Volleyball: An American Classic

Volleyball, originally called mintonette, has evolved from a humble beginning to a global sport. The popular game can be traced back to Massachusetts, USA, where it was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. Morgan introduced volleyball as an alternative activity for those who found basketball too physically demanding. The concept of volleyball took inspiration from several sports combined into one: the ball from basketball, the net from tennis, and the use of hands from handball. In addition, innings, now known as sets, were borrowed from baseball in order to make the game more competitive. Morgan presented the game at the YMCA Physical Director’s Conference where it officially became a nationally recognized sport in 1896. 

Today, volleyball is played by over 46 million people nationally and over 800 million people globally. Athletes in the United States can participate in volleyball club teams, recreational leagues, or play at the collegiate level. However, professional volleyball in the US has seen limited success. Numerous attempts have been made to start professional indoor women’s volleyball leagues. For instance, Major League Volleyball was a women’s volleyball league with six teams that played for two-and-a-half seasons from 1987 to 1989. Unfortunately, the league ended due to financial losses. The most recent attempt includes the institution of the Pro Volleyball Federation that was announced in 2022. The league currently consists of seven teams from around the country, including a local team out of Omaha, NE, the Omaha Supernovas. The league plans to add three new teams for the 2025 season. The Pro Volleyball Federation has received tremendous support from former athletes, singers, and of course, the fans. The future of professional volleyball in the United States is promising. 

As a volleyball player, I was more than excited to hear of a professional volleyball league beginning in my home country. I recently had the opportunity to attend a professional volleyball game in Omaha, NE. I got to watch our hometown celebrity, Jess Schaben, play alongside other incredible athletes from around the world. I can’t wait to see the league continue to grow and inspire young athletes nationwide.


Have you attended a college/professional volleyball game? If not, would you like to?


Do you think the PVF will continue? Why or why not?


Do you think volleyball will gain more popularity because of this league? Why or why not?


Pro Volleyball Federation


Wikipedia - Volleyball in the United States


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  • Great topic choice and super job Carly!

  • I haven't attended a college volleyball game, or any professional one, but my mom has and she enjoyed it. So I think if I was given the chance I would go to a college volleyball game. I think it will get more popularity because of this league because it will promote it more on television.

    • I agree, I think the more widely broadcasted the PVF is the more publicity and fanbase it will grow, to hopefully reach potential viewers and fans. 

  • I haven't attended a college volleyball game, but it sounds interesting. I think that the PVF will continue because there is still interest in volleyball starting at young ages, and it will continue to grow as the years pass. I think that the more it is on television and is recognised the more popular it will become. 

    • I agree, I think the PVF has boosted the number of younger players and adult fans of the sport. Hopefully younger players will feel inspired by this new league to continue playing. 

  • I have never attended a volleyball game in real life college wise, but I have gone to multiple highschool games and think it is fun to watch. I think it would be great for volleyball to gain more popularity throughout the expansion of this league. 

  • I have never gone to a college/professional volleyball game. I think that going to a pro game would be fun because you would be watching people that know what they are doing and spend lots of their time practicing and playing because this is what they do and enjoy.

  • I have never attended a pro volleyball game but have kind of tuned into a few games on TV. I think that PVF will countinue because volleyball is a really popular sport that keeps growing. I think that volleyball could get more popular with some new faces with the league.

  • I have never attended a pro vollyball game but I have watched one on TV. I think it will continue because vollyball is a very popular sport in the United States. I don't think vollyball will get more popular because it was already very popular before this new league.

    • I understand that, I think volleyball is already a very popular sport. However, I think the PVF will promote younger players to continue in the sport. 

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