New Student Guide

New Student Help Guide

1. Go to and sign up for my website.

2. Your username(Full name) should start with the number from the period you have my class followed by your name. For example, 4Tom.

3. Fill out all the info it asks of you. Use your school gmail account for email and use your school password as well.

4. Once done signing up, I will have to accept your membership.

5. Once I do that, go to the CWI, US History, or World History link at the top of the page and click to join that page.

6. Now you have access to my entire website.

1. A Weekly Blog each week in class starting on Monday. The title of your Weekly Blog should be Week of August 18-22 as an example. Each week is worth ten points. Click here to go to the Blog page.

Here is a link that provides tips:

2. On average, five quality forum post replies/comments per week(2 points each).  I grade these every three weeks so you really need to have fifteen done every three weeks. Click here for the Forum.

3. An assigned blog when assigned(usually 30 points). They are assigned out on Mondays and due the following Sunday night at 11:59 PM. We usually have blog discussion(20 points) on Monday where students discuss their blog topic. The expectation for blog discussion is that you don't read info from your blog.
Go to this link for tips:

Here is a link to all my class info:


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