Why aren't kids being taught cursive anymore?

The concept of writing in cursive came from the ancient Romans when in the 5th century they started writing in “flowed like modern cursive”. People that were in different professions would write differently, the same as men and women. 

In 2010 they dropped the requirement to teach students cursive. Since we have computers and we can just type out the words there was no need to be writing in different fonts and styles. Then we started practicing in school how to type fast and accurately. 

Writing in cursive is faster when you actually know how to write in it. It offers a life skill for students that can help with note taking, test taking and motor skills. Except for students who are just being tested on if they know the information, not on how they are writing. Researchers have found that writing by hand in general can help you recall what you are writing about. People are worried that when we get older we won’t be able to sign our name which commonly is in cursive, but print is acceptable. 

I think that it would be important for us to know how to write and read in cursive but if we don’t it’s not going to affect us greatly. 


Do you think it should still be required to be taught cursive?


Do you remember how to write in cursive?

Should Schools Bring Back Cursive Handwriting? | Reader's Digest


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  • Great topioc choice Kyrsten! I do think your summary could be longer. Also be sure to reply back to student comments more frequently.

  • I think that cursive shoud not be required to be taught in school. I think that cursive handwriting is sometimes very hard to read, where as print can be read more easily.  In the world today, more things are being done/completed on the computer and less and less is being done by hand.  I feel cursive will continue to fade out in the years to come.

  • I don't believe it should be required to be taught cursive. Having clear and coherent writing is a lot more important than being able to write a little faster, and even then that only happens when you have a ton of practice and can flow with the writing. I remember a little bit about writing in cursive such as my name, but if you asked me to write a sentence in cursive I would struggle a bit.

  • I personally don't remember how to write anything in cursive anymore besides my name and that's it. I personally think that writing in cursive shouldn't be required anymore because nobody uses cursive anymore except when they sign their name. Cursive also takes a lot of practice and time that teachers could spend doing something else with their students.

  • I really don't write in cursive anymore but I know hot to do it. I think that one of the reasons cursive isn't being taught that some people don't use it that much and they have slacked to write in cursive. I don't think that it needs to be required to teach cursive and some people are learning it by theirselves.

  • I remember learning cursive and I actually reallly enjoyed it but don't think it necessarily needs to be taught at school. I think cursive is very neat and that it is kind of sad everything has been computerized. Cursive is also a lot easier to write with in my opinion once you learn it.

  • I do not write in cursive very often, but I remeber learning how to. I think one reason cursive is not being taught as much is because several people don't know how to read cursive, causing it to be useless to learn. I do not think it should be required to teach cursive because it is starting to become a thing of the past.

  • Cursive is outdated and shouldn't be taught, the reasons we were given to learn cursive, like teachers only accepting cursive paper or all paper being in cursive. The only thing you really use cursive for is for signatures and most of the time people just make a bunch of squiggly lines.

  • I think that cursive shouldn't be required in class because it takes more time for more important topics like science or reading. I have eventually forgotten cursive because I learned it in 3rd grdae. Personally, I can't even write normally. It all looks like loops and lines that don't correlate with words.

  • I think that writing in cursive is a good skill to know, but I don't think it should be required. There is so much that we have to do in one school day that I think adding in cursive would make kids more stressed. I learned how to write in cursive and the only letters I still know are the ones in my name. 

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