Do Video Games Cause Violence?

People (mostly parents) are concerned that violent video games cause kids to be more aggressive. Everytime a school shooting happens, there is a great number of people who would find out that he or she would play violent video games and put the blame on a popular entertainment system while completely ignoring anything else that could have caused this person's emotions.


An example of people blaming video games would be the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. The gunman killed 22 people and injured 24 others. People believed that his actions were a reference to video game soldiers so politicians were quick to blame vidoe games for this incident. As people did more reserch on the man, they found out that it was motiviated by ethnic hatred from the “hispanic invasion of Texas.”

There has been plenty of research about the effects of video games on children and it proves that it doesn’t “melt their brain” or activate any violence in them. It is said that playing video games can increase the amount of grey matter in the brain. Gray matter is associated with muscle control, memories, and perception. Playing video games also contributes as a method of dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress by acting as a destraction from mental problems.


Do you think playing video games Causes violence?

Have you noticed when people blame video games for violent incidents?,traumatic%20stress%20disorder%20(PTSD).'s%20gray%20matter.&text=Studies%20have%20shown%20that%20playing,perception%2C%20and%20spatial%20navigation.)

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  • Great topic choice Masen! I would like to see you expand more on the research on the imapct of videogames as well as adding in your thoughts and opinions as well. Be sure to reply back more than two times(I agree does not count).

  • Video game is for pure enjoyment and not vioence, if you get the lesson of vilonce instead of having fun, you probably should not play it. People play video games because they are made for entiranment perpouses, 

  •  I don't think that video games themselves cause all the violence that goes on in today's world. It might have an affect on the way people act in the real world but that is not the video games fault it is the person that is messed ups fault. They should be able to handle it if theyre gonna play it.

  • I personally don't think that video games are the main source of violence in the world. Although some people think it may be the cause of that I think that number is very low. I think that video games main purpose is for peoples own entertainment and not to cause violence in any way.

  • I do not think think that video games is a main source for causing violence. However, there are some people that this may affect. Personally, I think that video games are strickly meant for entertainment, and not to create any violence.

  • I personally do not believe that violent video games cause violence. I feel that the violent nature of some video games has led them to be an easy scape-goat for violent events. I think that video games are simply just a means of entertainment for the youth that the older generation doesn't fully understand. 

  • I do not think that it causes violence games have had violents for the longest time.  But if you are young like 10 i think it is not the best for them to play stuff like that.

  • I don't know entirely. We will probably need to go into more of a psychological approach and study the children/teens that do play violent games. When it come to violence, normally to me, there isn't any relation to video games in crimes or violent incidents.

  • Video games do not cause violence. Video games have been violent since the dawn of video gaming. Take for example 007: Golden Eye. It was an extremely graphic game for back then on the N64. People fell in love with the game, and there was no significant rise in crime due to people playing this game. It's the same as how mother's in the 80s were mad at rock artists for including swears and graphic imagery in them.

  • I personally do not believe that video games cause violence. I feel that this is generally the excuse of why parents do not allow their children to play video games because they "cause violence". Yes, I understand how many video games have violence in them. 

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