O.J Simpson

Orenthal James Simpson was born July 9th 1947, He was a professional football player he played for the Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. In College he started acting and he was a very popular actor. After his football career he became a football comentator and acted. In 1985 he married his wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

After nine years of marriage Nicole called the police and in the phone call she is heard saying that he broke into her house and wouldn't leave. Nicole hangs up on the police next thing we know is that Nicole is dead and her friend Ron Goldman. OJ then lead police on a "chase" it wasn't a very fast chase but he had a gun in the car and was planning on taking his own life he then stopped and was taken into custody. There was a trial and he was seen as not guilty in the criminal case.

After the trial he moved into a walled estate and lived off his football pension to make money he also wrote a book called "If I did it" which was how he said he would commit the murders if it was him that did it. Later in his life people speculated that he was in hopice care for cancer he denied all of those rumors and on April 10th 2024 he passed away.


Do you think O.J committed the murders?

Have you seen any of O.J's movies?

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  • I think that O.J. SImson committed the murders. I have not seen any of the movies that he has been in. Even if he didn't kill those people, he is still a criminal, there are other crimes that he committed.  I also think that the book that he wrote is a little suspicious.

  • I do think OJ commited these murders, and decided not to take his medication so the gloves didnt fit. I havent ever seen the OJ movies but I bet they would be very interesting to watch. I know Mr. Bruns followed him on Twitter now X and liked what he had to say.

  • I am assuming he did because a case that big they can usally figure out who did it pretty easy. And with someone as famous as him they normally use the best of the best investigators. I dont think I have seen any of his movies.

  • I'm not sure if he did it or not but based on what I've seen the glove didn't fit his hand but I have seen videos saying that he didn't take his medications to make his hands swell up causing the gloves not to fit. 

  • I am not sure if he commited the muders but however it would make sense if he did with all the evidence. I have never seen nor been intersted in watching his movies I do not hear much about them. 

  • With all of O.j's Movie I never even seen any of his movie that were called things and I usally do like to watch a lot of movie but O.J s when he was in it I sometime wanted go to can see how it movies started and ended too.

  • I think he did becuase of the things and theorys that ive heard its a big topic, I havent not seen any of his movies i didnt know he had movies and or anthing like that, But ive seen his trail becuase of how interesing it is as well as the lawyer 

  • I am not sure if he commited the murders or not. However, it is hard to believe that it would be anyone else, especially with all of the evidence they got from his trial. I have not ever seen any of the O.J. Simpson movies but I would be interested in watching them to learn more.

  •  I 100% think that O.J. committed the murders, I feel like it was very obviously him who killed his ex-girlfriend and her friend. I've heard of O.J. Simpson and Iv'e seen a couple of clips from his trial. He seemed guilty, there was a lot of evidence pointing to him. I think the only reason he got off the hook, was because of his fame in football and as a popular celebrity figure. 

  • I have never seen any of the O.J. movies I have not seen any previews or trailers to see what the movies are about so I have no clue what to expect. I also think that O.J. did not murder anyone. Because there was not evidence pointing to the fact that he killed them. 

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