Death penalty

The practice of the death penalty contradicts the right to life and the right not to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment. Consensus is growing regarding the universal abolition of the death penalty. Some 111 countries have abolished or introduced a moratorium on the death penalty in law or practice. By 2021, in the United States, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, a total of 27 states contemplated this type of punishment: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Dakota , Florida, and 19 others.

Crimes punishable by death penalty (considered in state legislation): Homicide, both people who killed their victim directly or indirectly (that is, they hired someone), rape, or trafficking large quantities of drugs, plane hijacking or in others, betrayal is also taken into account.

Some reasons to abolish the death penalty: It is irreversible and mistakes are made, it is usually used in unbiased justice systems, it does not deter crime, it is used as a political tool, it is discriminatory.

In addition to the consequences it has on people suffering from mental disorders, capital punishment has extremely worrying repercussions on the mental health of convicted people, their families and even their lawyers.

Most common methods of execution: beheading, hanging, lethal injection and death by firearm. 

Some arguments in favor of the death penalty mention that society has always used punishment to deter potential criminals from carrying out illegal actions. They also state that if some studies on deterrence are inconclusive, it is only because the death penalty death almost does not take place.


Do you agree with the death penalty? Why yes or why not?

If a person with mental problems were sentenced to death, would you agree? Why yes or why not? 


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  • Good topic choice and well done overall Elizabeth! I would like to see more history of the death penalty within your summary and also be sure to check back later on Thursday to do more commenting.

  • I feel that the death penalty does not need to be enforced because I believe that if I person really did something that horrible they should have to live their life in jail instead of getting out of years of inprisonment. I feel a person with mental problems shouldn't be sentenced to death because sometimes they can't control themsellves, or know right from wrong.

  • I agree with the dealth penalty because if you do something very bad or something then you would probably deserve to be on dealth penalty so it doesn't happen again. Some death penalty rules can be a little wierd though. I think people with mental problems shoud be on dealth penalty if they did something bad. 

  • I believe that it all depends on the situation of the crime and how bad of an offence it was and has caused. I think if they are a person with a mental problem they shouldn't just get away with it. maybe not death penelty but if their actions don't change then they could possible go through with it

  • I think that is soley depends on the situation and how extreme the crime is and to what extent it was commited. I feel like no matter what, there is always something unfair about trials and sentences that will never be resolved. It truly is a hard decision and I'm not sure what is right.

  •  I can see the death penalty can be a little extreme but it might be necessary in some situations. I believe if a person with mental problems should be given a chance to correct themselves but if their actions then maybe a death sentence could be determined. 

  • I do not agree with the death penalty because its not right to be able to decide who lives and who dies. Everyone should have the chance to be able to turn their life around. People with mental problems should be able to get the help they need instead of being killed.

  • I disagree with the death penalty because is does exactly what the criminal did. It takes away a person's American or even human right to life. Many of these  criminals would prefer to be executed so it does not create deterence. It does end more life, and normalize murder as a way to solve problems and get revenge (which may be how some of the criminals "justify" their crime). Becuase justice and revenge is such a grey area, giving life senteces without parole is a better option.

  • I believe in the death penalty but only in extreme cases where someone did something very bad on purpose. I do not think a person who has mental problems should be sentenced to death because they may not be responsible for their actions. 

  • I dont agree with the death penalty. Everyone is human, and deserves the right to live, no matter there wrongs. I dont believe anyone should be sentenced to death. They should be helped, and given time to become a better human being.

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