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March 9-13

Monday- Watch documentary about Hitler.

Tuesday- no school

Wednesday- Class sign up for next year.

Thursday- The Treaty of Versailles ended WWI. Many new countries were made after WWI. The Treaty of Versailles hurt Germany and Hitler did not like that.

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February 10- March 4


February 24

  • Political Systems
  • Dictatorship
  • Ex- Hitler
  • Can be good
  • Democracy
  • Direct

People who allow peoples opinion

Minority people get in trouble the most

  • Representative

More efficient

  • The people have a say
  • Monarchy
  • Absolute
  • Constitutional

Whose queen or queen

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March 2-6

Monday- Verbal Group Test

Tuesday- Group Essay Test

Wednesday- WWII Weapons

Thursday- Mr. Bruns talked about movies we can watch for a movie review. One of Hitler's sayings was One people, one empire, one leader. He wanted to get Germany back together.

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Feb. 24-28

Monday- New Deal Presentations Begin

Tuesday- Continuing New Deal Presentations

Wednesday- More New Deal Projects

Thursday- Mr. Bruns finishes New Deal Programs. Deficit spending is spending more money than we take in. 

  • Unemployed people- Public Works Ad
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Feb. 17 and 18

Monday- We talked about the very famous picture taken during the great depression. Dorthea Lange was the photographer that took the famous picture. Okies were the people that moved during the dust storms. Hoover struggled helping people during the gr

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