Does Trash Talk Have a Place in Sports?

Are you in sports? Do you watch or play sports? If so you’ve definitely experienced some sort of trash talking, whether it’s towards you, a teammate, or even someone on the opposing team. Maybe it’s just teams trying to have some fun, but how far is too far?


How long has trash talking been around? Trash talking has been around since the early 1970’s and continues to evolve every day in every sport. What is trash talking? According to the website, Britannica, “making insulting comments towards a team or player to intimidate them.” Trash talking is made to raise the suspense of games and increase the amount of people watching. Trashing talking originated from basketball, the actions that caused this boastful language were dunking and dribbling behind the back. Now, anything can cause someone to say something to intimidate a player. Trash talk is used in every sport, at any level.


Many think that trash talk should remain in any game/match to keep the event more entertaining to watch and to raise the stakes. The New York Times article states, “It puts more pressure on the performances of all involved, both the talker and the target, and demands to know whether they can handle that added stress and expectation”. Most athletes think that the comments made towards them are just something said in the heat of the moment, they don’t necessarily mean it in a harmful way. Some players don’t think they need to trash talk, they just need to be good at the game instead. An article on Quora about Tim Duncan states, “Timmy doesn’t care for trash talking or emotional mind games. He doesn’t engage in it. To him, it’s just a distraction that needs to be blocked out in favor of his goal: championships. Trash talk can easily tear down a person's self esteem or make them lose their love for the game.


With the details provided, trash talk is a main part in sports. Trash talk is made to get into someone's head during a big competition or even just a normal game. Some aren’t able to handle it and decide to quit playing because of it, whilst others do it in every game and plan to keep doing it until they retire. Trash talk is used in every sport, at any level.



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Questions :

Do you trash talk? If so, what kind of comments do you make?

Should trash talking stay in sports?

Do you think trash talking is useful?

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  • Love the topic and super job Kaitlynn!

  • I trash talk sometimes because it can make teams or players mad an then they might start playing worse or start making bad disisions. I think trash talk should stay in sports because it adds another chalange to stay focaused and not get frustrated with the other teams trash talk.

  • I would for sure say that I have trash talk on another team but can't remember what kind of comments I make towards them. I guess it just mostly depends on what team it is, if they are good or bad, and the uniforms. Yeah I believe that it should stay in sports because it is just funny for content if someone is recording it. 

  • I would say I've defiently done it before. should it stay I think it should I shows kind of how the other team reacts and if you even try to take it out it wouldn't work. People are still  going to trash talk no matter what. 

  • I do not trash talk because I don't think it makes a difference for me. I think it should stay in sports, though because it does help for some people. I think it can be useful if that's what makes some people perform better, but sometimes it can be taken a little too far. 

  • I have trash talked a little but not very much because usually I am worse than all the other players on the team. Yes I think trash talking should stay in sports. I think trash talking is useful because some people might use it to get into other peoples heads and make them get mad. 

  • I don't trash talk in sports because there isn't really a need for it. Trash talking isn't useful and doesn't benefit anything or anyone. I think it should be taken out because it serves no purpose and sometimes people say things that cross a line.

    • I understand, there really is no benefit for saying something disrespectful to someone.

  • I don't talk trash talk. I think that athletes should not be allowed to trash talk, it is rude to the other people/team. I can understand why people would want to trash talk, it could bring down the other player and help them win, but it is also rude to the person because they are being spoken to rudely.

    • I agree, there shouldn't be a reason to talk down to someone mid game.

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