Tiktok is an app where people make many different types of videos to entertain people that watch. Tiktok is a very used app for everyone in this world. everyone uses it and there are many famous people on tiktok. It was called musically before it was renamed to tiktok. its been around for many years. A couple years ago Donald Trump tried to ban tiktok in America because the Chinese were spying on us. Donald trump could not finalize the ban on tiktok and everyone kept on using it. Tiktok is now under another cercomstance of getting banned again. Joe Biden wants to either buy out the Chinese company or put a ban on this app because of national security concerns. 

If America does buy out the company everyone will be using it without anyone supposedly spying on us. If Biden does ban the app we will never see tiktok again on anyones phone because of the ban. Biden thinks hes protecting us from the chinese when all anyones doing is just watching short funny videos.

In my opinion I don't think we should ban tiktok. I don't think the chinese are spying on us through tiktok. I think if we ban tiktok a lot of people will be mad and upset.


why would the Chinese be spying on us through tiktok?

Do you use the tiktok app if so how long a day?



cite- https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/18/tech/tiktok-ban-explainer/index.html



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  • Good job overall Brody! I would like to see your summar a bit longer and be sure to comment on three different days. It is also a week late.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not really care if China is spying on me, and I do not really see why the average person would care so much that China has meaningless data on what videos we watch on tiktok. The average person has nothing on their phones that China or any other country like them would have any use for. I'm not even one hundred percent sure that they even are spying on us through the app.

  • I haven't used tik tok for a while because of that I think that the chinese will spy on us for anything, and I think this because I have never been alive or seen a president have any good words for china or for other things surroounding them.

  • I do use tiktok, I'm not sure how long but it's about a moderate amount. I'm not on it constantly but I'm not on it for only a short amount of time. I feel like the Chinese could be spying on us for many reasons. One being why not? They could very well think that they could get some sort of insider information.

  • I personally believe that the chinese would be spying on us through any means nessicarry because we have always have a rocky realtionship with china but I think that they do use tik tok to spy on us even though we all pretty much know it.

  • I think that the chinses would be spying on us through TikTok because the US is a world superpower. If you have knowledge about the world's best country, then you can build off of it(especially military-wise). They could be making the top-secret weapons that the US makes. I am not on TikTok too much per day.

  • The Chinese could be spying on us through TikTok to maybe get more information about America and find things out. They could also be listening to where our important things are or for secrets they think we're keeping. Yes I use TikTok a lot and I use it around 2 hours a day. 

  • I personally do not know why China would want to spy on us through tik tok, but everyone has their reasoning for everything. I spend quite a lot of time on tik tok in general, but I spend most of that time at night. I usually spend anywhere from one to two hours per day on the app.

  • I don't know what kind of information they would get through tiktok. I do not use tiktok because its pointless. Its kind of annoying to see a bunch of kids sitting on a phone, not moving a muscle for hours on end scrolling through this mind melting app.

  • I don't know why they would be spying on us if they actually are but either way, I don't really care. if they want to spy on us then they will find a way to do it. i do use TikTok but I'm usually only on it at night or in the morning before school. i usually don't spend more than a about 30 to 40 minutes on average per day.

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