Tom Brady Coming Back?

At about 6 pm on Sunday March, 13th Tom Brady tweeted that he has realized he still needs to be playing. I personally think it is great that he can play at such an age especially with all the younger and faster players. Tom Brady's retirement lasted a total of 40 days. Which is 59 days less than the MLB lockout that finally ended. Many of Tom Brady’s teammates, coaches, and family were thrilled to hear that he is coming back to Tampa Bay. Bruce Arains stated that “He is still playing at a championship level and was as productive as anyone in the league last season.” Thus saying that he can still compete with anyone in the league.

Throughout his 22 year career before stepping away from football for a little bit, Tom won 7 super bowls and his thought by many to be the most successful player in NFL history. As he has many records like, passing yards, passing touchdowns, completions, wins by a starting quarterback, and many more. I am not sure that coming back will be the greatest idea for Tom Brady as he is at a higher risk of injury than many of the leagues players. But, I guess we will see if he is still a great quarterback or not. 

Do you think Tom Brady will compete at a high level?

Will Tom only play one more year?

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  • Good topic choice and it is the first time this story has been done(+5). You did a good job replying as well. With that said, your summary needs to be another paragraph long. Include your thoughts.

  • I personally do think that Tom Brady can continue to play professional football at a high level. This is mainly because I do not think that he had much of a decline in skill towards the end of his career before he orignally "retired". Whether or not he plays for more than a year, I do not know, 

  • I think that Tom Brady could play for more than one year, but I think that it's unrealistic. He is 44 years old, so a severe injury might be coming soon. I do think that he will still play at a high level because he arm strength and accuracy aren't getting any worse.

  • I personally don't care whether he comes back or not. I think that he is sometimes underrated because he is a very good player. But at the same time, it eventually is time to call it quits but that is up to him and no oone else. I think he should be allowed to choose whether he plays or not because it is his life and no one elses.

  • I believe that Tom Brady is old and should not be playing. I think that he is washed. I think that he will play at least five more years. I think that Brady is going to end his career on a serve injury because his bones are fragile.

    • I agree with Brady on this one. Brady is washed like a washing machine. He is too old for the league now. His game now will be really slow and boring to watch as he may be a little more caucios of his health and not getting hit. Idk how long he will play for now. 

      • I think that Tom Brady is possibly able to play at least one more year as last year his stats were still amazing and above average. But, he is much more likely to be injured especially by the young and fast players.

  • I think Tom Brady could play one more year but I am not sure if he will. I think if he did play for another year he would compete are a high level because he has so much more experience than the new players. However, he will not be as young and fast. 

    • I agree with you because he is very experienced but, he has a lot higher chance of injury than most the league.

  • While i'm not big on football, I know Tom Brady is an expirienced player. For this reason, I believe he will compete on a level above average. I really wish he would just retire though. He was for forty days. He's already a massively succesful sports star. I think he needs to let some other prodigy become like that.

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