Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, has just recently shared his thoughts on the major topic of climate change. Most people know that this is one of The Biden Administration's main focuses. Elon Musk agrees with them as far as the fact that Climate Change is real and that we need to do something about it. However, he does not want to go about it the same way. 

Many people who live in urban areas believe that farming is a main cause of Climate change. They think that the fertilizer we use harms the environment. They also believe that livestock is releasing a high amount of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These may be partially true, but Elon Musk does not think that eliminating these problems is the right way to get rid of climate change.

Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla. He started this business to get more electric cars on the road. His idea behind this was that electric cars do not release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Elon Musk thinks that this is one way to help reduce climate change without hurting the farmers.

Personally, I do not think that the electric cars will make climate change any better. They cause many more bad gases to be released in the making and disposing of the batteries for these cars. However, I do appreciate Elon Musk sticking up for the farmers. He realizes that if the farming industry gets restrictions, the country will very likely run out of food. 


Do you believe in Climate Change?


Is putting farmers out of work the right way to fix Climate Change?




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  • Good topic choice but much of your summary is about Elon Musk. Be sure to comment back on three different days.

  • I believe in climate change but i don't think putting farmers out of work is the way to fix it. Electric cars are no better than gas cars in the 'green sense'. if farmers would stop farming we would run out of food and resources, which is not only a way to "stop climate change", but to end the human race.

  • I do think that Climate Change is real and should be addressed, however, electric cars are just as harmful to the environment due to the discarding of the batteries and depending on how the electricity is made. If they want us to stop farming we can stop and see how much they like that after a year.

    • I agree with you. If the government really thinks that it will work, then we can all stop farming and collect governent checks for unemployment. We will then see what happens. Eventually, the country will run out of food and the government will then be blaming the farmers saying its our fault.

  • I believe in climate change but I don't think that it is something our generation has to worry about because it isn't affecting the world that much currently. I don't think that putting farmers out of work is the right way becasue some things that cause climate change are just natural.

    • I agree that it is not something that our generation has to worry about. It really isn't affecting us a whole lot right now. The places that are being affected are big cities. This means that there is no way that farmers are causing all of this because the smog and pollution is not in rural areas. It is all in urban areas.

  • I don't think putting one of our main sources of food and trade is a good idea. Changing the equipment we use to electric is on the table, but there are better ways to slow climate change. Electric vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines, etc. are good energy sources.

  • Personally, I fully believe in climate change and think in the near future something has to be done about it. But, I think it's unfair to only single out farmers and how they do their job. There are many different causes of climate change. If experts determine farmers changing how they do their job will help fight against climate change, then I think it should be done. I don't think its right to put farmers out of jobs because what they do is important. 

  • I think that's taking farmers out of work wouldn't help or change climate change. We mostly get food from them and if we don't have any farmers then we won't be able to have food. Elon Musk is trying to help but don't you think what it takes to install the charging port and everything like that?

    • I agree that Elon Musk must have not considered all of the cons to the electric cars. I think that he means well, but those cars are actually worse for the environment then the regular self combution vehicles. The charging ports, batteries, and the generating of all the energy to power these electric cars is all not good for the environment either.

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