Assisted Suicide? Ok or not ok?

 Do you think assisted suicide should be illigal or legal? 

Imagine being a person with a disease that has no cure? Would you be the kind of person to suffer through it? Or be the person who would want their suffering to end?

Defenition of Assisted Suicide:


  1. the suicide of a patient suffering from an incurable disease, effected by the taking of lethal drugs provided by a doctor for this purpose.

Assisted suicide is when someone with an incurable disease is medically put to death with the use of euthanasia. There are several types of Euthanasia including, Active, Passive, Voluntary, Involuntary, Self-administered, Assisted, and many more. The 4 most common methods used are; Active, Passive, Voluntary, and Involuntary. Active euthanasia is “killing a patient by active means, for example, injecting a patient with a lethal dose of a drug.” Passive euthanasia is “intentionally letting a patient die by withholding artificial life support such as a ventilator or feeding tube.” Voluntary euthanasia is used “with the consent of the patient.” Involuntary euthanasia is used “without the consent of the patient for example, if the patient is unconscious and his or her wishes are unknown.”


There are very few states that allow Medically - Assisted Suicide. In 2019, There were only 9 out of 50 US states that have decided that Assisted suicide should be legal. In 2022, 9 states (CA, CO, HI, ME, NJ, NM, OR, VT, and WA) and DC legalized physician - assisted suicide via a legislation. Only 1 state (MT) has legal physician-assisted suicide via court ruling. There are currentally 0 Federal Laws that contain anything about euthanasia and assisted suicide. These kinds of laws are left up and handled at state level.

 Personally, I think that assisted suicide should be legal. If I were to be a person that had a disease that had no cure, I would not want to suffer if I didnt need to. 




Extra Info: If you are interested to see a timelines and charts of different states laws on PAS (Physican-Assisted Suicide) visit theses links:,after%20ingestion%20of%20the%20medication



Do you think that it should be illigal or legal? 

If you had an incurable disease would you want to be euthanized?

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  • Great topic and well done summary Tara! I do think you could have replied back a few more times.

  • I think that it depends on what the desease is because if it is a disease that isn't hurting you then you shouldn't be able to do it. But if it is a disease that is hurting you and puting you in pain then yes I think it should be legal. If I were suffering from a disease that put me in constant pain without a cure then I would probably want to do this.

  • I believe that assisted suicide should be legal if you're old or just sick and won't get better and you find no point in living then you should be allowed to kill them if it is within their wishes. if they know they're never getting better and want to die then let them. 

  • In a certain case I do think it should be legal. If the person says its okay, and they are in serious pain and there is no cure, then yes I believe they should be able to end it if they so choose. Saying that, if a person simply just knew there was no cure and is in no pain, just knows their going to die, then no, I feel they should not. There is no reason to really end your life if it is not giving you constant pain.

  • I feel like if the person with the disease is in lot's of pain and gives permission it's ok. Only in the special exception that it's painful to live. If someone just wants to die because they know they'll die eventually from the disease then it shouldn't be permitted they should still go out and live the life they have.

  • I think that it should be legal for assited suicide.Becasue the doctor should feel like he has done something have to have them get assited suicide. 

  •  I think that is should be legal for assisted suicide. I think that the doctor should feel terrible knowing what they did but, it is the same thing as DNR(Do not resesetate). Everyone should have the right to be euthanized but, personally I would not want to do that.

  • I think asisted suiside should be legal depenting on the condition of the person. If I had an uncurable desease that caused me to have to stay in a hospital for the rest of my life then I would want to be euthanized because it would not be fun to sit in a hospital day and night knowing you never get to leave.

  • In my opinion, assisted suicide should be illegal. If they find a friend and they don't want to be here anymore, they should try some therapy lessons. Everyone is here for a reason, they matter. If I was very sick and it was causing me so much pain, I still would choose to live. I have a reason to live, and I should not help someone who believes they don't. Everyone matters.

  • In my opinion, assisted suicide should be legal. It should be the person's choice whether they want to continue living with this pain and illness or not. They are the ones who need to be living under these circumstances, so they also should be able to decide. 

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