Unemployment problems in the U.S

Unemployment is huge in the United States. In the United states unemployment rate is 3.8% which is 6.3 million people unemployed. It is hard to live unemployed, making no income is stressful and hurts people's pocket. Not only is it hard to make money and have essentials, it's hard to pay payments and bills. You also have a higher chance of living in poverty while unemployed.

There are a couple of pros that make unemployment seem nice to younger people. For example, you have all the free time you would need in a day. Another thing that may be beneficial to some unemployed people is they get a check every month that is under wage supplement so they can make money while searching for a job. Some people are known for scamming that system.

Now on the backside of the pros, there is definitely some controversy. Being unemployed is not bringing you a big enough pay check every week. Bringing in even less than a normal person would, it willl bring more stress than what you have already while unemployed. Healthcare is one of the biggest if not the biggest problems to being unemployed. Reason of needing to have healthcare is because it covers anything medical, “ most doctor and hospital visits, prescription drugs, wellness care, and medical devices”

Do you think its a good choice to be unemployed ?

Is healthcare a big benifit to being employed? 


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  • Interesting topic and pretty good sumamry Reichan! You didn't reply to any student comments and your posted your post two days late.

  • I think that the unemployement is going up because people think that they don't have to work which is dumb because I think everyone should have to work a good portion of their lifetime to be able to retire when they want too. I don't think that the people that don't work should be able to retire whenever they want too.

  • I do not think that being unemployed is a good choice. I also do not think that many of the people that are uneployed, are such because they want to be. But, in the strange circumstances that we as a nation are currently facing that is not always the case. 

  • I think people need to actually go to work to earn money. I don't think  people should be able to collect unemployment money for doing nothing, unless they have a disability that prevents them from working. People the collect unemployment when they are fully cabable of working need to find a job and go to work, and actually earn their money.

    • I agree. The reason we are having this unemployment issue is that people who are perfectly fine to work, can just sit at home and collect checks for just about if not the same amount of money as they could at a job. If you are physically able to work, you shouldn't get a check. There are plenty of jobs out there, you shouldn't need to get government checks.

  • I think that people should go out and get jobs. We need to reduce the amount of money we are sending out for unemployment checks so people have no choice other than to get a job uness they are physically unable. The main reason we have a worker shortage is because of laziness and the checks they are getting are too big.

  • Being unemployed is obviously not a good choice and it shouldn't be people's first choice. You should not and also should not be able to live off of unemployment checks. Healthcare is a big benefit to being employed because you have the insurance that if something happens that you can get help.

  • I think you are just lazy if you are okay with being unemployed and I think that is bad because the world needs workers. I think the government should not give people unemployed checks because that is just a waste of government money for someone that does not want to work.

  • I think it is ridiculous of people to be unemployed just for the monthly checks. I believe that being employed would help you earn more than what you could ever get in an unemployed check, and therefore, it is not a good choice to be unemployed. Healthcare could be expensive and being employed definitely pays off when it is.

  • I don't think that it is a good idea to purposefully become unemployed.  It's not good for you or for the economy to make money for doing nothing and contributing nothing to society.  I think that everybody should try and get a job, even if it's only minimum wage, just so that they can make money and be useful.

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