7Masen replied to 2Aidan's discussion Should students have open campus during semester test?
"I think sophmores should get open campus because we can actually legally drive around. though that doesn't stop the people who can't. Open campus does put the responsibility into the students hands and that could be bad, but open campus is necessary."
May 11
7Masen replied to 5Lindsey's discussion Should Photoshop be banned?
"I think it should be banned because it spreads false information. While its mostly easy to tell something is photoshoped, there are those people out their who will believe anything they see on the internet. I have never used photoshop. "
May 11
7Masen replied to 3 Weston Reisz's discussion Artificial Turf Vs. Natural Grass
"I liked playing on turf more because its always softer than regular ground and it doesn't get holes and dips as easy. The main thing about turf, though, is turf burns and how messy it can be. A rolled or sprained ankle can take you out of the game,…"
May 9
7Masen replied to 5/8Logan's discussion Are Semester Tests Necessary?
"I think, to a certain extent, semester tests are necessary. I don't think they should effect the grade as much as it does. The homework and the tests we do throughout the school year should be what shows our grade, not some test that compacts an…"
May 9
7Masen replied to 3keegan's discussion Should smoking in public be banned?
"While it hasn't really bothered me when I see people smoking in public, It should probably be banned due to it setting a bad example for children and having that smoke in the air can be pretty bad depending on how long you are breathing it in for."
May 9
7Masen replied to 7Masen's discussion Are GMO's good?
"i agree. If it was dangerous people would be less healthy or dead and it wouldn't be sold. This is why I think its weird for people to not accept something that improves our way of life."
May 3
7Masen replied to 7Masen's discussion Are GMO's good?
"I agree. GMOs are a big part of keeping our country fed. Our produce is mostly genetically modified to give us more. Most natural foods you eat have been genetically modified in a way."
May 2
7Masen replied to 7Masen's discussion Are GMO's good?
"I agree, if they weren't good for us then the companies that make them would fix the problem. There are plenty of credible sources on the internet that claim that GMOs are indeed perfectly fine."
May 1
7Masen posted a discussion
Are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) good or bad for your overall health? GMOs are genetically altered vegetables, fruits or even meat. They do this by inserting new DNA into the cells of the desired organism. Since GMOs are created only to…
May 1
7Masen replied to Sienna 8's discussion Does eating out of a plastic container affect your mental health?
"I've been eating out of plastic containers all my life and nothing is wrong with my mental health. The only way it could affect your health at all is if the plastic melts on your food or catches fire and you breath it in. I don't think I will ever…"
Apr 26
7Masen replied to 3 Avery's discussion Is Snapchat My AI useful?
"I haven't had the My AI thing so I don't really know how useful it is. I think, as long as people are carefull in the developement of artificial intelligence, itwill be a revolutionary tool that will go on to help the human race survive. I don't…"
Apr 25
7Masen replied to 3Tyler's discussion Is Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad for Society?
"I think entertainment has clouded our judgement on the usage of AI. There are a lot of movies and video games that depict artificial intelligence as evil and always wanting to take over the world or something like that, I think we'll find out what…"
Apr 25
7Masen replied to Abram 7th's discussion Project Colossal; Animal Redemption
"I don't see how this is useful for humans. While it is pretty sick to see creatures from a different earth than we are used to, it doesn't really serve a purpose for people. Just another way for businesses to make money. An animal I would want to…"
Apr 24
7Masen replied to 5Anthony's discussion Is AI Getting to Realistic?
"I believe as long as humans keep their interest in AI, it will continue to advance and the most useful tool. There are those movies that show AI taking over the world and scenarios like that but we won't know if it will get that serious until we get…"
Apr 24
7Masen replied to 2Jacob's discussion should trans people able to compete in powerlifting competitions?
"I think it would be stupid to allow trans people to be in powerlifting sports because trans dudes would just destroy any competition. It would not be far. If trans people complain how unfair it is to not allow them to compete, they should relize…"
Apr 19
7Masen replied to 6Matthew's discussion The Great Emu War of 1932
"I've known about the emu war for awhile. I don't think the way they did it was very efficient. Some people from the military put a machine gun on the back of a jeep and would go around blasting the birds. Most of them would escape due to them being…"
Apr 19
7Masen replied to 5Aubrey's discussion Is Living in the City More Beneficial than Living in the Country?
"I think living in the city is better than living in the country. You are closer to everything which saves time and money. You are closer to your friends too. Benifits to living in the country are lots of space and and sometimes no neighbors, which…"
Apr 18
7Masen replied to 7Thomas's discussion What motivates you to pay attention in school?
"What motivates me to try in school is my parents because they didn't suffer all my childhood due to me being so difficult just to be awful in school. They would also beat me if I had Fs. They get mad at me for having Cs. Having good grades is also…"
Apr 18
7Masen replied to 8 Hope's discussion Are AirPods Bad for Your Ears?
"If you are listening to very loud music through airpods too often then it can probably damage your hearing later in life. I usually wear them in study hall, long car rides and sometimes at work. It takes a long time of listening for earbuds to hurt…"
Apr 17
7Masen replied to 7Drew's discussion Should teachers be allowed to dress how they want?
"I don't think it matters what the teacher wears during class. If they are wearing the goofiest outfit, though, it could distract the class. While it seems better for teachers to wear formal clothing, I think we would still learn the same if they…"
Apr 14
7Masen replied to 5Lexy's discussion Is Being An Only Child Better Than Having Siblings?
"From my experience with siblings, it would have been much more easier and relaxing just to be an only child. All of my siblings just end up annoying me. I cant think of one good thing that they have done for me. It would probably be a lot more…"
Apr 12
7Masen replied to 5Addison's discussion Is Netflix becoming less popular?
"Netlfix is becoming less popular because they remove fantasitic movies or series from their platform. They are doing this to themselves. There are also better streaming services that update their content. I don't use netflix at all anymore."
Apr 12
7Masen replied to 2Kyrsten's discussion Should teens have to wear seatbelts?
"This law was only put in place for our safety and should be viewed that way instead of being viewed as a rule. People think its wrong to take away our own choices but there isn't anything wrong about trying to prevent daily deaths. I think, no…"
Apr 12
7Masen replied to 6 Mason's discussion Nashville School Shooting Breakdown
"I've seen a couple of videos taken by officers, through cameras on their chest, of them entering the school and checking rooms, carefully moving through the school, and when they found her on the second floor, they did not hesitate to open fire."
Apr 5
7Masen replied to 3Colton's discussion High School Sports Participation (Especially in football)
"I think as the genterations go on, people are more into sitting around playing video games and stuff instead of working hard with a team in sports. As technology gets better, so does digital entertainment, which attracts the younger generation more…"
Apr 5
7Masen replied to 5Brody's discussion Tiktok
"I don't know what kind of information they would get through tiktok. I do not use tiktok because its pointless. Its kind of annoying to see a bunch of kids sitting on a phone, not moving a muscle for hours on end scrolling through this mind melting…"
Apr 5
7Masen replied to 7 Ethan's discussion Is Single File Walking in a School Emergency Beneficial?
"I think walking in a single file line does the job just fine. It prevents kids from getting tampled on the way out and prevents doorways from getting clogged full of students. Its not like the fire is going to spread faster than you can speed walk."
Apr 4
7Masen replied to 7Zoey's discussion What is happening with malls?
"The last time I went to a mall was probably 5 years ago. Malls are now irrelevent due to online shopping and I don't think there is much we can do to help them get customers. I think in the near future, malls will be extinct. "
Apr 4
7Masen replied to 6Vylet's discussion Mississippi Tornados
"I would probably donate things like food, money, clothes. Thats what I would want anyway. I would not travel all the way down there, there are plenty of people that can step up and do that kind of stuff. I feel the most I can do is donate."
Mar 30
7Masen replied to 7Molly's discussion Banning transgenders in sports
"I think transgenders should stay in the sport of their biological gender just for fairness. If I was a woman competing in a sport I care so much about and have worked so hard on and a trans person just completely destroys the competition than I…"
Mar 30
7Masen replied to 5Lauren's discussion Should There be an Age Limit on Energy Drinks?
"I've had a couple of energy drinks in my entire life. I don't think little kids should have energy drinks, they can be hyper enough as it is. Its already not good for adults, it would be dangerous for little kids. I think the age limit should be 15."
Mar 30
7Masen replied to 7Nolan's discussion Block schedule or regular schedule
"I thought the block schedule was a little interesting because it changed things up after so long of same schedule. It also felt like the day goes faster. I'm sure, though, that given enough time, we would get sick of the block schedule too. So I…"
Mar 28
7Masen replied to 8Andy's discussion Harlan Police Department "unification"
"I feel like if this happens then there will be less law enforcement in Harlan. That could be good or bad based on who you are. I think the police situation should stay the same because it is getting rid of jobs for the cops who don't want to be…"
Mar 28
7Masen replied to 7Katie's discussion Wind Energy: Does it Really Benefit Us?
"I think wind energy is benificial to society. Proven by the fact that wind farms in Iowa are providing a substantial amount of electricity to large citys all over America. WInd turbines are placed in normally windy areas of the country, mostly the…"
Mar 23
7Masen replied to 6Emercyn's discussion Standardized Testing
"I don't think they are supposed to help us learn, they are to see how well we are absorbing what is taught to us. I think standardized tests are more organized and efficient than sample tests, but sample tests don't last quite as long and I'm all…"
Mar 22
7Masen replied to 6Harrison's discussion Should Concealed Carrying be Legal?
"I think concealed carry should be legal because it provides incredible self defense. There are plenty of instances where people are getting mugged on the street and they just pull out a gun and the situation is resolved. I would conceal carry when…"
Mar 22
7Masen replied to 7ColtonS's discussion Is it appropriate to teach religion in schools
"I think it should be an optional elective so the students that have a religion can have a class and the students that don't have a religion don't get it forced upon them. If you are that worried about religious schools, though, than there is always…"
Mar 20
7Masen replied to 2Dixi's discussion Should Homeless People Have Pets?
"I think they should because sometimes, that pet is the only they have left and therefore the only thing they care about. It would be very unkind to take that away from them. It probably mentally helps them to have a living thing with them as well."
Mar 20
7Masen replied to 6LaurenLemrick's discussion should we limit how much screen time students use at school?
"I like paper assignments more. I don't think shools should limit technology use because as time has gone on more and more technology is being invented and I feel its only here to make certain aspects of life easier, including school. There will be…"
Mar 16
7Masen replied to 8 Paige's discussion Public School Lunch Costs.
"I think if the quality of food goes up, than the amount of money they cost should to. but as of now, its a little expensive for what we are putting into our bodies. I don't think free lunches are necessarily a good thing for the school because its…"
Mar 16
7Masen replied to 7Ivy's discussion Should School Be Online?
"I don't think school should be online. School is the main way kids make friends because they see other poeple at school. I think it would be easier and more effective to learn from a teacher than a computer. My biggest complaint would not being able…"
Mar 15
7Masen replied to 5John's discussion Is Becoming Vegan Pointless?
"I think its pointless to become vegan. They are not providing the important nutrition that comes from meat to their bodies. they feel bad that animals are dying on a massive scale, but its just a part of life. Preditors like wolves and tigers don't…"
Mar 14
7Masen replied to 3Kendall's discussion Should Vaping and E-cigarettes be banned?
"I think banning anything to do with smoking will increase the health of the population. By making the vapes flashy and flavorful, I think companies are targeting kids. They do it because its easy to persuade children into that kind of stuff. I don't…"
Mar 14
7Masen replied to 5 Lance's discussion Should farmers be put out of work to help solve Climate Change?
"I don't think putting one of our main sources of food and trade is a good idea. Changing the equipment we use to electric is on the table, but there are better ways to slow climate change. Electric vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines, etc. are…"
Mar 8
7Masen replied to 2Aidan's discussion Should the driving age be lower?
"I think its fine where its at. I here about enough people around my age crashing anyway. Raising it would be a problem for kids who are in sports or whose parents are busy all the time because they won't have a ride to school or school activities…"
Mar 7
7Masen replied to 3 Avery's discussion Should School be Year-Round?
"I think we should stick to the traditional school year because nonstop schooling would make kids too tired and they wont be focused for the next year. Summer is a time for students to rest and refresh their minds. I think kids would also hate school…"
Mar 7
7Masen replied to 6Annelyse's discussion Is there ever a point when stealing is justified?
"Legally, it is never justified, but if your trying to feed your family or provide for them in any other way then mabye its not the most terrible thing to do on the planet. Then again, if you take care of your responsibilities in life you shouldn't…"
Mar 6
7Masen replied to 7Austin Spray's discussion South Korea plans to heal forces labor feud with japan
"I think any mending between countries in todays society is good for the overall relationship between countries. I do believe Japan owes at least this for Korea. I don't think another war is needed, especially while Biden is in office."
Mar 6
7Masen replied to 2Alex's discussion Does Biden care more about his world image than the US
"I don't think biden makes any decisions by himself and does whatever the democratic party tells him to do. When I see videos of him giving speaches, you can clearly see him reading a note card. He's always fumbling words and is just overall clueless."
Mar 2
7Masen replied to 8Cayden's discussion Should passing periods be longer?
"I think 4 minutes is a solid comprimise between the people who want 5 minutes and the people who want 3 minutes. The extra minute should be enough time for people to walk across the school, go to the bathroom or fill up a large waterbottle."
Mar 2
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