Will article 5 lead to nuclear war.

Article 5 states that an attack against one NATO member is an attack against all NAto members. NATO has taken collective defense measures on several occasions including in response to the situation in Syria and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since the attack on Polish soil, Poland now has every right within the guidelines to call on article 5. 



The Russian invasion of Ukraine has showed just how correupt and underwhelming the Russian millitary is. Russia is struggling against a 2nd world country that threw together its resistance in weeks. Russia is so under equipped that they are sending conscripts with little to no training straight into the front lines. Russia could not hope to win a conventional war against NATO’s trained and battle hardened forces. 

Russian military doctrine states that it would use any means necessary to defend its homeland and says that nuclear weapons would not be out of the question. If Russia uses nuclear weapons NATO would be forced to retaliate with its own nuclear weapons. It would mainly be Britain, France, and the US that would have to use their nuclear weapons to counter attack.  

Do you think that article 5 will lead to a nuclear WW3

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  • This is a difficult topic to get people to reply to but that is fine.  Why the huge spaces between your paragrphs? I would also lile to see you personal thoughts within your summary.

  • I honestly think if russia is going agianst Nato then there is a possibility that there could be a WW3. I hope that if this does happen that the other countires can stop it from getting to bad. Nato was put in place so this would never happen although its sad to have to think about another World war.

  • I think that Russia could be encouraging world war three by going against Nato. I hope this doesnt happen and other countires will stop it because they dont want to go to war. NATO was designed to prevent war and I think that if this is going to happen NATO will prevent a war.

  • I hope that there will not be a 3rd world war, especially a necular war. NATO was designed to prevent war after WWII and I think that another world war would be devastating for the whole world. Neclear weapons are extremelly powerful and could cause mass destruction all around the world. Even though we weren't alive during WWII, the atomic bomb that the US dropped in Germany destroyed the city and took a long time to recover. 

  • The whole idea of NATO was to prevent another world war. I feel like if they go straight to nuclear powers, even if Russia started it, then they aren't really trying to prevent one, they are really just incouraging it. I feel like they would find other ways that are less hazardous, dangerous, and better for the envorionment to stop Russia and to help the Ukraine. 

    • There is a saying: if you want peace prepare for war. The biggest reason NATO was formed was to combat the Soviet Union. SInce they is no longer a soviet union the attention is now focused on russia.

  • I don't know to be honest. Nuclear war would lead to no winner. If Russia, where to launch then nato and its allies, would launch back, and then Russia's allies would launch back at those and it would go back and forth so I'm not exactly sure if Putin is that self-centered to do that. But then again he is scared of the US because he thinks we will use black magic and genetically modified shoulders 

    • Putin has to much pride anything short of absoulute vicotry would be unacceptable in his eyes. He would use nukes if it means victory.

  • If I understand it right, then it might could lead to a world war 3. However, I really don't want that to happen. And I also think that the NATO members will be very careful with what they are doing because I think that they don't want another world war either. 

    • No one wants it to happen but the entire reason NATO was formed was to combat Russia so if on nation is attcaked by russia then NATO would have to invade.

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