2kenna replied to 5Avery's discussion Top 3 Places with the best food
"I agree with your list completely. Out off all the food my favorite would have to be mexican the spice and flavors you get from eating mexican food is amazing. I have always hade mexican food  dearing the holidays and it was a trudition I guess you…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 8Cheyenne's discussion Should the military allow women to serve in combat roles?
"I think that a women can do everything a man can if they try there hardest. If a women wants to serve in combat then should be able to now if she cant do them then I think its not for her but atleast give her the chance to show she can do it or…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 7Austin Spray's discussion Should the U.S Government regulate prescription drug prices
"I personally think that prescription drugs should be lowerd. There is alot of people sick and cant work because they dont have the meds making it harder to bring money in for there house hold. plus there are a lot of people who become even more sick…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 2 Isaac's discussion Is Daylight Saving Time Good?
"I think changing it would be good for people and what seeems to help a lot more of people out. Parents could or would probably feel a lot more better knowing that there kids who drive have less of a risk to get hurt in a accident as well.  Most…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 2Caitlin's discussion Do Zoos cause more harm than good?
"I think that yes its out of there nature but as long as there in a place that is like what they are naturaly supposed to live in, getting feed the same thing as what there body needs, and being handled the right way they should be fine. Know I also…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 7Drew's discussion Should Harlan have early outs every week?
"I think having early outs would help a student be able to get there work done and have time to be able to be a teen and go hang out with friends or family. Not only that but it might be able to help a student to be able to relax in school or make…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to Abram 7th's discussion Christmas Trees, Artifical or Real?
"I personally think aritificial trees are the way to go know I dont have one with lights that came on it, but I dont have to worry about watering the tree or picking up after that tree. I like being able to desighn it with my family and spend time…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 3Natalie's discussion Paper Straws/Plastic straws which is bettter?
"The plastic straws are able to be used more then just one time as for paper yes they decompose faster but the more there are the longer it will take. Know if you honestly think about it lets just say they take 20 min to become soggy then theres 3…"
Dec 13, 2022
2kenna replied to 5Mitchcell's discussion Should Hats Be Allowed In School?
"Ill be honest I dont disagree or agree. I can see where they could be a distraction and where kids will mess with them not pay any attention in class. I also get where kids feel more relaxed with them like there them selfs. But in a lot of schools…"
Dec 12, 2022
2kenna replied to 2Madison Thompson's discussion Should teachers get a pay raise?
"Teachers should get a payed more. yes, there the ones that choose to be in that job, but no one would be where they are at right now in today if they didnt learn or now what you learned in school because of them. Just think you wouldnt now how to…"
Dec 12, 2022
2kenna replied to 5Bailey's discussion FedEx driver kidnaps and murders a young girl.
"I think he should have have done the right thing and when he hit her with his car he should have brought heer up to the door or called an ambulance. This man did not do any of that and for not doing the right thing he should have any charges they…"
Dec 12, 2022
2kenna posted a discussion
 Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for President in 2024. With this announcement comes great hope with his , "Make America Great Again" campaign.  In many opinions and mine personally I beleve he should already be the current President…
Dec 8, 2022
2kenna replied to 5Brody's discussion should the semester test be changed?
"I personally dont think that its a tarible thing I mean its only for two days and I know people like the idea of going home and eating, but there are worse things to happen. I can see were under classmen may not like it and be mad. As older classmen…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 5EmilyL's discussion 8 Billion People, is it good or bad?
"If you look at it Honestly you cant say how meny kids you can and can't have. I think the growth is good and us as humans can adapt to any change it throws at us. Most familys you see anyway only have up to 4 kids or less. If the population was…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 2Alex's discussion Will article 5 lead to nuclear war.
"I honestly think if russia is going agianst Nato then there is a possibility that there could be a WW3. I hope that if this does happen that the other countires can stop it from getting to bad. Nato was put in place so this would never happen…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 5 Logan's discussion Equal rights equal fights
"I honestly dont think that there should be reason why they can't defend them selfs unless personal belifes my go against it or openion. Know if a female puts her hands on a man first then he should be able to defend him self just like if a man put…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 2 Zoe's discussion History of Thanksgiving
"Yes, my family and me celebrate thanksgiving every year and go around saying what we are thankfull for. My thanksgiving meal consists of mashed potatos, corn on the cob, greenbeeen casserole, turky, ham, roles, make and cheese, and pumpkin pie/…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 5Laura's discussion Controversy Of The Soccer World Cup
"I think the country is definitely making a good amount of money from the people that go and see the world cup. personally I dont watch the would cup, but from what you said I think they definitely need to learn from what had happend. although,…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 8tatum's discussion Roller Rink or Ice Rink?
"I think harlan should put in a roller rink. Theres not much to do in the small town of Harlan then to go to the movies. It gives teens the opportunty to get out and stay active. I think it would also help kids stay out of trouble and make good…"
Nov 30, 2022
2kenna replied to 5Kori's discussion Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned?
"I honestly think beauty pageants should be banned. They make a certain look for how girls should be. Girls will/would go to any langths to make that happen causing some to end up develping eating disorders, mental heath isses, and possible physical…"
Nov 29, 2022
2kenna replied to 3Mylee's discussion Should Iowa Smoking Age Be 18 Or 21?
"I don't think we should banned smoking just because there are a lot of people and familys who depend on it. I will say this though I think that it should be 18, because  when you turn 18 your an adult and I think as growing as an adult you need to…"
Nov 10, 2022
2kenna posted a discussion
 What might be suprising to some is that queen elizabeth was originaly not in line to the thrown. later in 1936 king Edward the 8th fell in love to wallis simpson.  The king at the time wanted to marry her, but she was an amercain divorced women the…
Sep 18, 2022
2kenna replied to 2MaryRuth's discussion If Teachers Can Grade Students, Can Students Grade Teachers?
"I agree that we should be able to grade teachers, I honsetly think teachers couldd use the feed back to improve there class room. I think if teachers hear or read this feed back they can improve there students school work in a way. Athough i do…"
Sep 15, 2022
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Sep 14, 2022
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