Show Choir

     Do you like singing?? Do you like dancing?? Than you should try show choir! Currently at Harlan Community High School we have an amazing award winning show choir. We traveled across Iowa almost every weekend during the winter to compete at competitions.   

     What is show choir? According to the website, Stage Right, “Show choir is a performance that combines choral singing along with choreography”. They always have a theme to base their show on. For example, Harlan’s show choir theme for 2024 was, The 80s. We dressed up in leotards, crimped our hair, and sang Elton John. I loved this theme. Show choir first started around the 1970s and was known as “Swing Choir”.  Show choir is mainly a midwest thing. It is not super popular around the world. It started getting attention around the 2010’s because of the TV show “Glee” 

     What is the process of making a show choir? At this high school, you are required to go through an audition process. You must, sing and dance. Then, you will get judged on how well you do and get put into a group based on your vocal range. Then, in August we go through a tough 2 day camp where we learn our choreography for the whole show. Then at practices the dances get easier and you start singing and moving around. Then we start adding our show band, and fun costumes. August-January is the learning time period. February-March is the competition period.  A whole show choir performance takes around 15 minutes.  

     This was my first year doing show choir, and I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy it. All of the time spent on practices pay off during competitions. During this season, we made finals at 2 competitions and we made history for Harlan Community High School’s Breaking Cyclence. So if you are considering trying something new and joining showchoir it will be so worth it!  





What is your opinion on show choir?

Have you ever heard of show choir before? 

Would you ever try show choir? Why or why not?  

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  • Great topic choice and well done! I do think you could have commented a few more times. +9

  • Personaly I am not a big fan of it, it just is not ment for me im not to into the signing for enjoyment. I have heard of show choir but I have not look to far into it to becuase I am jsut not interested enough. I would probaly not try it

  • I think that show choir is I good activity for those who are interested. I have heard of show choir but I have never went to watch. I don't think I would try show choir just because I don't really like singing and dancing infront of people.

  • Show choir is fun to watch, but I don't think I would ever do it. I have heard of it before because I know people that are in it. I would probably not try it because I am not a very good singer or dancer and I don't like being on stage in front of a lot of people.

  • I think show choir is fun and very entertaining to watch, but I personally wouldn't enjoy it because I'm not a very good singer. I have heard of show choir and I've seen a few performances. I wouldn't try it because it doesn't seem like something I would like.

  • I think that show choir can be fun for different people but I personally would not enjoy it. I like singing and dancing but I don't think that I could do it together, it is also a very big commitment. I have heard of show choir because I am in choir. I don't think that I would ever do show choir.

  • I wouldnt enjoy show choir but I feel it can be fun to watch sometimes and listen to. I've heard of it before but I dont ever really talk about it. I wouldnt try show choir because I dont enjoy doing things on stages and I dont think I'd be able to hit the rightnotes.

  • I don't know much about show choir and I don't know anyone in my family who has done it. I have heard of show choir before but I haven't attended one of the shows before. I probably wouldn't try it because I don't have any interest.

  • I love to watch show choir and two of my older sisters were in it but I don't think I would join it. I wouldn't be in it because I don't really like dancing, but I'm in choir.

    • Show choir is pretty fun to watch!

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