Medical Aid in Dying (MAID)

(MAID) stands for Medical Aid in Dying and it also means medical assistance in dying.  Medical Aid in dying is defined as a widely supported end-of-life option that provides dying people with peace of mind and comfort during a difficult time. Some people compare MAID to “assisted physician suicide” but most would say it’s not the same. 

1 in 5 Americans currently have access to MAID but only 11 areas of the US allow MAID. A lot of people ask if MAID is a good idea. One side thinks it's a good idea because you won’t have to continue to pay for unnecessary medical bills for someone that is not going to get better. And it helps people with long term disabilities, not have to go through life with that disability. 

The other side would argue that it is immoral and unethical to end people's lives because they have a disabling condition. They have just as much of a right to a long life as the rest of us. To be eligible for this, you have to be 18+, terminally ill (6 months left to live or less), mentally incapable of making their own decisions, and you have to be able to take the pill yourself. 

I believe that this should only be allowed if they are ill, and not going to live for very much longer. I don’t think people with mental disabilities should be able to do this, because they won’t even know what they are taking when you ask them to take the pill. 

Do you think MAID should be allowed to all people that are eligable right now?

What do you think the eligablilty should be?

Do you think this is immoral and unethical for mentally ill people?

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  • Very well done Grace! I would like to see you reply back on three different days. It was posted a bit late. +5 new topic

  • I think that it depends on someones beliefs, an if are are religious you think that your body is God's body and he doesn't want someone to kill themselves and will die on his terms. I think that their shouldn't be a MAID because people that have depression can walk in and say im really sik or something and just get a free pass to kill themselves.

  • I think that it really depends on you beliefs. If you are very religious and believe that God put you on the earth and that you should live your life until he's ready for you to come back, then obviously you don't believe in it. But some thought processes could be that you're going to die eventually why not now?

  • I think that it should be allowed because I would rather be dead than be a vegetable for 6 months. The eligibility should stay the same; I think this is perfectly moral and ethical. No one should have to live like a vegetable, they would much rather die. If you couldn't move/think, would you want to live for another 6 months?

    • I agree that I wouldn't want to be a vegetable, because it seems like it would be tough to do.

  • I think that MAID should be available because if you have an illness that isn't ever going to get better I don't see why you should have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on treatments when you're just going to die. I don't think it's immoral or inhumane for this to be an option for terminally ill people.

    • I agree that it should be allowed for people with an illness.

  • I feel as if MAID could be used for people who are older, and it just helps the old people finally stop their suffering. Everyday elderly people have joint problems, back problems, bad lungs, bad hips, and so many other things. Personally it should be someones choice because you can't always stop someone from hurting themselves.

    • I agree that it is good for people if they are suffering.

  • I think that MAID should be allowed to mostly everyone that is eligible right now. I really don’t know what the eligibility should be or can be. I think that a lot of people have a lot of different medical stuff. I think that it is unethical because that shouldn’t be an option.

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