What is a better pet Cat or Dog

            There is a lot of debate on what is the better pet cat or dog. There has been a lot of research done with this topic too. The research that I got says that more owners have dogs than cats. Is that because Dogs are easy to care for, or are dogs just in that area more. 

            I think that dogs are a better pet. You do not have to worry about cleaning or changing cat litter, and they both need food/ water. I think that dogs are a better pet because you can throw a ball and most of the time the dog will bring it back unlike a cat. Also dogs are better pets because they can do a lot more tricks than cats can.

What pet do you think is better, cats or dogs?


Do you like any other pets other than cats and dogs or do you have any pets?







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  • Great job replying Colton! Tour summary is quite brief and this isn't a topic I'm looking for.

  • I think that dogs and cats are both equally good pets. I have a lot of pets. I have two cats, a dog, one bearded dragon, and lots of fish. I personally like all pets anyones owns and is taken care of. 

  • I personally like dogs more. Becuase, I think there just smarter then cats and nicer. Many cats are mean and agressive. Dogs can be to but they are able to be trained and they are able to do tricks. If I have a pet I want it to be able to protect me and big so I can cuddle with it. I dont really like any animals more then dogs I think there just the ideal pet. 

  • I think that dogs are a better pet to have because they are way calmer, nicer and easier to tend to. I like other pets also such as lizards and snakes.  Also dogs have many more uses in the service field helping veterans blind people diabetics and other conditions.

  • I think that dogs are the better pets to own. Dogs are more active and just seem happier than cats. However, I like both animals. It depends on the person who owns the animal and what they like. An upside to dogs would be getting people out of the house to go on walks.

  • I think that dogs are better because they can be more easily trained by training them to sit and all these other tricks but they can be trained to  be off their leash and follow their owner.

  • Dogs are way better pets than cats. Dogs are actually useful. Cats are lazy and don't do anything for you. Dogs are used in war, police departments, etc. Cats are also a disgusting animal that I would not want to own. Cats are pretty dumb when it comes to common sense too.

  • I personally think that dogs are way better than cats. cats are a bunch of lazy paperweights that don't do anything. dogs can be used for work protection and you can play with them. cats sit there and do nothing all day long. then they use the litter box and expect you to clean it for them.

  • Dogs are easily better than cats. I have 4 dogs, 3 horses, and will be getting chickens in the spring. Dogs are so much easier to take care of than cats from my experience and they are funner to play with, ride around with, etc.

  • I think that dogs are better than cats for many reasons. One that dogs are just much better they are happier and just make life better. They are the only pure thing on the earth. You could be the nicest person in the world and your cat would try to trip you down the stairs.

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