2Emanuel replied to 2Annabelle's discussion The Black Ariel Controversy
"I feel like disney made a good choice adding another black princess. Growing up your used to seeing only white characters it felt like the movies where trargeted towards just white audiences. Its nice to see disney adding more diversity and I hope…"
Sep 29, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 5Audrey's discussion Should students have to take a foreign language class?
"I feel like the school should atleast require 2 years of foreign languege that gives you enough that you can kind of understand it and it doesn't push it. I feel like 2 years is an appropriate amount of time for a foreign languege"
Sep 29, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 2Isabella's discussion Should schools have uniforms?
"I think Schools shsould not have school uniforms I understand at a private school but public education is free people are allowed to wear what they want. Some kids care a lot about what they wear and wearing a school uniform could make some kids…"
Sep 29, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 7 Ethan's discussion Do Electric Vehicles Reduce The Risk Of Climate Change?
"I think electric vechiles is pretty good for the enviorment it would be better than most of the cars being used today. And it seems theres only good things in store for the future of electric vechiles as they keep getinng designed and created better."
Sep 22, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 7 Tara's discussion Assisted Suicide? Ok or not ok?
"I feel like if the person with the disease is in lot's of pain and gives permission it's ok. Only in the special exception that it's painful to live. If someone just wants to die because they know they'll die eventually from the disease then it…"
Sep 22, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 2Jadyn's discussion Should Teachers Be Aloud To Say "no" To Using The Bathroom
"I don't think teachers should say no to using the bathroom. It's a basic human right. What are students supposed to do if they ask their teacher and they get told no. Unless the teacher know's for a fact their going to do something else other than…"
Sep 22, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 2Hailey's discussion Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons
"I don't think any guns should be allowed on campus teacher or student. Guns in mass areas isn't a good idea unless your a trained officer. You never know the intention of humans. Being a teacher doesn't make you  automatically trustworthy. "
Sep 22, 2022
2Emanuel replied to 5Lindsey's discussion Should schools use tablets or textbooks?
"I would rather use a tablet then a textbook. I feel like it would be more neat and efficent. If someone forgets one textbook their whole day is in troublr but if you have everything on tablet you won't have to worry if you forgot your book your…"
Sep 22, 2022
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Sep 1, 2022
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