Tyre Nichols

On January 7th, 2023, Tyre Nichols was stopped by Memphis police for reckless driving. He was taken out of the car and was not cooperating with the police. He was taken to the ground because he was resisting arrest, and when he got up he started running. When police caught up with him, they took him to the ground, as he was still resisting arrest, the police had to resort to violence to get this man to cooperate. Unfortunately, they beat him a little too hard, and he was announced dead 3-days later in the hospital. The police were fired from their jobs and are currently being charged with 'kidnapping' and murder.

Personally, I think that the media is overreacting in this situation. People are killed all the time, it is only when a police officer or a white cop kills a black person that they get angry. They need to realize that people are killed all the time, this is just a way that it happens. People 'protesting' is also awful, because most of the time they are saying 'defund the police'. I don't think that they realize how terrible it would be to live without police, the US would be nothing like it is today. In small towns, you can live with your doors unlocked and not be robbed or murdered. Why? Because the bad people don't want to get caught by the police. But, without police, nothing is stopping these bad people from doing horrid things.



Do you think that Tyre Nichols deserved to be beaten by the police?


Do you think that the media is overreacting?


What do you think the world would be like without the police?





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  • Good topic and well done overall Andy! I would like to see your summary a tad longer.

  • I do not think he should of been beaten. I do think that media is overreacting because i dont think they hit him as hard as everyone says they did. I feel like the world would be way different without police because they make the world a safer place sometime.

  • I think that the world definitely needs the police. I don't know why some police are doing these horrible acts but an action needs to be taken. It is unacceptable for these situations to keep occuring. It is also very sad that their are good police being mistreated because of these acts.

  • I think that Tyre Nichols didn’t deserve to be beaten by the police because he didn’t do anything that would make them beat him to the point of death.

  • From the video that was shown in class, I think Tyre shouldn't have been beaten. They pulled him over for no logical reason (from what I've heard). Even if there was an actual reason such as speeding, drunk driving, etc. there was no reason at all for them to put him on the ground and beat him to death. I think we should still have police officers, but the ones involved in this act should definitely be fired and not allowed on another force, to prevent more problems like this from happening, I think police should get more training on how to handle things like this non-aggressively.

  • It's honestly sad that something like this happened. No matter what he did, nobody deserves to be dragged out of their vehicle and beaten senseless by police officers. I think it's horrible something like this happened, but protesting doesn't really solve anything. 

    • I agree that it is sad what happened, and I also agree when you say that protesting doesn't solve anything.

  • Tyre should not have been beaten by the police is the media overeacting kind of what happenend was bad .When the media gets a hold of somthing they will do so much to make it headline news.

  • If the world didnt have police, i think that it would be a mess. yes, laws would still be inforced, but who would be there to stop people who break the laws? who would be there when something bad happens like shootings, car accidents, speedings? people would just feel free to do as they please and break the laws when they want. 

    • You are 100% correct, laws would be enforced, but no one would be there to enforce them. Who would stop terrible people from doing terrible things?

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