Should teachers be allowed to dress how they want?

Within schools, the requirements for the dress code is much stricter for teachers than the students. Students can wear jeans, shorts, sweats, and really anything within the restrictions. Teachers must dress themselves nicely and present themselves in a formal way everyday. The question that I now think about is, is it right to make them dress up every day?

There are several reasons that people believe teachers should dress up every day, but on the other hand, some other people find it unfair, and think it isn’t right to force them to dress up when students don't have to. The pros to having a teaching dress up professionally everyday is the look it portrays. Students and even other guests who see teachers should be impressed and pleased with the looks of the teachers attire. Some would almost find it inappropriate to allow teachers to dress in sweats, or jeans every day. Another pro to having teachers look professional daily is the way a class responds. A classroom is more likely to respond to a teacher who is well dressed and looks their act rather than a teacher who almost looks bummish. 

Those who would disagree would have an argument as such. Some feel that the more comfortable a teacher is, the better the teaching overall would be. Some feel that a teacher could have a better effect on students depending on how comfortable they are feeling. Other would also claim that students would not even notice the attire of a teacher. They say it isn’t a big deal and teachers should be able to be happy and comfortable just like the students are. 

Overall it is a good debate, and has some sides to each argument. But, I personally think that teachers should still have to dress professionally. I think that they are getting paid to go and teach and the least they can do is decently dress up. Besides, a nice polo and some pants are not what I would consider super fancy either. I think the jeans on Friday is a great bonus, and that should be kept within the school. 

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  • Glad you got this posted! Good summary! It is late and you should have replied more to students.

  • I don't think it matters what the teacher wears during class. If they are wearing the goofiest outfit, though, it could distract the class. While it seems better for teachers to wear formal clothing, I think we would still learn the same if they wore comfortable clothing.

  • I think teachers should be able to wear whatever they want when they want since it is thier job and becuase its unfair for us to wear clothes that we want and like but the teachers are not aloud to wear something to their own job.

  • I feel like teachers should be able to wear jeans whenever, as long as they are still "formal" and not ripped or baggy looking. I think they should only be able to wear polos/nicer shirts unless it's a special day because as you stated, they are paid and told to dress nicely, and it's their job.

  • In my personal opinion, I believe that teachers should be able to wear whatever they want within reason. Obviously since they are holding a professional position interacting with and influencing the youth of the nation, they should be expected to dress in a professional sense. But, I have never been affected by what a teacher wears.

  • I think that teachers should be able to wear what they want. I do get why they don't get to because it's supposed to be a professional job. I think that teachers should be able to express themself how they want to.

  • I do not think I have a strong opinion on how teachers should dress. I have never been offended by a teacher's attire before. I wouldn't say every teacher dresses super strictly, and I don't think it disrupts the teaching whatsoever. I've seen teachers in sweats, jeans, hoodies, etc. I think the key to being a good teacher is having mutual respect between students and teachers. You can be laxer with your students and have it not be out of control if your students respect you. 

  • I think there should be a dresscode that only enforces that it is professional attire. It is their job where they are employed to be professional and teach children. I've never seen a truly professional workplace that allows you to wear sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt.

  • I think that the teachers should dress how they want to. But if they wear sweats and a sweatshirt that is unprofessional. They should be able to wear jeans any day they want. The students don't really care about how they dress so their dress code shouldn't be very strict.

  • I think that teachers should be able to dress how they want because they should be able to dress how they feel because dressing up is a way to express your personality and show other kids that there are no limitations on what you can wear.

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