Legalization of marijuana

Marijuana, pot, or “weed” has been widely illegal in the united states since 1937, even though the American medical association had objections because of marijuana's medical positives. Many Americans viewed pot in a bad light, partially due to prejudice towards Mexican immigrants in the 1910s who used marijuana, according to Eric Schlosser in an article for The Atlantic, “Police officers in Texas claimed that marijuana incited violent crimes and arose a lust for blood, giving it’s user superhuman strength.” This obviously wasn’t true, but rumor spread that Mexican immigrants were giving “killer weed” to American school kids. Marijuana is not all that toxic to the body and has medicinal benefits, it is used to soothe migraines, insomnia, and stomach aches. It can also treat and reduce seizures and works as a painkiller without causing dependence and there is no such thing as a marijuana overdose, in fact when compared to alcohol, alcohol kills more than 140,000 people each year due to overconsumption, while marijuana kills absolutely none. Regardless of all the benefits, marijuana was effectively banned nationwide in the 1937 “Marijuana tax act”. Punishment for possession of marijuana would continue to get worse until the 1970s when most states made their disciplines lighter. However, it is still considered a schedule 1 substance, in the group as much harsher drugs like heroin and methamphetamine.

Counter argument: Smoking marijuana is still inhaling smoke, which isn't good for your lungs. The drug of marijuana isn't harmful in itself, but the smoke inhalation is just the same as smoking a cigarette, or vaping, although cigarettes still have nicotine and vapes have more harmful chemicals. There are also vaping products that contain marijuana. This is why smoking marijuana should be illegal under the age of 18, although there are other methods of consuming marijuana such as edible products like chocolates or gummies, these are often disguised like other products such as Trolli gummy worms or nerds rope. I believe these products should be much more clearly labeled and not disguised as children's products to avoid children from consuming them.

Now, marijuana is legalized for medicinal use in 29 states, and legal for recreational use in 8 states, recently president Biden granted a pardon to those who were caught with simple marijuana possession, stating “No one should be in jail for simply using or possessing marijuana.”.  I believe recreational marijuana should be legalized for all over the age of 18 across the entire united states.


What do you think?

Should marijuana be legalized nationwide for recreational use?


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  • While this is a week late, you picked a good topic and did a good job on it!!

  • I think that marijuana should be leagalized for medical use. People who use it for medical use get good outcomes for it and it helps with pain. I don't think that it should be leagalized for "fun". It may allow teens to get it much easier. It may also cause many to get addicted to it. 

  • I think marjiuana should be leagalized for all uses as long as you are 18 or older. It helps calm nerves and helps some people focus. Marijuana can not make you overdose whatsoever. Unlike other drugs it is one of the safest drugs.

  • I think marijuana should only be legal for medical use, not for recreational use. It can get dangerous if not administered by a professional. Many people take advantage of it, and that leads many people to overdose or be put in a dangerous situation because of overuse, but it can be good for medical purposes.

  • I think that marijuana should be legalized for medical use to help with that.  I think they should just have a card so that they can get it so not just anyone can buy it and abuse the use of the privilege.  I think that they could legalize marijuana. 

  • I do not think marijuana should legalized nationwide because people will use it in the wrong way in my opinion. People are always gonna find a way to get their hands on it but legalizing it would not do a lot of good. 

  • I think that marijuana should be legalized nationwide because it can help with mental health. But there would be that one person that would utiliz it in the worng why and abuse it.

  • I think the Marijuana should be legalized up to a certain extent, I believe that it shouldn't be given to anyone under the age of 18 as it can contribute to slowing brain growth in certain regions of the brain if done excessively in minors. However, if it is given to adults and it doesn't become an issue of everyone is high now, I think it would work out, but only time can tell

  • I think that it should be legalized because it has the health benefits. It's not supposed to be addicting but some people can. That's when they need help and should stop. Obvisouly inhaling smoke ins't good for you but you know that risk. It's also a plant like it comes from the ground can it really be that bad.

  • .I think that marijuana should be legalized but controlled. I believe that Canada has it legalized and the government makes money off the sale of it. If the US uses this it would be a positive use as it is being used regardless of legalization and it just hurts the government.

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