What is a better pet Cat or Dog

            There is a lot of debate on what is the better pet cat or dog. There has been a lot of research done with this topic too. The research that I got says that more owners have dogs than cats. Is that because Dogs are easy to care for, or are dogs just in that area more. 

            I think that dogs are a better pet. You do not have to worry about cleaning or changing cat litter, and they both need food/ water. I think that dogs are a better pet because you can throw a ball and most of the time the dog will bring it back unlike a cat. Also dogs are better pets because they can do a lot more tricks than cats can.

What pet do you think is better, cats or dogs?


Do you like any other pets other than cats and dogs or do you have any pets?







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  • I think that dogs and cats are both good. I have six cats and five dogs although dogs are easier to take care of. Cats can be alone and be fine, dogs need human interaction cats don’t. On the other hand you do have to clean cat litter and dogs you can let outside. And I love all my animals.

  • i think that dogs are better because they are naturally the dominant creature. Also, dogs have more feelings for humans than most cats do. If a dog bites a human its because it wants to play, if a cat bites a human it is because the cat hates the human. 

    • I agree dogs are better than cats because they do  a lot of stuff, for example dogs run/walk with their owner and they also bring a ball back when you through it. Dogs can also do tricks like shake people hands and role over. that is why dogs are better.

  • I think that dogs are better than cats. They seem to be a better companion and are more fun to play with. Dogs can also be used for services, hunting, and many other useful things. Dogs are also a good source of home protection. I have one dog which is pretty lazy because she is old.

    • I agree dogs are way better than cats they can do so much more than cats like defend your house and run/walk with them. I also like dogs better than cats because they do tricks like role over, lay down, and shake peoples hands.

  • I think cats are better than dogs because they aren’t as energetic and don’t bark at random things. Also, cats just lay around and don’t do much they also are a lot easier to take care of because you don’t need to do much. All you need to do is change a littler box every few days, feed and give them water.

  • I think that a dog is better than a cat by far. Dogs are better because they actually play and won't just lay around or hide the whole day. Dogs are also more reliable when in need of them. I really don't like any other animals because there aren't many other ones you can own.

    • I agree dog is a way better cat because they do so much more than cats, for example they can play fetch with their owner and they can walk/run with yhoer owner too. dogs can also do tricks like role over, lay down, and shake hands.

  • Personally I think dogs would make a better pet. I think this because they are energetic. This means you can play with them and they will actually play with you. Unlike dogs, cats are really calm and don't really enjoy playing around. 

    • I agree dogs are way better than cats, because they do so much more than cats like tricks they role over, lay downs, and shake hands with other people. they also run with their owners and play fetch with them.

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