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Gender Equality: The Wage Gap



The Problem

For hundreds of years, women have been treated as inferior to men. This hasn’t always been the case though. In the tim

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40 Replies · Reply by 5Reese 3 hours ago

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Some people say happiness is directly correlated to money, others say that you can be happy without money. Some studies have shown that money can buy happiness and other psychologists have shown that money doesn't buy happiness. What do you think?



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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the use of force and multiple other things to get some type of labor or sexual act out of a person. Men, women, and children are trafficked all throughout the world. It happens right here in the U.S. It doesn’t matter your age, r

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Was This Arrest A Set-Up?

     Greta Thunberg is a 20 year old Swedish activist who fights against climate change. She tries to reduce her carbon footprint and other peoples. Even her parents have adopted her lifestyle. At the age of 15 Thunberg attended her first protest. Sh

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Is this boy the real Ryker Webb?

I recently heard about Ryker Webb's case, and I was immediately intrigued to learn more and keep digging. Ryker Webb was a 3-year-old little boy (picture shown below) who lived in rural Montana, near the area of the 18th-mile marker of highway 56, so

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17 Replies · Reply by Mr. Bruns Jan 20

School Dress Codes

Dress codes play a big part in numerous schools in America and around the world. These dress codes make it so students do not wear inappropriate clothing. Many schools enforce stringent dress codes; however, some schools do not. Are these dress codes

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42 Replies · Reply by Mr. Bruns Jan 20

Are movie theaters dying?

They say that over the last couple of years, ever since streaming services have come out, that movie theaters are dying. Most people would rather stay home, turn on Netflix, and go to bed. But they say that this simple thing created to benefit entert

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82 Replies · Reply by Mr. Bruns Jan 20

Southwest Airline Flight Issues

 Over Christmas break, a winter storm dropped multiple feet of snow across American cities and airports. Thousands of flights were canceled, but more than 90% of cancellations were hosted by Southwest Airlines. According to flight tracking software,

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22 Replies · Reply by Mr. Bruns Jan 20
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