Wind Energy: Does it Really Benefit Us?

Wind energy is used by large wind turbines that catch the wind and convert it into electricity. It is just another form of reusable energy. Some uses of renewable energy are based on how the land is. Though there are many different views of wind energy, there are definite pros and cons.


Advantages of wind energy include free fuel, one of the cleanest forms of energy, advances in technology, doesn’t disrupt farmland operations, and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.


What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are formed naturally in the earth. The main fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. Burning fossil fuels can lead to carbon dioxide production.


Though it may say it is free fuel, there has to be wind in order for the turbines to move and create energy. There are many turbines out there that lead to a standstill if the sky is flat with no wind. Wind turbines take up space within a field, though people get paid for putting wind turbines on their land, does that money truly add up to lost crop? 


Not only are there advantages, there are disadvantages to wind turbines. Some disadvantages include being dangerous to wildlife, noisy, expensive up front, and being unreliable or unpredictable.


Birds and bats may fly into the blades of the wind turbines. The birds and bats eventually die. Though you may not hear them, you can definitely see how there are ways to annoy anyone. The farmers’ whose land it is on. It still needs a road to get to the turbine in case of an emergency or it needs to be fixed.


Driving on the road, you will see a lot of these wind turbines. I have noticed a few of them look burnt or charcoaled. Somehow, the wind turbines are able to leak some sort of material to somehow catch fire or to just look burnt. 


I believe that some of the wind turbines should be taken down, or we should just get rid of them. You have to have windy days in order to make any energy. There is also a lot of farmland that could be broken down or ran over in order to get to the wind turbines.


Do you think wind energy benefits us?

What are your thoughts on the use of wind turbines?

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  • Good topic choice! +5 The way you have your summary spread out makes it a bit more difficult to read. Also be sure to list your sources. You also didn't reply to any student comments.

  • I think wind energy has both advantages and disadvantages. Depending on how long they have been producing wind energy for decides how useful they really are. If it costs a big chunk of money just to build it and it makes up for half of that money in so many years, is it really beneficial? I think it depends on how you look at it.

  • I believe that wind energy has had a positive impact on the environment. I think its clean energy that is used for many things, and it is very efficent. Wind energy is one of if not the most cost efficent ways to make energy. I think it is good because if is good energy without putting a bunch of bad things in the air.

  • I think that wind energy does benefit us because it is a somewhat clean source of energy. The energy itself is clean, but disposing of the turbine itself takes DECADES at least to decompose if it is not recycled. Most of them aren't, they just sit in junkyards for years upon years.

  • no it makes way to much noise and is very spacios and honestly is the last legs for green energy enthusiasts to not go nuclear  i think compared to other options its just a mild sugesstion but thats my opinion i also think pandas shouldnt be saved so what do i know right?

  • In my personal opinion, I do think that wind energy has greatly benefited society as a whole. I think that wind energy is easily one of the most cost effective ways to create energy without also destroying our environment in doing so. I think that wind turbines are a great investment. 

  • Wind energy does benefit us greatly, especially in the sector of green and renewable energy. Wind is a cost effective way to create electricity. There are some disadvantages such as noise and someone's view from their house or the landscape. I think wind turbines should be used to help our country rely on more renewable energy.

  • I believe that wind turbines are helpful, it is a clean form of energy and, we aren't using fossil fuels. Using fossil fuels can result in climate change and other issues for the planet. Though there are disadvantages to wind turbines I think that it's the most proficient form of clean energy that we have out right now. 

  • While I personally think wind energy benefits everyone making a clean form of energy it isn't as effective as some may say. I think the use of wind turbines should be used later when humnaity gains an extremely high surplus of food and then we can use the land for energy once oil is less common in the future. 

  • I think wind turbines are usefull, but I dont think they are the most efficiant way to get energy. I think there are many benifits of wind turbines and I think we get most of the menifits where we live. I also think when the wind turbines are out of dat their is a lot of trash left over.

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