7Annabelle replied to 2Grace's discussion Should students be required to take 2 years of foreign language classes?
"I think that students should be able to choose if they want to take foreign languages or not. Some people have a hard time focusing or turning stuff in so they would get a low grade causing them to get an F so they wouldn't be able to graduate. "
Apr 13
7Annabelle replied to 5Addison's discussion Is Netflix becoming less popular?
"I think that netflix has became less popular. They took vampire diarys off of netflix and many other really popular shows, so their content has definitely gone downhill and became less popular. I do use netflix but not as much as I used to."
Apr 13
7Annabelle replied to 2Kyrsten's discussion Should teens have to wear seatbelts?
"I think you should wear a seatbelt regardless your age. The fact that Adults dont have to wear seatbelts in the back seat in Iowa is very unsafe concidering if there was a car crash the adults in the back can seriously injure other people in the…"
Apr 12
7Annabelle replied to 6alex's discussion What Should The Legal Drinking Age Be?
"I think that the legal drinking age should be 18 because your old enough to vote, go to war, and be charged as an adult in court. I honestly think that the drinking age now is healthier for the human body."
Apr 12
7Annabelle replied to 5Lexy's discussion Is Being An Only Child Better Than Having Siblings?
"I think that being an only child is way better then having siblings. Having siblings sucks because you have no personal space, you can't do anything without them being there, and they take all of the attention. When I have kids i'm only having one…"
Apr 12
7Annabelle replied to 6 Mason's discussion Nashville School Shooting Breakdown
"I think that the school shooting could have been really bad if no one stepped up. In my opinion I think that her motive was because she was upset about the transgender law that was pass or that she was mentally ill due to that law. I have not heard…"
Apr 5
7Annabelle replied to 5Erin's discussion Vowel
"I think it depends on what the word is like try, then "Y" would be a vowel. In words like dye or bye "Y" would not be included as a vowel. I think that hmm, shh, and psst are not words but actually noises. Concidering they don't have any vowels in…"
Apr 5
7Annabelle replied to 5Brody's discussion Tiktok
"I don't think the Chinese are spying on use threw our phones because other apps are owned by Chinese businesses and we have no problem with them. I do use tiktok a lot in my daily life. "
Apr 5
7Annabelle replied to 7 Ethan's discussion Is Single File Walking in a School Emergency Beneficial?
"I think that walking in single file line during a fire is very unnecessary. If there is a fire in the school people want to get out as soon as they can. Single file is a risk for everyones life and most likely to take more lives they just running…"
Apr 5
7Annabelle replied to 7Zoey's discussion What is happening with malls?
"I think if malls drop their prices a little bit they would get more people to shop there. I think malls should stay opened because that way people don't have to waste much gas driving to a big store to get the things they want and need. "
Apr 5
7Annabelle replied to 7Annabelle's discussion Pancakes V.S. Waffles
"I agree, I rarely have waffles anymore so when I get to eat some they just taste 100% better then pancakes. I feel that pancakes started tasting bland once they added more ingredients and waffles became bigger. "
Feb 14
7Annabelle posted a discussion
Pancakes and waffles are the classic breakfast food. Some people say one is better than the other. Some say they are the same, waffles just have divots. What's the difference? Why is there a big debate about the two breakfasts?  Pancakes are a very…
Feb 13
7Annabelle replied to 3Sabre's discussion Was Marilyn Monroe's death set up?
"I think that the Kennedys had something to do with marilyn's death. Kennedy didn't was the public to know about the affairs so to keep her quiet the killed her and covered it up as a suicide in order to save his carrer and his marriage."
Feb 2
7Annabelle replied to 5Addison's discussion Is owning animals/pets ethical?
"I think that owning a pet or animal is perfectly ethical. Pets are used for many other things the human entertainment. They are also used for emotional support and mental health. I think that if you own a dog just to earn money from contest and not…"
Feb 2
7Annabelle replied to 6Ellerie's discussion Should There be Assigned Seats at Lunch?
"I think there should not be assigned seats during lunch because most people have different classes then their friends. Some students don't do well talking to new people. Some people have drama with other people and if they were sat together the…"
Feb 2
7Annabelle replied to 5/8Logan's discussion Who Will Win the Super Bowl?!
"I'm not a chiefs nor an eagles fan. I'm more broncos then the other NFL teams. I do hope that the eagles will considering they haven't won the super bowl since 2017. "
Feb 2
7Annabelle replied to 7ColtonS's discussion What is a better pet Cat or Dog
"I think that dogs and cats are both equally good pets. I have a lot of pets. I have two cats, a dog, one bearded dragon, and lots of fish. I personally like all pets anyones owns and is taken care of. "
Jan 20
7Annabelle replied to 6Levi's discussion Southwest Airline Flight Issues
"I don't think its a good idea to fly southwest for a while because of cancelation. I'm going to Florida soon and we usually fly southwest but due to this we are changing plans. I have never had a cancelled flight before and I hope I never have to…"
Jan 19
7Annabelle replied to 5Erin's discussion Dissection
"I think that the rat is the best animal to disect, considering they are very identical to humans. When I did the rat disection the first day I did leave the classroom to get fresh air because I was feeling sick to the stomach. but the second day I…"
Jan 19
7Annabelle replied to 7Katie's discussion Does Social Media Contribute to Teenage Suicide?
"I think that social media is a big part of bullying because the amount of cases of online bullying is more then all bullying combined. I think if you have snapchat, instagram, or anything else that you should be careful with people you dont know. "
Jan 19
7Annabelle replied to 6Emercyn's discussion How long should the passing periods be?
"I think passing periods should be 6-7 mins long so that students that have their next class all the way acrossed the building can make it on time. Students will also have enough time to fill up their water bottles and go to the bathroom. It is…"
Jan 12
7Annabelle replied to 2elana's discussion Netflix or Disney Plus?
"I personally like netfix better then disney plus because it has all my favorite shows. I do love disney plus too, it brings back all my childhood memories. I do wish netflix didn't take off so many shows and movies. My comfort movie is any that has…"
Jan 12
7Annabelle replied to 3Kendall's discussion FedEx Kidnapping
"I think the driver should be locked up for life or sentenced to death. What he did to that poor girl was so upseting. The driver should not have any right to be allowed to walk around. I do think the driver hit her on purpose trying to let out anger…"
Jan 12
7Annabelle replied to 6LaurenLemrick's discussion Is Donald Studey a serial killer from Iowa?
"I think that she could be right about the murders and bodies because if she can point out every spot where the bodies are. even thought they got the dogs to sniff out remains she claimed that cover them in cement 60 feet in the ground. Working dogs…"
Jan 10
7Annabelle replied to 3Paige's discussion Idaho killer
"I didn't hear much info about this case but I think that he had something wrong with him or had something against them leading Bryan to kill them. I honestly don't think the roommate that survived was apart of it because the killer likely didn't…"
Jan 10
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Jan 5
7Annabelle posted a discussion
Is online bullying more harmful than in-person bullying? Online bullying is less harsh because you don't know the person. If you do then it could be a little hurtful. Online bullying could cause depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.…
May 13, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 8laurenj's discussion Should students take a self defense class?
"I think there should because if you are in a situation where you need to protect yourself then you already know what to do. Girls especially should take a self-defense class. It should be for anyone 8 and up."
May 3, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 4Violet's discussion Should Junk Food Be Banned From Schools?
"I think that selling junk food in school will not make people healthier. The reason being is that when you eat it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to eat healthy everywhere else. If the school bans junk food then the students will most likely…"
May 3, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 7Kami's discussion Should Nanny Cams be Legal?
"I think that nanny cams should not be legal, because if the nanny or babysitter finds one they could become very uncomfortable and get unsafe. If you do not trust your nanny you should get a new one so that you're not invading privacy and you don't…"
Apr 28, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 4Micah's discussion Should student athletes be required to take a PE class?
"I think that it should be optional to take a pe class. The reason being is when students have sports they have to leave during the school day and won't have time to study and do homework. Pe usually takes space in a student's schedule when they…"
Apr 28, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 3Brock's discussion Are ride-hailing companies a benefit to society?
"I think that this has a positive impact on the economy, the reason being that there could be people who are intoxicated and needs a ride home. This is a great way to keep innocent people alive and safe while driving home. It could be dangerous if…"
Apr 28, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 4Joseph's discussion Should Students Grade Teachers?
"I think that students should grade teachers. The reason being is because it could help improve the teacher's teaching and how they teach the next class. It could also help the next students understand it better. "
Apr 28, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 2Chase's discussion Are electronics a problem for people?
"I believe that electronics have made life easier. We can search stuff up way faster and it's easier to communicate with people. It isn't a big problem until they get taken advantage of. "
Apr 26, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 2Kaelyn's discussion Powerade vs Gatorade
"I personally like Powerade because it's just a little bit sweeter. I do see Gatorade ads a lot more than I see Powerade. If it comes to the flavor, blue and red, I'd prefer Gatorade. For any other color, I would prefer Powerade. "
Apr 7, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 5Lauren's discussion Should Private Schools be Government Funded?
"I think that private schools should not be government funded because it means that there will be higher taxes. If the student wants to go to a privaate school they should finacially ready becaue it is way more expensive then a public school. I do…"
Apr 7, 2022
7Annabelle posted a discussion
Many people believe that Amelia Earhart crashed into the ocean while flying a plane. Others believe she faked her death. Amelia Earhart was the first-ever female to fly solo across the Atlantic and the first-ever solo flight from Hawaii to the US…
Mar 7, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 6Paulina's discussion Should Drinking Age Be Lowered?
"I agree with you because when you turn 18 you're a legal adult. You're able to make your actions. If you get in a car crash because you were drinking, that would be your responsibility that could easily be controlled. The drinking age is 21 which I…"
Jan 19, 2022
7Annabelle replied to 5John's discussion Rumors Aaron Rodgers will Boycott at Super Bowl
"I think that Aaron Rodgers not getting the vaccine is fine because the vaccine wasn't tested right and could cause problems to the human body. Aaron's choice about not getting the vaccine could potentially make him a healthier person because the…"
Jan 12, 2022
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Jan 5, 2022
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