know any other theories."
Jan 23
4riley replied to 4Kori's discussion Was the moon landing fake?
"I think that the moon landing is real but some cunspiracies make sense like the one where the flags blowing in a direcshon because of the wind but there is no wind on the moon I think that one makes some sense."
Jan 11
4riley replied to 6catherine's discussion The History of the Columbine High School Shooting
"if i was in this situation i would break a window and run. I would not try to sue the school becasue it is not the schools falt but I think thay should higher more security. I do not think I would not be comfortble going to school after that i'd…"
Jan 11
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Jan 4
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